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A catalog that’s not just a catalog. It’s a comprehensive resource tool. A Pandora collector’s dream. It’s your new best friend.

Please note: There are no charms or Pandora Jewellery for sale on this website, all links go to Authorised Online Retailers.


Every Pandora fan eagerly awaits each new collection to see what will be the new ‘must-have’ charms for their wishlist. Yet as Pandora is a global brand it can be tricky and time consuming trying to find out about new collections and country exclusives around the world. How will our catalog function?


Our Catalog will ensure you will never miss out on a Pandora charm again. Every new Pandora item will be listed in the Catalog along with photos, desciptions, product codes and prices. If the item is a country exclusive we will tell which countries it is available in. Next month in the Magazine we will discuss safe ways to buy Pandora in different countries.


For Pandora fans who already purchase Pandora jewellery from around the world, the catalog will help them to see which country has the best prices. This will be a valuable tool when trying to decide which charms to buy for the latest promotion.


A fantastic feature of the Catalog is that it will also contain retired Pandora jewellery and the RRP. This will allow Pandora fans to explore the Pandora world, discovering rare designs, hard-to-find charms and older charms with genuine gemstones.


While you browse the catalog you can add any item to your wishlist. Starting very soon we will add the ability to make your wishlist private or make it public and share it with your friends or allow others to search for your name. If you see items in the catalog you already own and love, make a review and upload your own photos. For many Pandora fans reviews and real-life photos help them decide what to purchase.

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