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The shimmering Silver Aurel Bracelet looks stunning alongside PANDORA bracelets.


The Aurel Bracelet is made from quality leather and stainless steel. As well as the Grey and Rose Gold version the Aurel Bracelet is available in six colour combinations: Black, Brown, Brown/Black and Silver, Gold and Gold Finish, Gold and Silver Finish and Silver. With so many options there is something for everyone and every look. My favourite of the six colour ways is the Silver version.


The silver woven leather straps of the Aurel Bracelet look wonderful stacked with PANDORA Leather Bracelets. I love how you can customise the Aurel Bracelet straps with PANDORA Clips and transform your tracker into a beautiful bracelet. The Aurel Bracelet is a perfect option if you like to stack your PANDORA bracelets and it looks gorgeous worn with both the PANDORA Leather Bracelets and the Moments Silver Bracelets.


The Aurel Bracelet is available in sizes: S-M (fits wrists up to 5.5-6.5 inches) M-L (fits wrists up to 6.5-7.5 inches) and L-XL (fits wrists up to 7.5-9 inches). An extra link is provided with the bracelet and the stainless steel links can be easily added or removed if needed. The Aurel Bracelet perfect for daily use with it’s comfortable fit and cute style. FitJewels do not recommend wearing the Aurel Bracelet during high impact or strenuous activities as it could damage the leather.


Exercise in style with the FitJewels Aurel Bracelet.


The FitJewels Aurel Bracelet is $79 from If you are in Europe you can buy the FitJewels Aurel Bracelet for €69 (normal price €89) from



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