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Learn tips to show off your unique Pandora pieces through beautiful photographs!

Essential Items for Photographing Your Pandora Jewellery

When it comes to owning jewellery, much of the appeal is to show off your unique pieces. That is certainly applicable to the Pandora collection, which offers unique pieces that make bold and exciting statements about the wearer. Sadly, in these times of restrictions, social occasions are few and far between and if you wish to show the world your Pandora items, you may have to turn to photography to do so.

Of course, with the rise of social media, online influencers and the like, displaying what you own for the world to see is becoming big business, and you may wish to put your latest acquisition on your Instagram account to promote the brand, or yourself. If you do, then you will require crisp, clean photographs that only add to the allure and grace of the item in question.

That is why we have come up with essential accessories you will require to make your next Pandora piece look as wonderful on-screen as it does on you!

pandora photography


The obvious item you will require is a camera!

A DSLR is a good place to start, such as the Canon 700D or a Nikon D5200. For those using social accounts such as Instagram, you may be forced to use your phone but with the latest technology available, such as the iPhone camera, that should not be a huge hindrance. However, if you can use a good quality camera and then transfer the image to a device for uploading, that would be better. The pictures are likely to be crisper and if you use a DSLR there is a wider scope for tweaking the shot and indulging in some post-production editing.


Taking a steady shot is important, even more so if the lighting is inconsistent or limited, and a tripod is a great way to do that.

You can spend as much as you want on a tripod as the choices are numerous. There’s a wide range of photography equipment on Adorama, including lots of different tripods. However, try not to spend a huge amount, you only need your camera to be steady for a short while and are most likely taking the shot indoors too. The Dolica 62-inch Proline is a good choice as it comes in at under $60 and will give you the stability you require for a well-lit shot indoors. If you are using a camera phone, you can still obtain a tripod or other accessories to stabilize the image during the shoot.


Jewellery tends to be delicate, relatively small and detailed. That is why we recommended a DSLR which offers scope for changing the lens.

The ideal lens for this shot will be a macro lens, which is suited to close photography. There are numerous products to choose from according to Tech Radar, but you should certainly look out for one boasting image stabilization. This is a feature which eliminates minor shakes in the camera, which could blur the image. With IS and a good tripod, you should be able to get pin-sharp pictures of your latest piece of Pandora jewellery.

White Cardboard

The final item you need is by far the cheapest… white cardboard!

To create a great image, you need a plain background so the focus of the shot is the jewellery. Using white cardboard creates two options for you. You can simply lay the item down on the cardboard and photograph it, or cut into the cardboard and hang the item from it standing up. Both will deliver a plain background to accentuate the jewellery.

Whilst these are the essential items, it is also pertinent to remember a few photography basics.

• Ensure the shot is well lit, ideally with the light source behind the camera.

• With shiny jewellery you may need to adjust the position to avoid glare.

• Take plenty of shots from different angles so you can pick the best and do not be afraid to add a little post-shot production.

• Try to avoid filters; Pandora jewellery is beautiful without plastering a stock filter over the top to take the focus from the item. Remember, the only bit of the photo you want to highlight is the jewellery, so borders, filters and backgrounds should all be avoided if possible.

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