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I want to compliment you on your amazing blog, you have such wonderful content and we thank you so very much for being such a loyal fan to the PANDORA brand.


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Hi Dora, we're familiar with your blog! And we know for the fact that it's very popular with many other viewers! well done! this is very impressive! keep on adding new posts! We like it a lot! Love, PANDORA ♥️♥️♥️

-@PANDORA_UK Twitter

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Great review and fantastic pictures! Simply must have rings for any season, such an amazing PANDORA blog!


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Hi Dora, I didn’t like the open bangle, but after reading your review I changed my mind, this bangle is beautiful! I love your murano’s design! I imagine this bangle with the Pandora Club Charms and definitely it has to come home soon. Thank you for this amazing review!


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Thanks for the post! Just bought Signature two-tone bracelet, crown safety chain and 2 globe clips from BeCharming! They have all items available for purchase online, unlike the e-store. For people like me who live 3 hours drive from the closest Pandora store, it’s important!


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Hello Dora, Thanks for reviewing the all Rose bracelet. When I saw this one for the first time, I thought it was over the top Rose. Seeing your lovely designs (especially with the pink) changed my mind. Simply beautiful! Enjoy!!!


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Wonderful review. I love that striped murano, too. Through your lovely designs i can see how versatile it really is, so I will get one for myself asap!Thank you


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