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Pandora Club members received an email this morning confirming one of the Star Wars x Pandora charm that is being released this week…

“This will be a day long remembered”

Darth Vader, Star Wars

Star Wars x Pandora

Pandora Club members were surprised with an official email this morning featuring a teaser image of Darth Vader, shown below.

pandora star wars darth vadar charm

Please don’t comment on or post leaked images of the Star Wars x Pandora collection. The preview of the collection will be posted on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Top 10 Star Wars x Pandora charms we won’t be seeing this time.

Just for fun, here are ten deep dive Star Wars characters and objects we won’t be expecting a Pandora charm of any time soon.

1) Willrow Hood’s ice cream maker

pandora Star Wars

In the Empire Strikes back when Darth Vader attacks the Cloud City of Bespin, characters are seen scrambling to escape. In the background this character Willrow Hood is seen carrying what has been identified as an Ice Cream Maker.

Either this guy knows what he likes or it was actually something else. The recent Mandalorian TV series on Disney+ revealed that this is actually a device for carrying Beskar, the metal used to make Mandalorian Armour. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a Beskar carrying Ice Cream-maker charm from Pandora?

2) Captain Phasma’s helmet

pandora Star Wars

Not such a deep dive, this would genuinely be an amazing charm to have from Pandora.

A female captain of First Order with an amazing shiny suit, I could really see this being a great addition to my Star Wars x Pandora Bracelet.

3) Salacious B. Crumb

pandora Star Wars

It’s hard to understand why the Kowakian monkey-lizard from the planet Kowak didn’t make it to the first Star Wars x Pandora release.

Again, there is an amazing reference to this little stooge of Jabba the Hutt’s in The Mandalorian when there are Kowakian monkey-lizards in a cage and one of them is being roasted on a spit.

4) Lobot

pandora star wars

Another interesting character from Empire Strikes Back on Cloud City is this guy, Lobot.

In fact he is such a key character and so interesting that I can’t even think of a paragraph to write about him!

5) Max Rebo

pandora Star Wars

The leader of the Max Rebo band that played in Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi.

Max Rebo was a popular musician, famous for his ability to play the red ball jett organ with his feet. Nerd fact: Max Rebo was his stage name and his real name is actually Siiruulian Phantele. Would he make a cute dangle?

6) Boushh

pandora Star Wars

Boushh has never been in a Star Wars film which makes him quite unique. The amour and helmet was used by Princess Leia to infiltrate Jabba the Hutts palace.

A Boushh helmet would make a lovely charm, with a bit of enamel and oxidisation.

7) Boba Fett, Boba Fett, where?

Boba Fett was the cult icon of the original Star Wars films but the introduction of Jango Fett his son in the prequels has removed a lot of his mysterious vibe.

That being said the helmet from his Manalorian armour would be very cool as a charm.

8) Nien Nunb

pandora star wars

The alien who flew the Millennium Falcon with Han Solo in Return of the Jedi

He almost but not quite, looks cute with his baby Yoda like eyes. The whole lip thing gives me the heebie jeebies though. Do you think he’d make a cool charm?

9) Watto

pandora Star Wars

Not such a deep dive, but the Slave Master of a young Anakin in Episode 1 would make a great charm.

Can you imagine him as a dangle charm with moveable limbs? His little walkie talkie wire could be a tiny chain!

10) Ahsoka Tano

pandora Star Wars

Ahsoka Tano is the leading character and star of the Clone Wars movie and TV series.

Ashoka is a Togruta from the planet Shili and her colourful skins tones and patterns would make for an interesting charm.

The Star Wars x Pandora collection will be released in store and online on Thursday 1st October 2020. It will be available at our preferred Pandora retailers the UK Pandora eStore and

Credit to for the Star Wars fandom used in this post.

What obscure Star Wars character, vehicles or objects would you like to see? Tell us your ideas in the comments below…

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