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Dora’s Pandora Wishlist

I need your help Pandora sisters! There are Pandora items from various collections in 2021 that I have not purchased so I want to make my decisions based on your vote!

Normally, I make my purchases on collection release or wait for a good promotion. However with constant lockdowns and then the restoring of freedoms my normal routine has been broken. For the first time in nearly 5 years of running this blog I find that I have quite the list of Pandora purchases and I think this is a good time to take my time and prioritise the pieces that you as the reader are interested in.

Over the years my collection has become quite large and although I may see 20 items in a collection that are beautiful I am careful to add pieces to my collection that add design potential and add to the overall repertoire.

The following charms are not in order of preference, there are some of the more recent releases first and then groups by category.

1) Kitten Yarn Ball Charm (799535C00)

When I first did my preview of the Autumn collection I wrote that this was definitely on my wish list. For me, this is a classic Pandora piece in the making and it’s design exemplifies the reason I collect Pandora. It oozes cuteness and it is beautifully balanced with its fun design. I hope you guys will vote for this one as it is top of my list!

2) Cute Mushroom Charm (799528C01)

I am not a big fan of Mushrooms as a culinary option but as I wrote in my Autumn preview this little character reminds me of Toad from the Super Mario games. I spent a lot of my youth playing Mario Kart and Toad is one of the best characters in that game. As far as Pandora design goes this is beautifully oxidised and would really add a lot of variety to my collection.

3) Sparkling Pine Cone Dangle Charm (789557C01)

At heart I am a country girl and love Pine Cones and this is a very autumnal option which I appreciate. Dangles are not always top of my wish lists but I like a charm that is meaningful and tells a story which this one does for me.

4) Matte Purple Murano Glass Charm (7895476C00)

I get lots of messages asking if Pandora will start doing Murano charms again. This is very confusing for me as I have not seen any evidence that they ever stopped. I am happy to have a beautiful collection of Muranos from over the years and I am happy that Pandora are doing some interesting options. I definitely hope to be able to add this one to my collection.

5) Matte Green Murano Glass Charm

Green is my favourite colour and this is another beautiful option that I would prefer to buy as a pair. These Muranos often are not centre pieces of a bracelet design but bring wonderful colour to the overall presentation of the design.

6) Moments Charm Key Ring

There were three Key Ring options in the Autumn collection and I am intrigued to see what options I can come up with this versatile charm holder. I am glad that Pandora continues to think outside the box with the many different ways that we can utilise our Pandora charms.

7) Rose Glittering Sunset Murano Charm

I hoovererd up most of the Summer 2020 collection as it was stunning and of course most of it was re-released this year with a few additions. I know that this Murano was very popular on release as I saw many on Instagram showing it off. Again. I have to say it is a great example of the creativity that Pandora have been showing in the last few years when it comes to. Murano glass.

8) Han Solo & Leia Kiss Charm

I have to say that I was very excited by the release of Star Wars x Pandora charms last year. As I mentioned in my Autumn preview this charm has some personal significance for my husband and I with the line that is engraved on the charm.

9) Grogu and Crib Charm

I already have the original Baby Yoda (I still prefer to call him that) charm so do I need another one? Absolutely! I actually much prefer the design of this one as he is so cute in his custom-made crib from The Mandalorian show.

10) Death Star Clip Charm

I like to think that Pandora were inspired by a post that I wrote about possible future Star Wars charms just after the first collection was released. I always buy my clips in pairs so I would need two of these little guys. I wish that they had made the second Death Star from Return of the Jedi as a second option of a slightly asymmetrical but thematically correct story on my Star Wars bracelet. Maybe one day 🙂

Vote for the charm you like the most

Please be sure to let me know in the comments which items are on your wish list at the moment!

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