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How to Buy PANDORA Around The World

How to Buy PANDORA Around The World

how to buy PANDORA around the world disney charms promotions

Is there a PANDORA item you want but you are unable to purchase in your location? If so, this article is for you.

PANDORA is not just jewellery. It is about expressing who we are and celebrating special moments. As PANDORA fans we sometimes face difficulties purchasing certain charms and it can be incredibly frustrating.



Here are a few example scenarios:

  • You have seen the latest PANDORA Disney Collection and love one of the charms. Unfortunately PANDORA doesn’t have the rights to sell Disney where you live.


  • You just saw a stunning PANDORA charm on the internet but discover it is a Country Exclusive charm and only available in Russia.


  • The PANDORA 2017 Valentine’s Day Collection is released and you find out one of the charms you wanted to buy won’t be sold in the country you live.


  • PANDORA has a fantastic sale in the UK and the prices are amazing! There are a few items you would love to purchase but you live in a different country and the online retailers only ship within the UK.


  • America has an awesome PANDORA promotion, spend $100 and receive any item up $75 value free! You would love to take part in the promotion but you live in a different country.


  • PANDORA Singapore has a gorgeous Jewellery Box with a spend of SD$300! It is only available in Singapore and you live elsewhere.


  • You notice that the cost of PANDORA where you live, is a lot more expensive than other countries.


  • A Limited Edition charm has been released in Paris and is a true collectors item! You would love to buy one but you live in a different country.



Have you experienced one of those scenarios or something similar? Don’t despair, we have a solution! We have discovered an online shipping delivery service, Shop & Ship from Aramex.




What is Shop & Ship?

Shop & Ship is an international shipping service that allows you to shop from the US, the UK, China, Turkey, UAE, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and Japan and have it delivered to you. That means more PANDORA shopping options, hassle-free.


Shop & Ship is currently available in over 80 destinations globally, so it’s likely to be available in the country where you live.


The Shop & Ship service is simple to use.


  1. Go to Shop & Ship and sign up to become a lifetime member. Currently you can save USD $35 by using the following promocode: ONLYUSD10 to get your lifetime membership with Shop & Ship for USD $10 instead of USD $45.
  2. Once registered, you’ll have access to 18 personalised Shop & Ship addresses around the world.
  3. Purchase your PANDORA products online and enter the nearest Shop & Ship address as the delivery address.
  4. Relax and wait as your PANDORA package is on its way!
  5. Your package will arrive at the local Shop & Ship forwarding address, where they document the content.
  6. Shop & Ship then establish the actual weight and inspect the package, then prepare any additional documents needed for export, where you’ll be notified of any relevant fees.
  7. While your package is on it’s way you can pay the shipping fee, using Shop & Ship’s secure online payment feature.
  8. Your PANDORA package arrives and you are a happy bunny!



How much does it cost?

The Shop & Ship fees are based on the actual weight of the shipments rather than on weight as well as dimensions. Fees are determined by the destination you are shipping to as well as the origin zone the shipment comes from. You can also use the Shop & Ship rates calculator to check your shipping cost (excluding customs and tax charges, if any).



Money Back Guarantee

If at any time during the first year of having an active Shop & Ship account, you believe that the service did not meet your expectations, you can ask for a refund – no questions asked!




Our Verdict?

We have tried and tested Shop & Ship and found it to be quick and reliable. The package was not tampered with or crumpled. We paid the shipping fees online and once the package arrived we did not have to pay any additional fees. We were not charged with any customs or import taxes.


We recommend that you request the retailer do not add additional weight by using unnecessary packaging or papers. For example some have mentioned that Rue La La use a large box to send out a small order. Another tip, is if possible request that the package be labelled as accessories.




We love shopping using Shop & Ship as it means we can purchase PANDORA from our preferred retailer, BeCharming.comwho offer free shipping within the US. This means you only pay for the Shop & Ship shipping fees. BeCharming.com also sell PANDORA Disney items and have a large selection of retired items.

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Shital Pratap
Shital Pratap

Well this is some good news!! It is sometimes a hassle not being able to buy your favorite charms in your near Pandora store. Great solution….
Shital Pratap


Hi Shital,
I can be very frustrating! Especially when there are amazing PANDORA offers or a special charm you have fallen in love with. With Shop & Ship you can buy PANDORA from anywhere and have it delivered!
Thank you for commenting,
Dora x


This is a great way to shop around the world! I was very tempted to try it out, but I don’t see my country when trying to sign up for an account. Maybe they will add more countries later on. My wallet is safe for now.


Hi IPINKILOVEYOU, Sorry your country isn’t available. The list of countries in the Shipping Rates convector includes: Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Djbouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Lithuania, Madagascar, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates. The service is ever expanding though so your location may be added at a future date. Another alternative is to join a PANDORA buy and… Read more »


Hi IPinkILoveYou,
Have a look at Borderlinx to see if your country is available with them.
Dora ?

Jackie Oz R
Jackie Oz R

Great info. I have used a service like this from America to Australia, but this is great that it covers more regions.


Hi Jackie,
Thank you. It is fantastic that companies like Shop & Ship are becoming more widespread. Of course it would be expensive to send anything heavy, but for PANDORA shopping they are perfect.
Thank you for commenting,
Dora x


You cannot sign up to shop and ship from the UK there is no provision for the countryin the menu list yet you can get a UK adress even if you live anywhere else – that makes no sense at all…. I am trying to buy the 2017 new year charm.. Also the USA site does not ship to UKL either…. and the UK stores dont have any of the chinese new year items. Can anyone help ? Also can I suggest you change the input panel for comments as white text on a pale grey background is terrible to… Read more »


Hi Solo,

Shop & Ship is ideal for some countries but unfortunately the UK isn’t currently an option to deliver to get.
Another company which is similar is Borderlinx. You are able to items sent to the UK using them. http://www.borderlinx.com/GB/en/
I hope they help you get your charm!
I will also look into changing the comment box colours ?
Thank you for your comment,
Dora ?

Karen Raffaut

Is it reliable and true?


Hi Karen,
I have used Shop & Ship and they are a reliable and trustworthy service. I haven’t used Borderlinx but they have good reviews and offer other countries to Shop & Ship. I hope this helps.
Thank you for visiting and commenting!
Dora ??

Karen Raffaut

Is it true and reliable?