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With the close of the 3-for-2 Pandora UK have extended this Ocean Collection until the 31st August.

The Ocean Collection has been withdrawn already in many countries for online stores.

As previously reported in my Summer 2020 preview the Ocean Collection was only on sale online for a limited period because of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions at launch where it has not been widely available in physical stores.

The Pandora Summer 2020 Ocean Collection has been one of the most joyous and beautiful collections that we have seen from Pandora in some time.

It should have had a worldwide general release but the Pandemic hit and Pandora decided to do a limited time online only release. Not all countries have e-stores or other suppliers who can sell online, so it will be withdrawn shortly for re-release in the Summer of 2021.

UPDATE: The Summer Collection
will be withdrawn from sale in the UK on August 31st

The above date was changed from Thursday 30 July as an extension by Pandora UK to allow Pandora Fans to take advantage of the 3-for-2 offer over the weekend and into Monday. It has now been extended again until the end of August.

My Top 10 Summer Collection Picks

1) Seashell Clasp Bracelet

I am in love with this beautiful bracelet. It was first on my wishlist and it does not disappoint.

2) Wavy Dark Blue Murano

So many people ask me all the time when Pandora will start making Murano again. The answer is they have never stopped. This is a stunning example and surely one of the most stunning we have seen yet.

3) Murano Glass Sea Turtle

Talking about Murano glass this is an innovative and dreamy use of the beautiful glass.

4) Shimmering Ocean Waves Fish

One of the surprises from this collection, a closer examination reveals an intricate and detailed jewel from the bottom of the ocean.

5) Sparkling Starfish Dangle

Things start to look rosey when you add this lovely Starfish toot bracelet, bangle or necklace.

6) Pandora Shimmering Narwhale

This charm featured in my Wavy Dark Blue Murano review and I hope to be able to get a review out of it’s own in the next few days.

7) Starfish Shells

With so many lovely charms from Summer 2020 this is another charm that was represented in the review but not featured.

8) Shimmering Dolphin Dangle

I have this charm and have yet to feature it or review it. Watch this space.

9) Seahorses Heart Charm

Such a cutie, this charm has such a lovely meaning.

10) Rope Heart & Anchor

This charm did not make it to my collection yet, but is on my wishlist. Just a few more days for me to add it.

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