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Back in lots of two tone splendour it is time for Collector’s Corner!

In this weeks Collector’s Corner we will be chatting with the sweet Tasha from the amazing Insta account @panfan_by_tasha!

Hello Tasha! Thank you so much for joining us on Collector’s Corner! I am ready and prepared with plenty of tissues, as I know I am going to be drooling over your gorgeous collection! First, can you tell us how long you’ve been collecting Pandora?

I started my journey as a Pandora lover about 10 years ago. There were a couple of periods I wasn’t collecting. I guess sometimes inspiration is just not there.

There have been a few collections when I wasn’t feeling the love either. I am happy with most of the releases from the last two years though. What was it that made you first fall in love with Pandora?

From the first time I visited the store back in Ukraine I was immediately drawn to the idea of creating memorable designs. Soon I was a proud Pandora jewellery owner. And so my story began with a few charms on a lobster clasp bracelet

The ability to create a unique bracelet with a meaningful story is what attracted me to Pandora too. Can you tell us a little bit about your collection?

Where should I start?! My collection is mostly Pandora Moments bracelets and charms. I’d say I have about 300+ charms and I really hoping there is nothing missing due to my cat’s great interest in Pandora haha. I wouldn’t consider my collection large which is a good thing as it requires quite a lot of creativity to combine new designs every time. I have 2 14k Gold bracelets and few 14k Gold charms, mostly openwork and real gemstone ones. A special place in my collection is held by my Murano (my favourite are Seeing Spots, Candy Stripes and Disney) and two tone charms.

On my Instagram @panfan_by_tasha you will notice how often I use enamel charms in my travel or Christmas designs. There is some kind of fineness they add to my bracelets. I am a big kid inside, dreamy and all. So you can imagine I am totally charmed with Disney, Harry Potter and fairytale charms. And of course I like my silver retired charms like the hen, witch, clown, dino, viking, pretzel and ugly duckling. I have just a few items from essence collection which I bought when they were just released. But to be honest with you it didn’t feel like me and so it stoped there. Leather bracelets, bangles and watches – I need them all, thank you very much

How many of your Pandora pieces are two tone?

I do have quite a few two tone charms and bracelet themes, they are the most special ones. I think two tone charms are the most beautiful Pandora charms and I can’t get enough of them! I have about 50 two tone charms in my collection. Unfortunately, they are retired now. My most adored are the two tone beads with diamonds. 

Two tone charms are my favourite too and I was so excited to find quite a few retired ones for sale in Greece the other week. I can’t wait for them to arrive! Do you have any rare or hard to find pieces amongst those goodies?

There is one in my collection I would consider rare. It’s Australia from Autumn/Fall 2013 release. Pandora recalled this charm because of concerns about the number of stars on the charm and their placement. But I was lucky enough to grab it.

Wow that is a super rare charm! Well done on finding it! What is your favourite piece of Pandora jewellery?

I’m not sure it’s called a collection when you have just 3 rings, but answering your question my most treasured piece of Pandora jewellery is my 14k Gold Matrix Diamond Ring. My husband gave it to me for a special occasion and it still brings the warmest memories. If I ever am asked to keep just one thing from my collection it would be this ring.

Aww! Gifted pieces always hold a special place. A question which particular interests me is do you make up bracelets one by one, or do you keep your charms and bracelets separate, making up bracelets for any occasion?

It would be very convenient to have already made designs ready for you to wear them, but it’s just not in my nature. I constantly create, experiment and with the new designs being released quite often I add something new even to those bracelets I once thought were perfect.

We sound alike in that regard. Sometimes I leave a design made up for a few days but then I take it apart again. So Tasha, you mentioned buying something new, what is currently on your wishlist?

