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Enjoy some lockdown reading with our latest Collector’s Corner!

The talented Kate from @pandoraglamlife joins us for this weeks Collector’s Corner!

Hi Kate! Thank you so much for joining us for Collector’s Corner. I have just made some brownies, please help yourself. First of all Kate, can you tell us how long you’ve been collecting PANDORA?

Well the first charm I got was given to me by my future husband back in 2012. I would say that this was the moment when it all started for me, but at the beginning my collection grew really slowly. At that time I was a student and Pandora was just too expensive for me. I had to save for some time to be able to buy my first moments bracelet. I started collecting chams seriously at the beginning of 2017. A year later I decided to start Instagram and share my passion.

And we are so glad you did! You have an exquisite account and I love your monochrome style. What was it that first captured your heart and made you fall in love with Pandora jewellery?

My mother’s bracelets. She is an accountant and very often, in thanks for solving a difficult case, receives gifts from her clients. A few of them gave her Pandora bracelets, which I often admired. I was always amazed with all the little details and I just loved the idea of collecting charms to commemorate important events in life. From the first time I saw the bracelet on my mother’s wrist I wanted one for myself. She is also a person who gives me a lot of Pandora jewelry.

Pandora bracelets seem the ideal jewellery for an accountant. It could double as an abacus! Could you tell us a little bit about your collection?

My collection consists mostly of themed bracelets and sets. I created seasonal bracelets for spring, summer and autumn but I have also bracelets inspired by my children. One of my favorites in my Tea Part bracelet that I’ve put Alice in the Wonderland charms on. I also have a ‘main’ bracelet that I call ‘Memories bracelet’. It has a lot of my most important charms as well as the ones that remind me of events, people and places.

My collection is also full of leathers that I love to wear during summer and few bangles that started to collect recently. The Open Bangle is one of my favourites! For the other Pandora jewellery I love to have sets of earrings, rings and necklaces. I am big fan of symmetry and matching pieces so I am all about sets!

I completely agree, the Open Bangle is fantastic. It is so quick and easy to style too. You have a beautiful collection. Do you have any rare or hard to find pieces?

That’s a hard one because I am still learning about Pandora and I may not know what is rare and hard to find. I have some of old charms like first Tea Cup or Rose Petal that is over 11 years old I guess. I also have a couple of two-tones like Garden Hat Dangle, Queen Bee and Bee Hive. I may have some more that I am not aware of!

So true. It can be tricky to find older pieces and I imagine it will get even harder now Pandora has started recycling their jewellery. What is your favourite piece of Pandora jewellery from your collection?

Another hard one! It’s hard to say as I am wearing my Pandora jewelry depending on the season, my mood and outfit. Right now I love to wear my Essence bracelets! My all time favourites would be my ‘Memories bracelet’ and the charms dedicated to my children. I wear my silver and Rose Tea Party bracelet very often too. I am also big fan of lockets and the O Pendants.

I couldn’t choose just one favourite either! So Kate, something I am always interested to hear about from Pandora collectors is if you make up bracelets one by one, or do you keep your charms and bracelets separate and make up bracelets for any occasion?

Both! I have a couple of themed bracelets that I keep mostly unchanged but I have also a bunch of seasonal bracelets and charms that I design on occasion.

So far that seems to be the general consensus. Can you share what is currently on your Pandora wish list?

I am hunting for Stardust or Fascinating Adventurescent Murano right now. It’s not how I collect Pandora though. I do not go through Pandora catalog and create wishlist. There are pieces that I want for some time now like Vintage Night Sky dangle and button charm but it’s all more about ideas. I see the charm and I get inspired how to design it on a bracelet, what other pieces do I need to make it work and look pretty. My Enchanted Spring bracelet was created just like that – I saw the Enchanted Heart clips and Wildflower Meadow clasp bracelet and immediately started to think how to design them. My Autumn Fairytale bracelet was designed around the Peacock charm.

Those Fascinating Adventurescent Murano charms are incredible! I have seen some for sale on a Pandora buy and sell group too. So as a collector, what do you think of the direction Pandora is taking so far in 2020?

It’s very hard to judge a company’s decisions. With release of the Pandora Me line and change of the color scheme I think that Pandora decided to focus mostly on younger clients. I am not sure about that direction because I am still a fan of old Pandora with more oxidation, details and less cubic zirconia stones. I don’t like a lot of enamel on charms too. I feel like old Pandora was more elegant. I don’t have anything against playful and modern pieces but I would like to have collections that include both!

Both old and new styles would be great. I love the Pandora 20 concept they created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Moments Bracelet. What would you like to see Pandora produce in the future?

I definitely want the two-tones back. I loved them and I would like to collect them all! I will be very happy to see more Murano charms too!

I think many Pandora collectors would agree with you. Although there have already been some gorgeous new Murano charms out this year. The Lavender Wavy Murano is such a pretty colour!
I noticed you have some cute Disney x Pandora pieces in your collection. Which Disney character or other collaboration would you like to see Pandora produce in the future?

My wish for The Lion King and Mulan was already fulfilled so I would choose Pocahontas and Brave. They are both Disney Princesses but I feel like they are not appreciated enough. I would love to see Grandmother Willow and Meeko charms. I bet pieces inspired by Colours of the Wind would be really gorgeous!

I would love to see both those princesses and stories produced. Vanellope von Schweetz is another Disney princess who I don’t think gets enough attention. She would be perfect for a charm design!

Thank you so much Kate for chatting with us and allowing us to glimpse into your wonderful Pandora collection.

Follow Kate on her Instagram @pandoraglamlife for gorgeous photography and designs!

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