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Dora’s Valentine 2022 Pandora Wishlist

The Love Padlock collection is (IMHO) the best that Pandora have ever released for their Valentines drop!

I am very excited about this Love Padlocks collection that is being released for Pandora Valentine’s 2022. Again, I will not be buying all ten of these items on release day but they are all on my list for 2022, so we shall see how it goes.

Dora’s Top Ten Pandora 2022 items for the wish list!

1) Padlock & Key Dangle Charm (790088C01)

Number one on my wishlist is this innovative and fun Padlock charm that opens and works like a real lock with it’s key! I am excited to play with this and come up with interesting necklace and bracelet styles.

2) Openwork Chain Link Padlock Charm (79007C00)

There are many famous bridges in Roma, Paris and other parts of Europe that have Padlock bridges. One of my favourites is the Pont des Arts. Also I often talk about how Pandora have ‘plenty for £20’ and this is a beautiful example of that. This will also be on my launch day list.

3) Sparkling Openwork Heart Charm(791061C01)

Another stunning openwork charm is the beautifully created charm. Not on my launch day list becuase I have to manage the budget but definitely one will be purchased in coming months!

4) Pandora Club 2022 Ladybird & Heart Dangle Charm (780072C01)

Any self respecting Pandora fan need to have to 2022 Club Charm on their list. This years is a real beauty and I hope to be able to add it very shortly.

5) Pandora ME Love Open Ring (180077C00)

Have you realized that I am OBSESSED with Pandora ME yet? Guilt as charged. I am really hoping to get this on release day!

6) Pandora ME Black Enamel Ring (189655C01)

In the past I have not been a big collector of Pandora Rings. But again the Pandora ME rings are so simple and stackable and FUN to put together with the connectors. This is will another release day purchase!

7) Minnie Mouse Tennis Bracet (590107C01)

The Pandora Tennis bracelets have been catching my eye for some time now but this one is STUNNING 🤩 I am hoping to add this one on release day!

8) Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Airplane Charm (790108C00)

This charm will represent all the Disney trips I didn’t go on during the pandemic but hopefully all the future ones that are planned.

9) Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Airplane Charm (790108C00)

When Pandora do dangles well they do them really well and this is an amazing example of that!

10) Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Clip (790111C01)

All these Disney bracelets are going to need some versatile Disney themed clips and these are perfect!

Please be sure to let me know in the comments which items are on your wish list at the moment!

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