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The 2021 Winter Sales have already started in some countries such as the UK, Poland, USA, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore. I will update this page as the sale reaches Europe.

At this time of year we can grab some real bargains and some rarities if we are quick on the buzzer and get online as the sales start. This year I am hoping to provide a guideline to help us figure out what may be on sale in your respective country. Please be aware that this is not official, and countries’ sales may differ from what I publish here.

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Pandora Winter Sale Reaches Europe!

The Pandora Winter sale has finally reached Europe with the pre-sale now on for Pandora Club Members in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Pandora Winter Sale 2021 Live in Japan

Enjoy up to 70% off in the Pandora Winter sale in Japan. Around 200 items are included in the sale and although most of them are the same items as in other countries there are a few country exclusive charms. Most interesting are the Sydney Opera House Dangle, Chinese Bao Dangle, Japanese Sunny Doll Dangle and Koala Bear Charm.

Pandora Sale 2021 Live in China

Nearly 300 items are in the Pandora Winter sale in China. Enjoy up to 50% off a great selection of jewellery with charms from the last few year sales included. There are quite a few extra pieces such as the Pandora Moments Black Leather Braided Bracelet, Disney Aladdin Lamp, 14k Gold Hawthorn Safety Chain, Disney Tinker Bell Dangle, Pandora Rose Camera, 14k Gold Open Heart Spacer, Pandora Rose Dice and Sparkling Palm Tree Dangle.

Pandora Sale 2021 Live in Singapore

The end of year sale in Singapore has one of the largest discounts with a whopping 60% off! Around 300 items are included in the sale which are mostly the same as in other countries. However there are a couple of additional pieces such as the Take a Break Coffee Cup, Chinese Double Happiness Dangle, Sparkling Sun Pendant and Pandora Logo Yes! Heart Charm.

Pandora Sale 2021 Live in Hong Kong

The sale is a little different in Hong Kong, with a base reduction of 45% and then an extra 10% off for 2 items & 20% off for 3 items or more. Over 300 items feature in the sale including some cute country exclusive charms like the Traditional Rickshaw, Chinese Flower Girl and Union Jack London Bus Charm.

Pandora Sale 2021 Live in the USA & Canada

The Pandora Winter sale starts today in the USA and Canada. Unfortunately there is not a huge selection, with less than 100 items included. Besides the normal selection that features across other countries there are a couple of country exclusive charms.

pandora sale South Africa

Pandora Sale 2021 Live in South Africa!

With over 400 items the Pandora South Africa sale is the best so far and has the highest discount with over 70% off some items! Quite a few older charms are included in the sale such as the Pandora 2018 Club Charm. Plus there are some gorgeous 14k gold pieces set with diamonds with a huge discount! If you have a friend in South Africa to help you, this is definitely a great sale to shop.

Pandora UK Winter Sale 2021 Now Live!

The Pandora sale is now live in the UK! Some of the surprise items include the recent Star Wars™ Clasp Double Black Leather Bracelet with the Ruthenium-plated finish and the sweet Eeyore and Piglet charms.

I treated myself to two Peach Blossom Clips, two more Peach Blossom Spacers as they are so gorgeous, the Sweet Tree Monster, Cute Squirrel, Bruno Rocking Horse, Nokk Frozen II Horse and Chest of Treasure charms.

Dora’s Winter Sale 2021 Picks

These are my picks for you! I actually have the Pandora 20 Frog charm, the Swan, the C-3PO and R2-D2 Star Wars Charms as well as the two tone bracelet. Between you and me I was debating getting the Peach Blossom clips to make up the “Free” bracelet spend, but something told me they would be in the sale, so those will be on my list for sure – there are some other Peach Blossom items in the sale as well including the Peach Blossom Spacers which I already have. The Harry Potter collection is a nice surprise, someone told me Pandora are going to stop selling Harry Potter and Star Wars, this is not true! This is part of the normal cycle of releasing charms and jewellery, allowing it to have its time on the shelf and replacing it with new stock. All items in the sale are now retired – this is normal.

This page will be updated as news of the End of Year Pandora Sale Winter 2021 comes in and we have more updates.

Please let me know in the comments what you are hoping to get in the sale? Did you make any purchases already, I am eager to know.

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