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Harry Potter x Pandora with GeekGlitz

Join potterhead GeekGlitz as she talks about her favourite Harry Potter x Pandora pieces…

I’ve been an avid Harry Potter fan and collector for a long time, so when the Harry Potter x Pandora collection was launched in late 2019, I had to get the entire collection!

The debut Harry Potter x Pandora Collection comprised of 12 pieces – 11 stunning charms and a gorgeous Harry Potter x Pandora Golden Snitch Clasp Bangle in sterling silver. The standout piece at the time was the Harry Potter x Pandora Golden Snitch Pendant in 14K gold-plating. Since I had acquired most of my pieces from Hong Kong, there was an even a promotional Harry Potter x Pandora themed black and gold gift box available at the Hong Kong stores which was an amazing way to package this magical new collection.

harry potter x pandora

I released a YouTube video featuring a detailed review of the initial Harry Potter x Pandora collection along with a lookbook presenting ways to style the charms.

Harry Potter x pandora

I found that the Harry Potter x Pandora Hogwarts house dangles in particular style really well with charms of matching colours from the Pandora Moments collection.

Bright red stones on the Gryffindor Dangle perfectly match the Disney x Pandora Belle’s Radiant Rose charm or the similar Sparkling Cerise Pink charm. Glowing green gems on the Slytherin Dangle look gorgeous with the Sparkling Sea Green charm. Beautiful blue stones on the Ravenclaw Dangle look wonderful with the Blue Dazzling Snowflake charm and the similar Sparkling Dark Blue charm. The Hufflepuff Dangle looks perfect with the golden stone in the Radiant Grains of Energy charm.

Harry Potter x pandora

In 2020, Pandora added six new charms to the Harry Potter x Pandora collection. My favourite piece from this launch was the Harry Potter x Pandora Glasses, Nimbus 2000 & Lightning Bolt Dangle, which had 3 iconic symbols in sterling silver, 14K gold-plating and 14K Rose gold-plating. The tri-tone colours of this charm really made it a standout piece! 

I released another YouTube video featuring a close look at the newer 2020 collection as well at the time.

Harry Potter x pandora

Another iconic pendant was added to the Harry Potter x Pandora collection later in 2020, the stunning 14K gold-plating Harry Potter Spinning Time Turner charm! It is engraved with the magical words “I mark the hours, every one, nor have I yet outrun the Sun” and “My use and value, unto you, are gauged by what you have to do.”

Now this year in 2021, there are four new pieces that have joined the Harry Potter x Pandora collection: the Snape Doe Patronus Dangle, Winged Key Pendant, Hedwig Spinning Dangle and 14k gold-plated Golden Snitch Stud Earrings. All of the new pieces are gorgeous and have unique features in each of them. 

My particular favourite from the newest collection is the Winged Key Pendant in 14K gold-plating as it’s decorated with colourful enamel in the wings that have a stunning translucent effect. An amazing detail that any Harry Potter fan would appreciate is that one of the wings appears broken which is a nod to the flying key scene in the first Harry Potter book.

Harry Potter x pandora

A close look at the latest additions to the collection was featured in my new YouTube video of the 2021 Harry Potter x Pandora collection. 

The entire Harry Potter x Pandora collection has some wonderful pieces capturing so many aspects of the Wizarding World brilliantly in the details. The charms are gorgeous on the Golden Snitch Bangle in this collection, but I also like to style them on other pieces.

Harry Potter x pandora

The Pandora Moments Charm Double Hoop Earrings pairs brilliantly with the Golden Snitch pendant and Time Turner pendant to create a contrasting look of silver and gold.

Harry Potter x pandora

The recently released Pandora Moments Small Bag Charm Holder is also a great way to add some Harry Potter flair to dress up a bag.

Harry Potter x pandora

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed the entire Harry Potter x Pandora collection, and I’m looking forward to adding more magical pieces to my collection in the coming years! 

Thank you Dora for allowing me to share my passion and love for the Harry Potter x Pandora collection!  

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