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Hi Dora,

Just got a new PANDORA Rose Pavé Heart Clasp Bracelet for Valentine’s Day and I am starting a new design. I am a little worried about the cleaning of the PANDORA Rose items. Could you please help me? I can’t put the bracelet in soapy mild water right? How do i clean the silver part of the rose bracelet???



Hi Christelle,

Thanks for your email!

PANDORA produce a special cleaning cloth for their PANDORA Rose range and one is included in the PANDORA Care Kit. The Care Kit can be purchased from our preferred PANDORA retailer for $15 USD or in the UK for £15 from the PANDORA UK eStore. There are two polishing clothes included in the kit. The white polishing cloth is for PANDORA Rose jewellery. The kit also includes a white cotton pouch to store your PANDORA Rose jewellery. I store my PANDORA Rose items in the white pouch and they are still shining as brightly as when I first received them! You can see the full contents of the PANDORA Care Kit in our Magazine article here.


The white polishing cloth included in the PANDORA Care Kit is basically it is a very soft cloth which doesn’t have any chemicals on it. The silver section of your bracelet can be cleaned as normal but be careful not to get any silver cleaning agent onto the Rose clasp. If the bracelet get’s particularly dirty you can also dampen a chemical-free soft cloth in lukewarm water, adding a small amount of mild soap, and rub the bracelet gently. Then rinse the bracelet with clean water and pat dry with a dry soft cloth.


Finally, do not use silver polishing liquids, silver dips, ultrasonic cleaning or tumblers to clean PANDORA Rose™ as these methods could cause damage. 

Have a great day,

Dora x


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