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Lina’s Journal – September: change

Journal Theme: Change

Welcome back to my journal everyone! Inspired by the change in season and particularly the shift to warmer weather here in the Southern Hemisphere, I have been thinking a lot about change recently. The new Summer 21 additions to the Pandora Ocean Collection inspired my bracelet design this month as it pays homage to the amazing coastal landscapes around the world. As someone who has grown up in Australia and loves to swim, I have a special bond with the ocean landscape and treasure its beauty and power. 

Please join me in creating your own inspirational bracelet for the month ahead. This is a great way to build some jewellery play into your month, set aside time to think about your goals, feel inspired and most importantly participate in a fun design challenge that you can share. 

“Sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction.” 

pandora ocean 2021 summer

I really like the topic of change because it is something we can all relate to. It is also something I closely associate with the ocean. That is why this month, it seemed fitting for me to use the extended metaphor of the ocean as a symbol for change when creating my bracelet design. The tides change the landscape of the shore; the waves bring currents of change. The ocean can be both beauty and destruction. I feel the same way about changes in our life. One thing I do know for certain is that there will always be change. A paradoxical constant, just like the ocean. 

“The ocean, after all, is not about stability but about change.
Change is normal. Everything changes. All the time.”

Wendy Williams
pandora ocean 2021 summer Pandora Blue Scaled Fish Dangle Charm (799428C01)

I have added the amazing Pandora Blue Scaled Fish Dangle Charm (799428C01) with it’s sparkling cubic zirconia eyes and enamel blue scales to remind me to go with the flow of change in life. The moveable parts and pretty sparkle of this charm make it a perfect addition to the ocean bracelet. 

Pandora Blue Scaled Fish Dangle Charm (799428C01)

The Pandora Chest of Treasure Charm (799432C00) with the incredibly fitting ‘treasure every moment’ inscription reminds me of the treasures in store when we let go and embrace change. You never know what the treasures life holds when change occurs. 

I particularly love styling the Pandora Ocean Series Collection with mixed metals. The rose gold fits into that rustic aspect of the ocean motif and goes really well with the blue hues of the muranos and sea creature charms. Can you spot some of my Little Mermaid charms as well? Can’t go wrong with a touch of Disney! My love for Disney is a constant in my life, and it is nice to know that some things don’t change. 

Pandora Blue Wavy Slider Bracelet (599436C01)

Sometimes change is tough. I have added the Pandora Blue Wavy Slider Bracelet (599436C01) to this stack to remind me to ride out the waves of change that are challenging, because happiness is just another wave ride away. Plus, who doesn’t love that turquoise sparkle to their ocean style! This pairs really well with the rose gold Sparkling Starfish Dangle (788942C01) which can be worn on the O Pendant to complete the look. 

Pandora Wavy Dark Blue Murano Glass Ocean Charms (798938C00)

The Wavy Dark Blue Murano Glass Ocean Charms (798938C00) that are dotted across the bracelet have that fabulous ocean wave texture and they pair perfectly with the gorgeous sea turtle dangle. Be sure to check out the underside of his shell to see the gorgeous silver heart.

“Smell the Sea and Feel the Sky, Let your Soul and Spirit Fly.” 

Van Morrison
pandora summer 2021 ocean @pandora_shark_

I hope your bracelet design will help you uncover your own ‘treasures’ when it comes to navigating the theme of change. 

“The sea cures all ailments of man.” 


If you would like to add a journaling practice to your bracelet design, you could use one of the inspiring quotes above and write down some thoughts. 

You might like to consider and reflect on how change has impacted you in big and small ways through the course of the year. 

You may wish to free write or draw or paint or do some photography for even a few minutes around the theme of change, and see where your imagination takes you. 


“The sea is as close as we come to another world.” 

Anne Stevenson

Sending much love and enjoy embracing the positive changes for the rest of the year and the month ahead, 

xx Lina 


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