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Lina’s Journal: Mother’s Day

We welcome back Lina’s Journal with a special edition for Mother’s Day, over to you Lina!

This Mother’s Day is particularly special for me as it is the first year where I get to participate as a mother myself. I am blessed to welcome an adorable little guy into our world in February this year – he is so gorgeous and my husband and I have been filled with a love like no other!  My recent journey into motherhood has been wild. To summarise, it has been the most magical and challenging mess of love and responsibility I have ever experienced (for anyone else who has had a reflux baby and less than smooth entrance into motherhood for whatever reason in the house – can I get an Amen?! ) My little man is 3 months old and just learned how to smile which has melted all of us!  

Motherhood is so special and so worth celebrating. So, naturally I was very excited to style two bracelets to mark this incredible milestone. Both bracelets feature the Lab-grown Diamond Engravable Mum Double Dangle Charm as the centrepiece. This was my favourite charm from this year’s collection which you might remember me mentioning from our YouTube preview. 

This dangle charm is incredible – it features an 0.009 ct lab grown diamond which encapsulates that spark of love you feel with the special soul who shared your body and will always be a part of you. I also love the open work heart with the infinity motif crafted in 14k gold plating. The silver heart disc is also engraved with the quote “Mum you are so precious to me” and leaves room to engrave a special name or date on the back. If you are getting this charm for a fur mum you might even engrave a paw print! 

I absolutely love Pandora’s two-toned charms and bracelet designs and my first design, which I will wear to Mother’s Day brunch, is this simple two-tone design featuring old and new charms. 

I have the lab grown Diamond dangle at the centre and it is surrounded by some of my favourite baby charms. I purchased the two-toned baby shoe charm when it was released and before I was a mum. I loved the gold detail on the laces, and I remember when Dora was excited about this charm and blogged about it in 2020. Initially, I bought it to add to a fashion or sport bracelet design, but I feel this repurposing of the charm is extra special. I also have the Baby Pacifier Dangle Charm with the gorgeous pavé heart on the rose-gold plated mouthpiece and the engraving ‘Made with love’ on the silver shield. The details of these two charms are impressive. 

The three newer charms I have added to this bracelet are the Forever and Always Infinity Charm which was great value and a cool unique design, the Mum Opalescent Heart Dangle charm which has the incredible pink lab created opal and the Openwork Family Heart and Star charm which is engraved with ‘My Family’ and ‘My Universe’. 

These charms are on the Engravable Heart Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet which I will engrave with my son’s name on one side and birthday on the other the next time I am in store. 

The second bracelet design is the one which I will keep permanently – it is what I affectionately call my ‘Baby Boy Bracelet’. 

It features the charms of the previous bracelet with some other cute additions. 

In this design, the Lab-grown Diamond Engravable Mum Double Dangle Charm represents the mothers who came before me. My son’s grandmothers have been so important and special to me with their love, care, and kindness. I can see that being a grandmother is a very special privilege and a role like no other. It warms my heart to know that my son is so loved by all the wonderful women in my family. They have also taught me so much and helped so much, and my gratitude is encapsulated in the infinity design of this open work heart charm. 

I bought the first charm for this bracelet many years ago in the hope I would one day be putting it on this very bracelet – the Stork and Twinkling Star Double Dangle with its gorgeous engraving ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star do you know how loved you are’. 

Other special dangles on this bracelet include the Club Charm for this year – The Pandora Club 2024 Butterfly Dangle Charm. This charm is a symbol of beauty, strength, and transformation and that is exactly how I feel motherhood should be defined. I also love the blue enamel hues that match my bracelet colour theme. While the diamond in the centre symbolising the strength of a mother’s heart and sparkle of a mother’s love. 

Another interesting charm is the Colour changing Gender Reveal Boy Charm – it turns from the gorgeous deep purple to a bright blue, says ‘Baby Boy’ and has gorgeous baby shoes dangling below. This charm is super special to me as my husband and I kept our son’s gender a surprise and when he was born it was an incredible moment. I feel this is one of the only magical surprises left in adulthood. I was so grateful to the wonderful Lesa at Pandora Rouse Hill who showed me this charm, as somehow, I had missed it in the previews. It was the first charm I bought to celebrate my son’s birth. 

Another recent addition to this bracelet is the Baby bottle and Shoes dangle charm. I have also included blue Muranos across the bracelet to complement the colour theme. 

I have added the Cloud and Sparrow charm to acknowledge the challenges of motherhood and to remind myself that while things might not get easier you grow with the challenges and changes. My very close friend got me this charm for my birthday this year, which was two days after my son was born. I like the rain cloud as a symbol of a passing storm and the hope for sunshine. It also is special because our son is a rainbow baby and this charm reminds me that the storm of the past is now behind me and I can treasure our rainbow. 

To add a cute childlike touch, I have also included several animals you would find in a nursery – like the duck, piggybank, elephant and teddy bear charms. Another cute addition is the Winnie the Pooh birthday dangle which symbolises both the birthday of my son and the Winnie the Pooh stories I look forward to reading with him one day. 

I think this bracelet encapsulates the fun of childhood while also celebrating the early moments of motherhood. I look forward to evolving this bracelet design as my son changes and grows. In the most recent promotion, I bought the letters that spell his name so am keen to add these to this design. 

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day everyone and let me know which charms you treasure that have a special story to tell about your motherhood journey. 


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