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Lina’s Journal – October: Fear

Journal Theme: Fear

With Halloween fast approaching and spooks and witches appearing in the shop and house windows I thought it was a timely time to design a Halloween themed Pandora bracelet and think a little bit about fear. 

There is something haunting in the light of the moon.

Joseph Conrad
pandora halloween 2021

While the fear of Halloween brings us a fun hit of adrenaline and often candy, fear can also be debilitating. Sometimes fear is a motivator for instantaneous or long term change. Sometimes fear drives us or causes us to freeze. Whatever your experiences with fear, I have decided that this month I will design a bracelet that reminds me of the fears I have overcome and the fact that when faced with fear again I will be able to tackle the challenge just as I have previously. My bracelet design also pairs nicely with the contrasting colours of the new Pandora ME Collection. 

Disney x Pandora Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Charm

Here in my Halloween Pandora design I had to include the Disney x Pandora Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Charm – he is just so cute and many people have already purchased him as he regularly appears on the many Pandora Insta accounts. The sweet smile and combination of Mickey and the pumpkin design remind me of being in Disneyland on Halloween and of the fact that not all fear is bad. That rollercoaster ride or haunted house is often fun and something to give us an exciting adrenaline hit. 

Disney x Pandora Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Charm

I have styled the Disney x Pandora Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Charm on the Pandora Moments Double Black Leather Bracelet; creating a contrast with the orange colours in the charms and a perfect fit with the Halloween colour scheme. 

There is magic in the night when the pumpkins glow by moonlight.

Disney x Pandora Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Charm

Next I have added the Glittering Sunset Murano Glass charms. While they also have a summer vibe, these Murano charms fit perfectly into the Halloween theme with their candy corn hues and they complement the Mickey Mouse Pumpkin charm well.

Pandora Glittering Sunset Murano Glass 789440C00

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth
Pandora boo the ghost charm

The Boo the Ghost charm is super adorable and I have included him to represent the fears of my past. When we look at the things we feared in childhood, some of those fears seemed so big at the time but seemingly insignificant now. Those fears have taught us how to handle challenging situations and have shown us our strength and courage.

Disney x Pandora Nightmare Before Christmas Double Dangle Charm

Next I have Jack on the Disney x Pandora Nightmare Before Christmas Double Dangle Charm. This charm has so many cool details, from the 3D version of Jack Skellington, to the yellow and lavender transparent enamel; not to mention the ornate bail decorated in spider web and the engraving of Zero and “What’s This?” – reminiscent of the song Jack sings when he discovers Christmas town. This charm is a perfect reminder of the fact that our bravery can be rewarded in some wonderful and whacky ways. It also reminds me of the fun of the Halloween Holiday. 

Life’s no fun without a good scare. 

Nightmare Before Christmas
Pandora Metallic Purple Heart Charm 799291C01

In my fuller bracelet design, I have also included the charms from the 2019 and 2021 Pandora Autumn collection, such as the Purple & Green Leaf and the Mushroom & Frog charms. The Metallic Purple Heart charm beautifully matches the mauve shades on the Disney x Pandora Nightmare Before Christmas Double Dangle.

If you feel like incorporating some mindfulness or journaling practice into your bracelet design:

1. What fears have you overcome? 

2. What are you still afraid of? 

3. Are any fears holding you back? 

4. What is your favourite Halloween memory?

Pandora Halloween 2021

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween 

Pandora Halloween 2021

Happy Halloween Pandora fans!

To see more of my creative designs, follow me on Instagram: @pandora_shark_ and subscribe to my YouTube channel. 
xx Lina 

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