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This week we have a special Autumn 2018 Collection Collector’s Corner!


Collector’s Corner: Anrika @anrikabruinders


We are all excited about the new PANDORA Autumn 2018 Collection and this weeks PANDORA Collector has already purchased quite a lot of it! As well as sharing her PANDORA collection with us, Anrika is going to provide a review of some of her new pieces from the Autumn Collection. Follow her @anrikabruinders account on Instagram to see all her inspiring images!


Anrika, thank you so much for joining us today and sharing your exciting new purchases with us! First though, can you let us know how long have you been collecting PANDORA?

It was the day before Christmas in 2016, my husband asked me, “What would you like for Christmas?”. I couldn’t decide and after a while I asked him for a gift voucher at our local Mall. I could then take my time to decide what I would need, and not just buy something in a rush. This is where my Pandora story started…


My gift voucher was for decent amount and made me very excited… and of to the shops I went! Shop in and shop out, I just couldn’t find something that captured me. Then, just there in front of me like a diamond in the rough… like the little lightbulb above your head… appeared the PANDORA shop. And I was hooked… I could buy something that I could wear on my arm and collect memories that would last a lifetime. I am one of those old soul people that loves stories of long, long ago and I adore fairytales and love castles. If something old tells a story, I would rather buy that then a new piece of furniture. I value history and love precious moments.


I walked into the shop and that started it… my love affair with PANDORA, December 2016. My first bracelet was the Moments Bracelet with PANDORA Rose clasp. I could buy 6 charms and I chose;

1. The silver snow man, my first Christmas after the birth of my baby boy!

2. Paris charm, the place I would love to visit.

3. Unicorn, it’s so magical and takes me back to my childhood.

4. The Silver crown, I’m a bit of a ?!

5. Two PANDORA Rose spacers.


And there she was…. all sparkly and beautiful staring at me! I could hear the laughter of all the magical moments that was caught within every charm and I was hooked by the magic of PANDORA. Every week after that, I was back. Back to where it all started… to expand my memories on my arm.


Wow! That sounds like a magical shopping trip and start to your PANDORA collection. What was it exactly that made you first fall in love with PANDORA?

The fact that I can add a memory to each charm! It’s like wearing a snapshot of a moment in my life on my arm! That’s why I sometimes have to buy double charms. I would build a memory bracelet, and then I don’t want to take it apart. Like my sons first birthday was Olaf the snowman. So I built a winter bracelet with Elsa and Olaf and it’s so priceless! But then I started a Disney Princess bracelet so I had to buy another Elsa and Olaf for that bracelet!



It seems many of us attach memories to our charms. I love the idea that my bracelets are private stories. Can you tell us a little bit about your collection?

My taste is very random! I would be all princesses and unicorns one day, and then plain Muranos or just a bracelet the next day! But I love the fairytale items and Disney items the most! I love the pastel colors and rainbows. And the pinks…. oh how I love the pinks! I find it hard to build a bracelet and then dismantle it after a few days. I get too sentimental over things! Haha!



Your PANDORA collections is incredibly varied, but I did definitely notice a lot of pink in there! Are there any rare, or hard to find pieces in your collection?

I have a couple of limited edition charms, but I don’t know if they are rare. That’s a interesting question, I would love to see a list of all the rare and hard to find charms.
Charms that are very special to me are Bell’s Signature Colour Murano charms, Dumbo and the full Winnie the Pooh collection that I got from Hong Kong Disneyland, through a personal shopper. They arrived in Disney parks exclusive boxes. I was over the moon!



I also have the Dumbo charm and I love him! I bought him as part of the Fantasyland set that had the Disney Carousel and Alice charm too. There is a good list of rare charms on Charms Addict’s Blog. The blog isn’t up-to-date with new collections but there is a lot of very useful information to read.

Out of your entire collection, what is your favourite piece of PANDORA jewellery?

My absolute favorite charms are the Multi-Coloured Mosaic charm and the Rainbow Murano. Then a big classic for me is the Gold crown. Also, I love the snake bracelets more than the bangles. Oh, and from the new collection I can’t wait to get my hands on the Fairytale castle!

