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  • Name: Javier Ignacio
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  • Facts: Lana Del Rey’s #1 Fan #MeanGirlsAddict & Communication Specialist
  • From: Santiago De Chile 



First thing first, it’s 2021, so you can rock any style that you want, it doesn’t matter what gender you identify with, fashion is supposed to be fun, so wear any accessory that brings joy into your life! I hope this story & pictures will inspire you to try out some new bling or at least entertain you a little bit.

The start of the journey



So, let’s start with Pandora, I will walk you through my personal journey with the brand first, which is actually a love story #cringe. It was 2016, and my three year anniversary was coming. I was looking for that perfect gift that was pretty, meaningful and yes, a little bit corny, why not?. Going through the shopping center, I found a well known chilean jewelry shop, so I decided to go in and look for something special. To my surprise, they were the only official Pandora retailer in my country (there were no Pandora Boutiques in Chile at the time)



Chatting with one of the sales associates in the store, and telling her that the special date was coming she showed me the Moments Bracelet in Oxidized Sterling Silver, when I saw it was love at first sight. It looked really unique, well crafted, but it was missing something…That one special first charm that starts the whole bracelet story. We went through the entire catalog and then came across the Forget Me Knot charm which was really masculine and simple, also the contrast between the silver and the dark color on the bracelet was definitely a showstopper piece. That day I ended up buying myself the black leather bracelet with the same charm too, so we both could have that love knot with us all the time as a symbol of our love. If you are going to be cheesy it’s better to go all the way in, no shame & no regrets! So that’s how my never ending Pandora journey started.

Pandora Oxidized Sterling Silver
Item #590702OX (Discontinued)

Pandora Forget Me Knot Sterling Silver Charm
Item #790484 (Not sure if Discontinued)

The good thing about the Pandora universe is that “the limit does not exist”there are so many styles and alternatives that I’m pretty sure anyone can find a bracelet and a charm that will treasure for years to come.



To all you out there reading this, give it a try, maybe if you are not a jewelry kind of guy, you can start with something simple like a leather bracelet in a neutral color like black, brown or navy blue. Now if you are all in I would personally recommend the Pandora Moments Open Bangle, you can rock it both ways in your wrist, also it looks nice on its own, and then you can add some charms when you start to feel more comfortable with it.

My personal favorites are the simple sterling silver charms, with no enamel or cubic zirconia. I have some cubic zirconia pieces, which are really shiny at first but then they lose it a little bit, giving the charm a more subtle yet amazing look which I adore, so don’t be afraid of them! Everywhere I go someone compliments the bracelet and asks me about it, it’s almost like a conversation starter piece.

I know all of this sounds great, but let me warn you, once you open your first Pandora Box, it is a never ending story, you will then start looking for some simple chains, some dangles, some rings and also, more bracelets & charms for each special occasion.

My advice if you are liking to upgrade your look, just get in a store, explain your expectations to the sales associate and let the Pandora experience begin. Or shop online and comment here, so this great community that Dora created can help you through your journey. So Fetch!

PS. In case you were wondering, my boyfriend and I still enjoy wearing our forget me knot charm till today 🙂 

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