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Updated: Early Access Extended until Friday

UPADATE 2: Because a few people donated and did not receive their password quickly I am extending the period until Friday morning. If you donated a coffee and did not receive a password yet (for any reason) please let me know in the comments here and I will email it to you on the address you provide.

UPADATE !: If you do send a donation or you have already sone so, please check the automatic response from ko-fi. It looks like a generic thank you for the donation message but if you read on you will find the password. Check your trash or promotional email box if you don’t see it.

On Friday 21st July, in the late hours, I will be posting the Pandora 2021 Autumn collection preview. There are nearly 70 pieces in the varied and interesting collection including a few surprises. You may have seen some live pictures and some photos of catalogs around online but this is a complete look at the collection release in one place for you to browse in your own time.

For the larger collections this year I have been giving early access to those that donate the cost of a cup of coffee towards the running costs of the blog. This goes towards the hosting and ongoing development of the blog including some monthly charge that we now have for this blog. Those that donate will be sent a password from Ko-fi automatically, please check the automated Thank You email from Ko-fi as it has been personalised to include the password.. I really appreciate you support, thank you.

Once again I am very grateful to those that are able to donate towards the running of the blog. If you are not able to do this you do not need to worry. Exclusive access will be given to ko-fi donators for 20 hours after which the full Autumn 2021 collection preview will be available to everyone.

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