Eleven Amazing PANDORA Instagram Accounts


Grab a coffee and see the hottest IG accounts for PANDORA fans…


There are hundreds of really nice Instagram accounts out there and the numbers seem to be growing every day. Here I am listing some of my favourites. If you would like to add your own in the comments you are welcome and remember you can alway add a link to your IG in the website box when you comment – just add instagram.com/your-user-name.




11. @theartofpandora

Okay… So I am including my own account! Instagram is where it all started for me, posting a few pictures and I really enjoy taking time to photograph my collection and I have taken up photography and more recently Macro Photography of an enjoyable hobby.



10. @pandoramoa_becharming

If you are in the US this is a nice account to follow for the latest news. What is good about them is that they offer free shipping and are tax free. They also do giveaways from time to time so it is worth following and tagging and using the hashtag #becharming on your own Instagram pictures.



9. @ipinkiloveyou

Yvonne is a PANDORA fanatic by night and has a lovely collection and shares some beautiful photos!


8. @mypandoracharms

Emily has a really nice aesthetic and also has a interesting youtube channel.



7. @baroquepandorafan

Katie has been collecting PANDORA for over ten years, is a fellow Disney fan and has an extensive collection and shares some beautiful designs and ideas.



6. @marthanickbeads

Martha consistently shares amazing, beautiful images – sometime several a day. It is hard to keep up, but always worth catching up!



5. @amatterofelegance

Mixing the aspirational aesthetic with a sprinkling of PANDORA elegance, this is a consistently beautiful feed to follow.



4. @charmdluv

Sharing outstanding photography, this is another outstanding PANDORA feed, mixing the glamour of European Travel with some of the most beautiful PANDORA charms.


3. @unnopanodora

If you are a Goldie then this is the account to follow. With such an extensive collection of Gold PANDORA a collection like this is out of range for most of us, but we can watch and admire 🙂



2. @pandorobi

Quite possible the Queen of PANDORA collectors, Roberta has a beautiful collection and her passion is to travel. The collection travels with her and we enjoy the results!



1. @timetolove.elle

The heavyweight of the PANDORA Instagram world. Lilla runs this PANDORA hub and shares photos from other IG users. Hashtag #pandorinlove and #timetoloveL to share your PANDORA moments!



If you have your own favourite PANDORA Instagram accounts please share in the comments below…


Please comment in any language.

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Omigoodness, Dora!!! You are SO sweet for featuring me on your blog! I am so honoured. I remember following your Pandora account on my personal Instagram (still follow you on both, haha) and falling inlove with all your images and arrangements! I’m pretty sure you are one of the first accounts I followed on my Pandora Instagram too. SO…you totally deserve to be in your own list, hehe! Absolutely love your blog and instagram and I will comment more too!!! I also discovered two accounts that I am not following, on here! Cannot wait to check them out. Thank you… Read more »


Hi Emily,
Your Instagram totally deserves the listing! I’m pleased I have introduced you to more Instagram accounts to follow – we need to feed our addiction right?! 😂
I will write a similar post on PANDORA blogs and Youtube accounts in the near future too. Currently I am working my way through my Spring reviews and trying to plan my Disney World holiday!
Thank you for the love and all your sweet comments.
Dora 😘


This is such a great idea! I would love to see a list of some of the best Pandora Youtube channels


Hi PandoraMeHappy,
That’s a great idea! I will definitely do it! What are your favourites?
Thanks for commenting and sharing your ideas,
Dora 🎀


Hi Dora,

Thank you for including me on your list, you are very sweet! I think you deserve praise for all your hard work on your website and I love your blog! I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend. It sure is cold and windy here.



Hi Yvonne,
Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I really enjoy taking the photographs and writing the posts and it’s nice to know people enjoy it. I love your IG account and looking at your bracelet designs and I know lots of other PANDORA fans do too!
Sorry for the cold weather. I hope it warms up soon ☀️😎
Dora 💖


Thank you so much for including me among all of these wonderful accounts! I follow them all, and always look forward to seeing their new photos! I started my Pandora account during law school. It has been such a wonderful way to meet fellow Pandora lovers, share my love of Pandora, and keep me sane during law school and studying for the bar. Lol.

I love your blog, and check it daily. I’ve been really enjoying all of your reviews, especially the beautiful photography! Thanks again!!!


Hi Katie,
Your IG definitely deserves to be in the list! I love looking at your pictures and enjoy when you add other Disney trinkets into the photos! Instagram is a wonderful way to meet other PANDORA fans and be able to talk about our hobby.
Thank you for your kind comment and I hope you have a lovely weekend,
Dora 🌟


Thank you for including me in your list! What started out as a fun hobby made me explore a whole new world and meet lots of amazing people, including yourself! Love your blog. Keep up the good work


HI CharmdLuv,
You are most welcome sweetie! You’re account is wonderful for regular PANDORA inspiration and I love to drool over your PANDORA x Disney designs!
I hope you are having an amazing time at Disney with your family,
Dora 😘

Forest Beads
Forest Beads

Thanks Dora to show us your favourite Instagram accounts! You should do the same with some blogs, would really like to discover some new ones.


Hi Forest Beads,
Thats a great idea and I will definitely write up a post on the best PANDORA blogs. I have a list with links of my favourite PANDORA blogs on the righthand side of this page too.
Thanks for commenting and have a wonderful weekend!
Dora 🌻