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Sit down, relax and enjoy this weeks Collector’s Corner…

Collector’s Corner: Yves @yveeees

This week on Collector’s Corner we are taking a peek into Yves’ PANDORA Collection. Follow her awseome Instagram account @yveeees for inspiring images of Yves and her unique, cool style.


Hello Yves! Thank you for taking time to visit theartofpandora and allow us to have a little nose through your PANDORA collection. To start with, can you tell us how long you have been collecting PANDORA?

My first ever PANDORA bracelet was from my mum on my 12th birthday, however I only really started collecting since last October. I was drawn in by the bright sparkles of the shop, and bought a bracelet, clips, safety chain and two birthstone heart charms. Since then, I’ve become obsessed with the brand!


We all know how easy it is to become obsessed with PANDORA! Wait until you start dreaming about it, then you know you are in trouble! So what was it exactly that made you fall in love with PANDORA?

The ability for each person to customise their bracelet in order to tell their story. Each charm, each bracelet, has a totally different meaning to the next person. There’s a hidden beauty in that, I feel.


That is so true. Our bracelets can be like little coded messages of expression.
Yves, can you tell us a little about your PANDORA collection?

My collection is constantly growing; I just love shiny things! It is definitely varied, with lots of different themes, from plain silver to bursts of colour!

I love the outfits you’ve worn on your modelling work, especially all the sparkly jewellery. It looks like so much fun to wear!
Do you have any hard to find or rare items amongst your PANDORA collection?

I have a few older style charms, such as the penguin family, the little ghost and house charms from years ago. Most of my hard to find charms are bought abroad, due to the fact we can’t buy them in the UK; my Chinese Lion and Sweet panda’s (I have a few of those little cuties) are from the help of personal shoppers.


pandora dragon pandora collectors corner

The Panda is super cute! The PANDORA animal charms are some of my favourites. Do you have a favourite piece of PANDORA jewellery?

Oh, can I pass this question? I’m not sure, it’s so difficult to choose – it depends on my mood, what I’m wearing, the theme I’ve went for etc. So many options! If I had to choose, probably the full bracelet I’m wearing right now (the one with the autumn collection) as my boyfriend surprised me with most of it – I know, I’m a very lucky girl!

Okay, we’ll let you off on that question… especially as I couldn’t answer it for myself! 

Yves, do you keep your PANDORA bracelets made up in one design, or change your charms around, making new styles each time?

All of my bracelets and charms are seperate – I love playing around with them to create a bracelet for an occasion! Although, it normally takes me hours to design a bracelet as I can’t make my mind up, so I need plenty of notice before going anywhere!

It’s worth the wait though! I find that playing around with my PANDORA jewellery makes me enjoy and appreciate it more too. Do you have any special PANDORA promotional items?

I have the PANDORA Christmas 2017 limited edition “You Melt My Heart” bangle. It is super sparkly and matches my Frosted Heart charms. I use the bangle whenever I design a Disney “Frozen” themed bracelet – the entire bangle design fits it perfectly!

That sounds gorgeous! The Frozen Snowflake and Frosted Heart charms looks perfect together don’t they?

Can you share with us what is on currently your wish list?

An easier answer would be “”What isn’t on your wishlist?”.
I recently was gifted with a Padlock bracelet from the Regal Tales collection, and fell in love instantly – I plan to get the padlock bracelet from Valentine’s collection, I think. Other than that, anything shiny and sparkly….


pandora regal love keys autumn winter 2018 padlock bracelet


My PANDORA wish list never seems to get shorter no matter how much I buy!
So Yves, what’s your view of the direction PANDORA has taken this year?

I feel it is a more contemporary design, which is inclusive of all age ranges. Like marmite, however, some people like it, some people hate it. I feel they are going in the right direction, shown by their recent releases, yet they still have far to go.

They have definitely been trying new ideas this year. What would you like to see from PANDORA in the future?

I would love it if they would release more charms for the UK market – I feel we are missing out on charms we would love, because we cannot obtain them abroad.


It would be good if each country was offered the same promotions too. Some countries have fantastic PANDORA offers and other countries have barely any.
As a Disney fan, which character would you like to see PANDORA produce in the future?

MULAN!!!!!!! I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to see a Mulan inspired dress and a Mushu charm?!


pandora disney princess

You’re right! I think a Mushu charm would be very popular. It would be great if they produced more of each films characters. For example there is Rapunzel’s Dress and a Maximus charm but a little Pascal the chameleon charm would be amazing!
What are your views on the recent PANDORA Autumn 2018 collection, did you get any pieces?

I ADORE THIS COLLECTION. My boyfriend gifted me a lot of the Regal Tales as he knew I loved it so much – I know, he’s amazing, right?!
The fairytale design is simply beautiful, and I plan to buy a few more charms in this collection – it’s so shiny, and the detail is gorgeous. I only wish more charms were brought out in other metals like PANDORA Rose and Two Tone.
As for the Shine collection, I’m not a fan, so I will be giving that one a miss.

Yves, thank you so much for chatting with us this evening. It has been a pleasure to look at your PANDORA collection and hear your views. Hopefully we will see Mulan and Mushu charms soon! Readers, make sure to follow the lovely @yveeees Instagram account for more beautiful photos.


If you would like to be featured on Collector’s Corner in the future, comment below or email me


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