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Woo hoo it’s Wednesday and time for Collector’s Corner!


Collector’s Corner: Ashley @doplaypandora

On Collector’s Corner this week we having a little chat and playing with Ashley’s wonderful PANDORA Collection! Follow Ashley on her Instagram account @doplaypandora for a beautiful and creative PANDORA feed.


Hi Ashley, thank you so much for joining me this evening. First, can you tell us how long have you been collecting PANDORA?

My addiction began in 2008 when I got my first bracelet for Christmas! I saw a PANDORA promo sign while on a trip to Scotland and was instantly curious as we had nothing like this in the states. Shortly after arriving home a store called Occasions (in a town 20 miles away) started carrying PANDORA and it was all I wanted for Christmas!



And so the addiction starts! What was it that made you fall in love with PANDORA?

I fell in love with the idea of creativity and versatility. Everything was interchangeable and charms could be used in so many unique ways! So different from my starter James Avery bracelet where once it was soldered it was stuck there!



Oh dear! I don’t like the sound of a soldered bracelet! I love playing with my PANDORA bracelets and creating new combinations. Ashley, could you tell us about your collection?

I love anything and everything that sparkles so most of my charms have some kind of CZ in them. I also like to be minimalistic and enjoy all of the signature style pieces! My passion is travel and I try to visit a PANDORA store in every town that I visit if time permits so I have several exclusive dangles. I am glad these are becoming more sought after and places are creating some really unique charms!


Ooooh you have a handsome collection of Exclusive Engraved Charms! Do you have any rare, or hard to find pieces in your PANDORA Collection?

I somehow managed to get the first Jared Christmas tree ornament released back in 2015. I hesitated because I wanted to be loyal to PANDORA but went ahead and got it and was glad I did! I don’t think many knew Jared started doing the ornaments and I recently saw one selling on eBay for $295! As far as charms go I think my most rare one would be the Fascinating Aventurscent as the material was bad so they recalled it right after its release.


I managed to purchase a few of the PANDORA Fascinating Aventurscent Murano charms too. They are soo sparkly aren’t they? It’s a shame they were recalled. So, what is your favourite piece of PANDORA jewellery?

My favorite bracelets are my Blue/Star themed bracelets! I also love my Floral Fancy Ring as my husband got it for me for Christmas last year.


Wow! I love your Star theme bracelet! The little Star Petite in the Locket is a cute touch too! I’m dying to ask Ashley, do you make up bracelets one by one, or do you keep your charms and bracelets separate and make up bracelets for any occasion?

A little of both! Once I get a bracelet full I usually leave it but I will occasionally change around the charms if I like something better or need the charms on another bracelet. I like to change around the charms on the open bangle and sliding bracelets!

And of course as the charms aren’t soldered on you can change them as and when you please! Now for the big question… What is on your wishlist?

I have my eye on the Spinning Hearts charm and dangle! The motion pieces are so fun and a cool concept! I also would love to get the Forever PANDORA Signature earrings!



You’re right, the spinning PANDORA jewellery is really fun. Someone said it was a like a fidget spinner for women! As a Collector, how do you feel about the direction PANDORA is taking in 2018?

I was a little worried with the emoji and rainbow themed charms aimed at the new collector generation. I also was worried about the PANDORA Shine collection and it is not my favorite. This last release and the upcoming release have stunning pieces so I am excited to see what’s next!



I am really not into the emoji charms and I hope we’ve seen the last of them! So Ashley, what would you like to see from PANDORA in the future?

I hope they continue to create the destination exclusives and would love to see more cat designs!


It looks like your cat agrees with you! If you collect PANDORA Disney, which character would you like to see in the future?

I have not let myself get started on any Disney items but if I did I would purchase anything Little Mermaid! I think charms designed after the movie COCO would be so cool! That movie was so beautiful in color and design and I wouldn’t mind adding a few sugar skulls to my collection!



It’s too late for me… I am already completely addicted to PANDORA Disney! Interestingly there is already an Exclusive charm for Mexico with a colourful skull engraved on it! Finally, what special PANDORA promotional items do you have?

I just got a Vegas promo beige tote and it is so pretty! My favorite promo item as of yet is the Rockettes ornament from Black Friday last year! Can’t go wrong with red and sparkle! A definite stand out on my Christmas tree.


Ashley it has been wonderful chatting to you and exploring your gorgeous PANDORA collection. Thank you so much, we have really enjoyed it!


If you would like to be featured on Collector’s Corner in the future, comment below or email me


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