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It’s that time of week again… let’s have another peek in Collector’s Corner!


Collector’s Corner: Federica @mysparklingjoy

This Wednesday on Collector’s Corner we have a lovely nosey into Federica’s PANDORA Collection which can be seen on one of our favourite Instagram accounts, @mysparklingjoy



Hi Federica, thank you for letting us peek into your beautiful PANDORA collection. How long have you been collecting PANDORA?

I started back in 2014 when I got my very longed-for first bracelet as a gift from my mum for Christmas! I remember we went choosing it together with my first charm (the blue effervescence murano) and the beautiful sparkling heart spacer. Since then my collection has been significantly growing thanks to the contributions of close friends, family and my lovely partner.



Aww, my first PANDORA bracelet was a gift too. So what was it that made you first fall in love with PANDORA?

It was back in 2012 when I first saw a bracelet in the window of the local jeweler: it was love at first sight! I loved the idea of sparkly charms that could be added to a bracelet to tell a unique story, made of memories and special meanings. I think the concept of PANDORA is beyond inspiring and appealing, especially to someone like me who, when I was a little girl, I dreamt about owning something so special and unique one day!


I agree, it is a wonderful concept and I love being able to express myself through my jewellery. Can you tell us about your collection?

I am very lucky to own two moments bracelets, two bangles, a leather bracelet, a few rings, a new stunning pair of earrings and two beautiful floating lockets! I am in love with PANDORA Rose and I like wearing at least one piece of it every day. I also own quite few two-tone charms I am very fond of! Having started my collection quite recently, my pieces are relatively new but I really got into retired charms since I love mixing the old with the new!


I love the PANDORA two tone charms as well and most of my wish list is made up of retired two tone charms I am trying to locate. Do you have any rare, or hard to find PANDORA pieces in your collection?

I am so happy I found the Vanity Mirror Dangle but most especially the Fairy Dangle and the Fairy Mushroom Charm which were so popular back in the day and are now becoming a must among collectors! I like having them on my “Enchanted Garden” bracelet together with new pieces like the Tea Cup Dangle! Those were lucky finds on eBay from very good overseas sellers!



Those are beautiful charms, Federica, well done for finding them! What is your favourite piece of PANDORA jewellery?

The most sentimental value goes to my Turquoise Stud Lights Charm: my partner gave it to me the night he asked me to be together and I treasure it as one of my most precious possessions! I am also in love with my Sparkling Butterfly Charm which is a memory of a wonderful day with my mum! I love my PANDORA Heart Key Floating Locket, which I was recently surprised with! I am also enjoying my Pink Leather Bracelet very much lately: it carries the Princess Heart Charm which was on my list for a long time!


Aww that’s so sweet! My most sentimental charm is from my husband. As a PANDORA collector, I’m interested to know if you make up bracelets one by one, or do you keep your charms and bracelets separate and make up bracelets for any occasion?

I make them one by one according to projects I work on even for six months at the time. My themes are inspired by seasons and I am currently working on a “Wintery Starry Night” theme! I got a good bunch of charms for it, but I am still waiting for the right promo to buy the bracelet! I will tag you in my first post of it, I promise! I have never thought of disassembling bracelets to mix charms around and creating new designs: I may do it temporarily in the future but, in the end, each charm would go back to its original position!



It is interesting to find out how each PANDORA collector interacts with their collection. Can you share with us what is currently on your wishlist?

Aww, there are so many things to wish for! After my Winter project, I will work on a “Happy Forest” theme with cute animals, Winnie the Pooh Portrait and Thumper for sure, and fairies! The PANDORA Disney Tinker Bell’s Dress Dangle is a must for me! I wish I could own a two-tone Essence bracelet one day and another bracelet with a PANDORA Rose clasp! Anyway, my next purchase will definitely be the bangle in PANDORA Rose!



That is a good list! I love the sound of your “Happy Forest” theme and look forward to seeing it take progress. What do you think of the direction PANDORA is taking in 2018?

The “Enchanted” approach to the PANDORA Spring Collection blew me away: I think PANDORA is revisiting successful collections with a fresher and younger take! I am impressed by the way designers are inspired by the nature surrounding us by creating something beautiful out of it. Take the Iridescent Rainbow Murano, for example: now I think about its concept every time I see a blue sky! I also had a look at the PANDORA 2018 Autumn preview and I am impressed with the choice of grain as key element for many charms! This inspiration makes me think about all the blessings in life and the pleasure hidden in small little things!

I love the seed theme in the PANDORA Autumn collection too. I think Bruno the Unicorn would be perfect for your “Happy Forest” theme! So, what would you like to see from PANDORA in the future?

I would love to see lovely and cute animals in a more “cartoon” version e.g. a fun baby dragon with big eyes or a fun crocodile. I would like to see “charm caricatures” of animals or creatures that are generally considered scary, portrayed by PANDORA in a “scream cute” way! I would love that so much! Also, I would love to see a wider range of PANDORA Rose charms: I have a red cat and I would die to have the curious cat charm in rose to represent him!



They are fantastic ideas! I know PANDORA follows this blog so hopefully they will read your ideas and we will see them one day 😉
If you collect PANDORA Disney, which character would you like to see in the future?

Definitely Brave! I love that kind of personality as a role model for young girls! The dress dangle would be a must for me! I love the Disney collection: it takes out the child at heart there is in all of us!


Brave charms would be a fantastic concept! Thank you so much Federica for taking time to chat and share your gorgeous PANDORA collection with us. I am looking forward to seeing your “Happy Forest’ bracelet on your Instagram account @mysparklingjoy.


If you would like to be featured on Collector’s Corner in the future, comment below or email me


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