I think a true collector’s wishlist is never-ending. I’m looking for Disney Murano charms now, my goal is to find the Snow White and Tinker Bell’s Signature Muranos. It wouldn’t be that hard if I didn’t mind second hand but I am looking for new charms that have never been worn. And it’s even more challenging once the charms are retired. Two tone charms are definitely a priority. I’m wishing for the Acorn, Dark Lines, Shuttlecock, Life’s Path, Princess and the Pea, Garden Hat, Flower Basket and Dancing Charms. Next goal – Hans Christian Andersen Hat, Ram and the Butterfly Cameo. I can’t have too many of Seeing Spots Muranos, so I am in constant hunt for them as well!

I am always on the look out for Two tone charms too! Happily I found the Acorn and Shuttlecock recently. The Pandora Greece online shop also has the Shuttlecock for sale along with both versions of the Dancing charms. Tasha, as a serious collector, what do you think of the direction Pandora is taking so far in 2020?

I loved the “Infinity knot” series. It’s elegant and timeless. I also love Pandora’s dedication to travel theme and I am in utter awe about the Harry Potter Collection. I also find 2020 anniversary collection to be pretty amazing. It would be quite interesting to see if Pandora will team up with their fans for a new design ideas, as I know we have so many. 

The Infinity Knot range is beautiful! I bought the bracelet for myself and my two sisters. What would you like to see from Pandora in the future?

My hope for the future releases is to see more two tone and 14k Gold charms, which the brand for some reason shifted its focus from. Personally I can see a huge demand in them. Less sparkle but definitely more statement. I am also not sure why but we don’t see many Murano charms in current collections as those are many fans favourites. 

Oooh Tasha, you will be happy to know it is rumoured Pandora will start producing 14k Gold charms again next year! Now let’s talk about the Disney x Pandora range. What Disney characters would you like to see Pandora produce in the future?

I believe everyone wants to see what is close to their heart in upcoming collections. So for such a big cartoon lover as myself I would go absolutely nuts to see Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast characters or objects in general: Abu & Iago, Lumière and Cogsworth. I will celebrate this Christmas with finishing my Frozen mini collection, so Sven is a must. 

More Beauty and the Beast characters would be great and I would also love a little Abu!
As a fellow fan of two tone charms Tasha, could you rank 1-10, with 1 being the highest, your top 10 Pandora two tones that you own?

It’s rather hard to choose your favourites when the list is constantly changing but today my top 10 looks like this:

  1. Peridot Rose Charm
  2. Delight Charm
  3. Royal Carriage Charm
  4. Woven Together Charm
  5. Holly Charm
  6. Clutch Purse Charm
  7. Perfect Posey Charm
  8. Fairytale Fish Charm
  9. Entangled Beauty Charm
  10. Love & Guidance Charm

Great choices! I am still on the hunt for the Peridot Rose Charm. It is gorgeous and I wish there were more charms with peridots on them. A bonus question for you Tasha. I see you have some wonderful 14k Gold pieces. Would you like to see more in the future? Also, do you prefer CZ or real gemstones in your 14k Gold pieces?

My hope is that Pandora will add more 14k Gold pieces into their collections, ones with openwork designs and real gemstones. Charms with CZ didn’t stick with me, I sold those. So in future I’m only looking for 14k Gold + real gemstones combo.

I agree with you and am collecting 14k Gold charms with real gem stones. I actually really like the Galaxy design in 14k Gold but I won’t buy it because of the cubic zirconia stones.
Finally Tasha, I notice you have been collecting the Pandora 20 
collection, what has been your favourite pieces so far?

It’s not that often I get exited about new charms from seasonal collections. So seeing the 20th Anniversary charms has been very refreshing. It reminded me of those times I wanted to buy everything so desperately. The Strawberry and Clover charms are my favourites so far. I am looking forward to any news about upcoming releases. Hopefully there will be more of what collectors are looking for, which I believe is two tone, 14k Gold and Murano charms. 

Tasha it has been an absolute pleasure chatting with you this evening. Thank you so much for sharing the joy of your beautiful Pandora collection.

Follow Tasha on her Instagram @panfan_by_tasha for amazing Pandora designs and the most beautiful Pandora flatlays!

If you would like to be featured on Collector’s Corner, send me an email at

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