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The Art of Pandora is built for Pandora fans by Pandora fans. As such we welcome contributions to the following sections:



Send pictures of your bracelet designs to show-off your collection and inspire others to add to their Pandora jewellery. We will link back to your Pandora related social media page. Send your photos to email dora@theartofpandora.com.



Do you have any of the latest collection? Or a favourite retired charm? Submit a review in our Catalog section and help fellow Pandora fans decide which items to buy or add to their wishlist.



For many Pandora fans, their Pandora jewellery is a chance to express who they are, display what is important to them and cherish memories. Email dora@theartofpandora.com with a photo of your bracelet design that tells your story along with a description of what each charm means to you. Our favourite Stories will be featured in the Magazine section of the site.



All Pandora fans love to hear the latest Pandora news. If you have any information regarding upcoming collections, promotions or Pandora Tower Events please email dora@theartofpandora.com.

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  • October 12, 2016

    I love my Pandora bracelets. They tell my story of my family, and I love my family very much each charm represents my Huband, children and myself as well as other family members.