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It’s 4 O’clock in New York – it must be time for another edition of Collector’s Corner!



Collector’s Corner: Steffy @steffy_s_pandora_s_box


This week we are happy to have a look at Steffy’s PANDORA Collection which is beautifully documented on Instagram at @steffy_s_pandora_s_box.



Hi Steffy, can you tell us how long have you been collecting PANDORA jewellery?

During October 2016 I bought my first PANDORA piece, the bracelet I wore on my wedding day in December 2016. During November 2016 I bought my second PANDORA pieces, the earrings I wore on my wedding day. Since January 2017, after the wedding and honeymoon, the collecting truly started and have not stopped since! You see I did not see myself as a collector in 2016 as I did not know PANDORA yet and was merely going from jewellery store and designer to the next to find those special pieces that would just “speak” to me to wear on my most special day. And guess which jewellery spoke the loudest?!


That is a familiar story Steffy, it’s so easy to get the collector’s bug! What was it that made you fall in love with PANDORA?

PANDORA just immediately “spoke” to me. I know jewellery, what to look for, feel for, how the light catches the angles, does it feel “solid”. I have been to so many jewellery stores and designers looking for my perfect wedding day accessories and when the sales assistants let me look at the pieces myself, pick it up, fit it, I just knew, this is it! It was an instant attraction. I especially loved the different colours and metals, the bracelet I picked with the pavé barrel clasp was so gorgeous with the darker oxidized but still so sparkly clasp, and bright silver bracelet. I have never seen this and I loved it!



It is a wonder to behold! Can you tell us about your collection?

I think of my collection as medium-sized and still growing. I haven’t been collecting for years and years and when I buy it’s the individual pieces I really love. I think I’m a retired piece hunter! I never rush to the stores when new releases are out, except when Disney was released in my country, did I run for that! I have good relationships with all my nearby PANDORA stores’ sales assistants and when I hear about promotions like 50% discounts I go for that. This is usually when PANDORA starts retiring pieces and right before new releases. I know I can always acquire the new release pieces later on. I also love a great gift with purchase promotion and got my PANDORA jewelry box that way. I love PANDORA two tone jewellery pieces, with the 14k gold and have been trying to purchase them when they’re part of promotions, or otherwise I buy a few full price pieces now and again. My collection started out with bracelets and charms. However I now own a variety of PANDORA jewellery, earrings, rings, necklaces with dangle charms, floating locket with petites, bangles, snake chains, and of course loads and loads of charms!


Much of my collection has been gathered through PANDORA promotions and sales too. Do you have any rare, or hard to find pieces?

I think my rarest and most valuable piece is the 14k gold and silver large star charm. It has three big 14k gold stars and it is just such a heavy charm. Solid through and through. Real “old school” PANDORA piece. Then one of my most recent finds, the 14k gold and silver fairy dangle charm. I was ecstatic when I found this one! There are just some pieces you regret missing out on due to not having collected for years and years and this was one of the pieces I thought I would never see in person.


Oooh that large two tone Star charm is still on my wish list! Do you have a favourite piece of PANDORA jewellery?

My favourite piece consists of a combination of two charms. The 14k gold and silver Unicorn Dangle and the 14k gold and silver Royal Carriage Charm with the pearl in the crown. The combination style is the unicorn pulling the carriage. Always in front of the carriage with the princess sitting in the back. I love fairy tales and this is just such a magical representation. So wherever these two charms, and in exactly this combination, are on a bracelet, that is my favourite piece!


Wow! That sounds magical! Do you make up bracelets one by one, or do you keep your charms and bracelets separate and make up bracelets for any occasion?

I see my charms and bracelets as separate pieces. I studied art at one point and I guess I see my PANDORA jewellery as expressions of myself, my mood, occasions, events I’m going to. My bracelets are potential canvases waiting for a new design and look. I like taking my collection out over weekends and creating new bracelets for the week. I buy a lot of bracelets too. So when I say I like creating bracelets on a regular basis I don’t mean that I have one or two bracelets that I just swap charms around with. I have seven charm bracelets at the moment and always on the lookout for more. It’s just as appealing to buy as the charms.



It looks like we are similar collectors as I like to keep all my PANDORA jewellery separate too. What interesting items do you have on your wish list?

Some PANDORA Disney pieces like Belle’s dress, Cinderella’s Signature Colour Murano, Tinker Bell’s Dress and the upcoming Autumn release! I am loving the previews of the fairy tale related charms in the Autumn 2018 collection; Bruno the unicorn, the castle dangle, the fairy tale book dangle and the bird cage.



Bruno and the Bird Cage are both on my list too! What do you think of the direction PANDORA is taking in 2018?

I love all the releases so far! I love how they’re moving away from primarily lots of hearts and cz’s and designing more “special moments in your life” pieces, and loving the trendy “signature” pieces like the new twirling necklace and ring. I’ve also got my eye on the festival collection’s heart necklace that you can clip charms on and create your own statement pendant.


It has definitely been an exciting year so far. What would you like to see from PANDORA in the future?

I hope PANDORA designs some more two tone pieces in future, with 14k gold as well as rose gold. I hope they expand their Disney collection to more Disney characters and movies. And keep up the excellent releases! Keep it trendy and innovative and it will always be a hit.



I love the two tone classics! Which Disney x PANDORA charm would you like to see in the future?

Baloo from The Jungle Book, Pocahontas, 101 Dalmations, princess Merida in Brave (imagine her dress with a cute bow and arrows design on it!) There’s so much really! And us Disney fans would just love it all!

They are all such good ideas! Steffy, it has been a pleasure to have a look inside your PANDORA’s box. Long may your collection grow!



If you would like to be featured on Collector’s Corner in the future, comment below or email me


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