A stone fell out!

Hi Dora,

I am writing to you for my sister. She has a PANDORA Intricate Lattice Clear CZ (size 50) and 2 off the stones fell off. A PANDORA associate confirmed that it was not caused by damaged but said because she bought it 2 years ago and it’s a discontinued ring they told me that nothing can be done. I sent an email to PANDORA Canada and I still haven’t got a response. Please help me!

Thank you, Delia


Hi Delia,

Thank you for your email. PANDORA are normally very good at replacing items. I had a Galaxy charm which also had a stone which fell out and when I took it to a PANDORA store they exchanged it for a new charm. 

I checked the PANDORA Canada Estore and the Intricate Lattice Ring is still available and in stock in a size 50. Here is a direct link.


Regarding the warranty for PANDORA Canada, under ‘Warranty Coverage’ their site sates: “PANDORA warrants all non-watch products against defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary consumer use for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of original retail purchase. During these warranty periods, if a defect arises in the product, and you follow the instructions for returning the product, PANDORA will, at its option, to the extent permitted by law, either (i) repair the product using new or refurbished parts, at PANDORA’s expense; (ii) replace the product with a new product that is equivalent to the product that is to be replaced; or (iii) refund to you all or part of the purchase price of the product.”


Even if the Intricate Lattice Ring is unavailable in your local PANDORA store, they should be able to replace the missing stones. Many PANDORA stores are happy to do this even after one year from purchase and it is down to the managers discretion. My suggestion is that you go into your local PANDORA store and pleasantly ask if they can a) replace the item or b) replace the missing stones.


Additionally, the PANDORA Canada Estore states: “Some provinces do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusions and limitations may not apply to you.” It may be worth your while to check the laws of your province in Canada as the 1 year warranty may actually have no limit and be able to replaced after any duration of purchase!


Finally, if you are unable to solve the issue with PANDORA, another jewellers should be able to replace the missing stones at minimal cost.


Please let me know what happens.

Dora x


Hi Dora,

I contacted the PANDORA Canada Customer Services (CAConsumer@pandora.net) and explained the situation to them and they were great! They explained to me that they didn’t have this ring in stock but only online. They provided me with an envelope to return the ring in exchange for another at same value. So I sent them the damage ring and after a few days I received a different replacement ring in the mail. They also provided me with a promo code, so I can reorder the intricate lattice again! I was really impressed with their customer service!

Thank you, hope this can help someone else!


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I got a fairytale sparkle ring from a boyfriend who is now an ex, he purchased it online and i have no receipt , although i have the box and everything. I loved it but now the middle stone is missing. Is there any way I could get it fixed? Or am I just going to have to buy a new one ):? I got it for my birthday in October and took so much care of it and the stone just recently fell outc, out of no where😞


I got a ring from my boyfriend (now ex) for my birthday in October. I took every good care of and literally made sure it was okay. But recently one of the stones fell out , it fell out of no where . So now my fairytale sparkle ring is missing it’s middle stone . Is there anyway i could get it fixed or anything ? I don’t have the receipt or anything since he had purchased it online. I love it oh so much, am i doomed ? Am i gonna have to buy a new one , what… Read more »


Hi, my name is Madison. For Christmas my mom got me the crown ring and within the first 2 months of having it 2 crystals fell out. I recently went and got a replacement ring, same size and style. Today I noticed that one crystal has fallen out of this one as well, and I’ve only had this ring for 2 days. Should I try to get another replacement of this ring, or should I try for a different style ring?


Hi Madison, Sorry to hear about your problem. That’s strange that it happened again. Were both the original ring and the replacement ring from the same store? Perhaps they had a faulty batch. I don’t think the ring design is the issue As I haven’t heard of lots of problems with this particular ring. I recommend contacting the PANDORA customer services for your country and explaining the problem and then if they have received a lot of complaints for the ring they can decide whether to make a product recall. They should be able to offer you a replacement or… Read more »


Thank you, the original one I got was from online and the replacement was at a store. But I will definitely contact costumer services, thank you again. -Madison

Desinda Wood
Desinda Wood

I have the same ring and the SAME issue!