I lost one!

Dear Dora,

I was directed to you by Pandora flagship store in Kensington as you maybe to help me. A few days ago, I lost one my PANDORA Rose Feather earrings (code 280680CZ). I purchased them around a year ago in Dublin and unfortunately this particular item is not in stock anymore.  I hope that I may still have the chance to purchase the new set of the earrings and I would kindly appreciate it if you are able to locate the earrings.

Kind Regards,



Hi Katrina,

Thank you for your email. The PANDORA Rose Feather Earrings are now discontinued but I have located them for you on an authorised PANDORA retailer, Argento in the sale for £65.

Unfortunately the earring hooks are also discontinued but I have located a set for £10 for you on another authorised PANDORA retailer, SwagUK

One idea I have to make use of your single earring is to ask a jeweller to add a small silver ring so you can wear it as a necklace pendant. Alternatively you could buy a small silver ring online and try it yourself.

I hope this helps!


Dear Dora

Thank you very much for all your help! You have been brilliant, as I actually managed to order both items – earrings from authorised retailer Argento and hooks from Swag. Both items arrived today, in a perfect condition and in an original Pandora packaging!

Your suggestion to change the one remaining earring to a pendant or ring is actually great, and the cost involved is minimal. Thank you very much!



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