I adore the Multi-Colour Mosaic charm too and it looks fantastic with your Rainbow Murano charms. I think I already know the answer, but do you make up bracelets one by one, or do you keep your charms and bracelets separate and make up bracelets for any occasion?

This is a big struggle with me, I don’t have a lot of time to play around, so I always find it hard to do new bracelets. I keep memory bracelets as they are, and try to create new ones at least every week.


Oooh, I really like that idea and I love the title ‘Memory Bracelets’. Imagine how interesting a book with that title would be! A huge hard back book filled with a full page photo for each different PANDORA Collector’s ‘Memory Bracelet’ along a little story of the memories attached. Its’ cover could be created to look like an style old photo album and it could have gilt gold pages. Oops, I’m getting a bit side tracked… back to the interview.

[Serious interviewer voice back on] Anrika, can you share with us what is on your wishlist?

The PANDORA Disney Parks Exclusive Castle charms!!!!! And Mickey holding Walt Disney’s hand! Plus Minnie with the Eiffel Tower!


Excellent picks! I’m going to Disney World soon and I cannot wait! So what do you think of the direction PANDORA is taking in 2018? 

I love the fairytale items… always have and always will! I love the expanding of the Family tree items! And the fact that the PANDORA Rose collection is growing!

The fairytale items are stunning! I also have the PANDORA Rose Family Roots Pendant on my list. It’s interesting how some charms can look even prettier in PANDORA Rose. What would you like to see from PANDORA in the future?

I would definitely love to see more expansions on the Murano glass beads! Some more interesting ones- like in the new autum collection! They are fabulous! But I need them in more colours!




I completely agree! I love Murano charms and the new ornate cores are really beautiful. So Anrika, as a huge Disney fan which character would you like to see in the future

Up – House with the balloons and the grandpa
Nemo and Dory
Tom and Jerry
Toy story, all the big characters
Lion King – Timon, Pumba and Simba




Oooh those are awesome ideas. Hopefully someone from PANDORA HQ is writing them down (take notes Denmark?)! Do you have any special PANDORA promotional items?

I have beautiful jewelry boxes, two large grey ones and one small pink. I love my PANDORA travel mugs!! Plus I have some lovely scented candles and gorgeous traveling bags!!! Also, the small pocket mirrors and the foldable little travel jewelry bag. And I got a cute little white leather note book that I love!


Anrika, I can confirm it, you are most certainly a PANDORA Princess! Finally can you please share with us your views on the new PANDORA Autumn 2018 Collection.

The Autum 2018 collection is sooooo magical! The regal fantasy charms are a must for any collector! They hit the spot with the Munro glass and silver lace detailing, and are also available in PANDORA Rose! It’s one of my all time favorites!
Pinocchio is the cutest little charm in this collection, along with Figaro and the Jiminy Cricket. The wish upon a star charm is also lovely.

Snow White’a charms are so magical! On the spacer, the Seven Dwarfs faces are so full of character and emotion. I love the black evil charm and the dangle charms are really pretty, especially Snow White’s Apple and Heart Pendant Charm with the little treasures chest and apple.

I’m in love with the new PANDORA Shine Floating Locket charm and Princess ring! The silver Princess crown ring is also hit. I bought 4 already!
Bruno the unicorn is also one of my favorites of this collection. He is cuteness overload. So plump and adorable!
I’m really hoping we get the Regal Dazzling Beauty ring as it looks amazing! So I’m holding thumbs for that! I also bought the Regal Heart Padlock Bracelet which is really nice and it’s clip seems to be more solid than the previous Padlock Bracelet, so that’s a win.
Overall I’m really impressed by the PANDORA Autumn launch. PANDORA knows who their fans are, and they don’t disappoint. They keep it fantastically magical and that will always be a hit!
Lots of love from sunny South Africa! Anrika x

Thank you so much Anrika for taking part in Collector’s Corner on such an exciting day! It has been fantastic to chat with you and explore your incredible PANDORA Collection!



If you would like to be featured on Collector’s Corner in the future, comment below or email me

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