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Lina’s Journal – December: Beauty

Journal Theme: Beauty

I thought I would end 2021 on one of my favourite 2021 releases and so I have decided to make this journal post and my bracelet themed around ‘beauty’ and the Pandora X Disney Beauty and the Beast collection. 

This is a tale of a beauty much deeper than that. It is the story of two people drawn together under the most interesting of circumstances, two people who learn to truly see what matters only after they meet each other and their tale — one both as old as time and as fresh as a rose — begins.

Elizabeth Rudnick
Pandora Disney beauty and the beast

Belle without doubt is one of the most charismatic and understated Disney princesses and I feel this makes her all the more beautiful. Her zest for adventure, humility, capacity to follow her heart and her love of literature inspired so much hope in me as a little girl.  

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere!
I want it more than I can tell!

Pandora Disney beauty and the beast

I have incorporated two Metallic Red Heart (799291C02) charms and the retired Gold Floral Dew Spacers (791034EN29) from 2015, as this gives my bracelet design that regal element – akin to royal beauty. 

Pandora Disney beauty and the beast

The motif of the bracelet design is roses as many of the Disney x Pandora Beauty and the Beast charms feature rose details across their bails and sides. Of course the motif of time represented by The Enchanted Rose in the movie is a simple yet beautiful symbol of the need to embrace opportunities and live a genuine and fulfilling existence. With the Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Dangle (790024C01) and the Disney Beauty and the Beast Dancing Dangle (799014C01) as well as the Open Heart & Rose Flower Charm (799281C01) I have allowed the rose motif to capture the concept of time passing in a beautiful way. 

Pandora Disney beauty and the beast

I think beauty is a very subjective concept, but I feel we can all agree that sometimes in the simplest moments is when we really find beauty. One wish I have is that Pandora release a charm of the scene where Belle is reading to the sheep by the fountain and recounting the excitement of the fairy tale she is reading. This, in my opinion is one of the most simply beautiful moments from the film that captures Belle’s humility and genuine nature. 

Pandora Disney beauty and the beast

 Here’s where she meets Prince Charming,
but she won’t discover that it’s him ’til chapter three!

Pandora Disney beauty and the beast

The Disney x Pandora Belle Infinity & Rose Flower Pendant (399525C01) is one that can be worn with this bracelet or as a pendant. It captures Belle’s unique beauty and memorable story with the yellow cabochon crystal and the intricate details of roses thorns and cubic zirconia.

The people think I’m odd. So, I know how it feels to be… different.
And I know how lonely that can be.

Pandora Disney beauty and the beast

The premise of Beauty and the Beast is to challenge perceptions about appearances, a lesson the Prince learns when transformed into his Beastly self. 

Belle’s capacity to see past his imperfections and get to know his true and kinder self is captured magically in the Beauty and the Beast Dancing Dangle (799014C01). This dangle is spectacular as it has man-made yellow crystals set into open work roses and the transparent yellow enamel of the ballroom scene captures the beauty of their connection. The engraving ‘Beauty is found within’ really encapsulates the essence of the story. 

Pandora Disney beauty and the beast

She warned him not to be deceived by appearances,
for beauty is found within.


What is beauty without some humour, this bracelet design features the Belle & Friends Charm (790060C00) with Cogsworth and lumiere on one side and Belle, Chip and Mrs Potts on the other. This charm captures the beauty of friendship, even in the most unlikely circumstances. I have also added the new Mrs. Potts & Chip Dangle (799015C01) and retired Mrs Potts & Chip Charm (792141ENMX) as Mrs Potts is a most loveable character who helps Belle and the Beast in their journey to find love and see the beauty in life. 

Tale as old as time, tune as old as song,
bittersweet and strange,
finding you can change, learning you were wrong.

Pandora Disney beauty and the beast

If you would like to incorporate some journaling into your bracelet design you might like to consider:

  • What does beauty mean to you?
  • Where in your everyday life can you find moments of beauty?
  • What would your beauty bracelet design look like and why?
  • What is one thing you can do to bring some beauty into your day? 

If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it.

Pandora Disney beauty and the beast

I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you all in the Pandora community super soon. 

To see more of my creative designs, follow me on Instagram: @pandora_shark_ and subscribe to my YouTube channel. 
xx Lina 

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