Ask Dora – Are Pandora Diamonds real?

It has been about 4 years since our last Ask Dora but it is back with a fresh look!

With new visitors to the blog every week and many new Pandora collectors every day we will search for the answers to some of the things that you have been looking for!

Yes, we know diamonds are forever, we know diamonds are a girls best friend! But do Pandora use real diamonds?

The simple answer is yes. If Pandora advertise it’s charm, bracelet or ring or necklace as containing a diamond then — yes it is real.

Pandora have used diamonds more in the past than they are at the moment.

The only charm currently available with a diamond is the 2020 Club Charm.

I have some Pandora diamond charms in my collection including some that are very special to me. Let’s explore some diamond facts and see how Pandora have used diamonds in the past.

Top 10 Pandora Diamond facts

1) Pandora diamonds are real

Pandora jewelry uses naturally occurring diamonds that are formed in nature without human intervention.

2) They are responsibly sourced

Pandora sources diamonds from reputable sources compliant with the RJC and System of Warranties.

3) Diamonds are graded by the four C’s

Unlike other gemstones the four rarity/quality/ value parameters of individual diamonds can be described using internationally standardized terminology – the 4C’s from Carat (weight), Colour, Clarity and Cut.

4) All Pandora Diamonds undergo a process

Multiple processes are required to transform a rough dimond into a jewellery stone. Rough diamonds are divided by sawing and shaped in a process called bruiting. Blocking and brillianteering facets the rough diamond which is then polished to increase its reflectivity.

5) Pandora make things clear

Pandora jewellery uses diamonds that are classified as H/VS (very slightly included) which means they have very minor inclusions that are difficult to somewhat easy for a trained grader to see under a 10x microscope.

6) Pandora White Diamonds are near colourless

Colours in the colourless to light yellow/brown range are graded from D (colourless or exceptional white) to Z (light yellow/light brown). Colour is a matter of personal taste, but colourless diamonds are rarer than yellowish or brownish ones and therefore more costly. The white diamonds in Pandora jewellery are graded G-H (near colourless or white).

7) Pandora have used black Diamonds

The black diamonds in Pandora jewellery have had their uniform black colour created by heat treatment in a vacuum. The colour is permanent under normal conditions and requires no special care.

8) With Pandora Cognac things get fancy

I actually have this ring in my collection but I don’t think it has ever been photographed.

Yellow and brown diamonds with a colour outside the D-Z range and colours other than yellow and brown are called fancy colours. In this range colour is everything and clarity often ignored.

The cognac colour diamonds in Pandora jewellery are examples of naturally coloured diamonds in the yellow to brown range.

9) Diamonds have meant different things over the ages

Warriors in ancient Greece wore diamonds as the stones were thought to strengthen the warriors’ muscles and bring them invincibility.

The power, hardness and beauty of the diamond have been prized throughout history in many civilizations. The famous Persian poet Hafiz remarked that, “the rainbow is confined in a diamond forever”.

In antiquity, a diamond was always thought to be a symbol of innocence and purity. Ancient Greeks thought that diamonds represented the tears of weeping gods.

Ancient Romans thought diamonds were splinters of fallen stars.

Almost every civilization has some kind of lore about the diamond. Every civilization’s lore however, shares one theme- that the diamond symbolizes all forces necessary for a healthy society, and that it brings its wearer great strength.

The diamond was always considered a stone of winners. In fact, it was the talisman of Julius Caesar, Louis IV and Napoleon. In the middle ages diamonds were associated with victory, strength, courage and fortitude.

Later diamonds came to symbolize love, beauty and success. They have also become almost synonymous with love and marriage, a diamond ring, especially a diamond solitaire, is the classic engagement ring and considered the ultimate gift of love.

10) All the Club Charms have a diamond

In tribute to the loyalty of Pandora fans a diamond is added to each years Club Charm. The 2020 Pandora charm is still available.

Do you have any Pandora jewellery with diamonds? Would you like to see a more widespread return of diamonds? Let me know in the comments below!

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