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Bring joy and light to your day with our visit to Ilona from @mypandoramoments on Collector’s Corner!

Hi Ilona it’s Aramando from thanks for joining me in our Collector’s Corner! Ilona is a nice name does it have a meaning?

Yes, it means ‘as a joy’ and light. What does Aramando mean?

Armando actually means soldier, but I am using it as a ‘nom de plume’ as it is an anagram of Man Dora, but enough about me we are here to talk about your collection.

So Ilona, how long have you been collecting Pandora?

This year I will be collecting Pandora for 20 years now! I started collecting since 2003, the year I gave birth to my daughter (first born). My husband gifted me this beautiful bracelet with a silver heart charm and a girl charm on it. Immediately I fell in love with my new charm bracelet, because this was so much easier than the “closed for ever” bracelet that I owned and you have to go to a jeweler to let your dangle or charm be soldered! And with this system you didn’t have to! You just “screwed” it on and it stays on. Just perfect!

That’s a beautiful beginning to your Pandora journey, what is it that you especially appreciate about Pandora jewellery all these years on?

Like most of us Pandora fans out there I first fell in love with the charms! They were so cute, and you could expand your collection of charms. And the most beautiful thought is that nobody would have the same bracelet as you because you can design it as you please. So that being said you would have a very special and unique design that nobody else has!

The Charms do seem to be at the core of it for most collectors. Can you tell us a bit more about your collection?

Yes of course! My collection exist out of bracelets, charms, bangles, open bangles, non charm bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings…. Lots and lots of rings!! I LOVE rings! I think I own around 130 rings…maybe more… (I lost count over the years.) 

WOW! That is a lot of rings! Do you have any rare, or hard to find pieces in your Pandora collection?

Oh yes, I do own a few rare/ hard to find pieces. The most beautiful piece I own is my gorgeous dragonfly pendant /necklace. Also my smooth heart medallion locket, a couple of rings, for example all 12 birthday bloom rings with the real gemstones, more gemstone rings, two-tone 14k gold rings and two-tone 14k gold charms. And ofcourse some beautiful htf silver rings.

What is your favourite item of Pandora jewellery?

Hmmm… Good question. Actually I have multiple favorite pieces. The one piece I have worn the most these last three or four years is my moments O pendant small necklace. I love my O pendant! You can style it in any way you want and I have seen so many beautiful creations on Instagram come by and they inspire me too!

Before that my favorite was the cutest thing ever…. Bella Bot! I wear her on a 70cm long chain necklace. She is so adorable. And the signature halo small round necklace. It is such a lovely and dainty piece that will go with everything. Such a classic piece that will never go out of style. Also I just love the PANDORA ME collection. It is so diverse. I can play with it for hours and recreate bracelets and necklaces.

I am love Bella Bot too, I have some Bella Bot ideas for this blog. Do you make up bracelets one by one, or do you keep your charms and bracelets separate and make up bracelets for any occasion?

Actually I do both!

When I am designing a bracelet and it is finished and I’m pleased the way it is, than mostly I just leave it that way. But I also have a couple of bracelets /bangles that I like to change up.

Now for the interesting question, what is currently on your wish list?

Oooohh what’s on my wishlist?…. Definitely some items of the Pandora ME collection! I just recently purchased some beautiful items from my wishlist. I got the Pandora ME asymmetrical necklace from their newer collection (2023), two pairs of the moments small earring hoops and the mini butterfly dangle. I really would love to get the engravable bracelet and engravable heart dangle as my wedding anniversary gift. So hubby… If you read this…?! 🤣

What do you think about the direction Pandora has taken in 2023?

Hmm that’s a hard question… Let me see… From my perspective (and remember, I have been around for 20 years in this Pandora world) sometimes it seems a bit much and maybe over the top a little? And ofcourse every company has hits and misses, but nowadays it is more focused on the younger generation. And that’s fine ofcourse. I understand that they’ll have to attract the younger generation in order to make sure their business keeps on growing. And I am noticing that I don’t buy as much PANDORA as I used to, as me being a die hard fan for so long. Because it is more related to the younger generation. But I must say they did an amazing job putting the PANDORA ME collection out! I think that’s relevant for every age.

What would you like to see from Pandora in the future?

Would love to see more of that! Just more items that are for every age…. Like age appropriate? 😜 Just items you can wear either you are 16 or 86. (or whatever age you are).  Like for example the classic “Timeless” pieces. 

Yes, I feel like Pandora markets to the younger generation but I am seeing campaigns with older models how too! As someone who collects Disney x Pandora, which Disney character would you like to see Pandora produce in the future?

I don’t own a lot of Disney items, just 2 or 3 Star Wars charms and 2 items from Disneyland Paris… (not that big of a fan.) 

I think it would be so much appreciated for the real die hard fans who are out there for years and years collecting to make their dream come true and would love to collaborate with Pandora for once!!

Thank you so much for joining us Ilona and for the wonderful incite into your Pandora collection.

Thank you so much for being a part of this beautiful Pandora community and being a part for this wonderful interview for the Collectors Corner. 

I appreciate each and everyone of you! 

XOXO ilona from MyPandoraMoments. 💕

Continue the conversation with Ilona and follow her fantastic Instagram account @mypandoramoments

Email me on, if you would like to feature on Collector’s Corner.

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