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Hey everyone, this is a update of a previous intention to get this blog going again. Thank for all the support.

First of all thank you all for the support of this website over the last year since we lost Dora. We started back with some good previews of the Winter collection and Mother’s Day and then I got distracted and among other things went to Nepal for a while for some trekking and thinking.

This blog does mean a lot to me and I really appreciated what someone said in the comments section a few months ago that stated the Pandora community would be ready when I was ready to resume, so thank you for that encouragement.

I think that I need to be realistic and put much more effort into the blog if any of us are going to get anything out of it. Dora was a genuine fan of Pandora and it came easier to her to find news items and follow up on new charms and promotions.

There have been lots of offers of help and so far I have not taken them up for the most part, we will see where the next few months takes the blog and see if we can revisit some old ideas as well as think of some new ones.

Specific articles that I would like to write

I am no longer thinking about this in terms of guest posts, I will write the articles and look for input from those that can supply stories, experiences and photos for the article.

  • The Pandora Member Scheme
    With the launch of a new “pink” tier of the scheme, how does this affect you? Do you spend $5000 a year on Pandora?
  • Travel the world with Pandora
    Did you travel somewhere for vacation this year? Were you able to pick up some new charms that were memorable to you?

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