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Hello friends, my name is Rita, @acharmeddreamer on Instagram, and I’m so grateful to Dora for this opportunity to speak to my experience of Pandora online shopping. Thank you, dear Dora. 

pandora build a bracelet

I normally love the in-store shopping experience, as I love to support my local stores, see and compare pieces I’m purchasing, but mostly, it’s a social outing for me. Plus I love interacting with my dear Pandora sales associates who always take so much time to help me decide and offer suggestions. 

pandora build a bracelet

Over the years, I have occasionally purchased online, however, the past 15 months with Covid-19 have proved to be quite challenging. Here, in Ontario, Canada, we’ve had multiple series of lockdowns. During the first few months after March 15th, 2020, the stores were completely closed and there was no option at all for in-store shopping. It was at this time that I will forever be grateful for the Pandora online experience. 

pandora build a bracelet

My birthday is in May and I’m very blessed to usually receive Pandora gift cards and money to purchase Pandora gifts. Last May, our stores were indeed still closed and when the opportunity arose, I did not hesitate to order online. It felt like such a treat and a little bit of normalcy to be able to shop for something other than grocery or Amazon deliveries! I am immunocompromised and have not been able to go into any stores before being fully vaccinated, so I welcomed the Pandora eStore with open arms!  

As I perused the website, I noticed a promotion for the, ‘Build Your Own Gift Set.’ This is a wonderful deal! You have a choice of 1 of 3 basic bracelets or O Pendant plus 3 charms from a variety of selected charms. The price reflects definite savings when you take advantage of this gift option. At the time I was purchasing, the options were slightly different than they are currently. There was also a further promotional discount on this set and it just became an irresistible, must-have purchase for me!

I chose the Pandora Moments Heart Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet and for my three charms, I chose 2 Pink Sparkling Row Clips Charms in Pandora Rose and the Pandora Rose Openwork Woven Infinity Charm. With his order, I also added the Wavy Fancy Pink Murano Glass Charms in addition to this gift set.

I highly recommend this gift set. It allows for customization and gives you a great start on a new bracelet design or allows you to build on one you already have. It’s also a great idea and a great starter for anyone new to Pandora. 

Having made countless purchases, I find that there are many advantages to shopping online with Pandora that make online shopping just as easy and appealing as the in-store experience:  

  • Orders arrive fairly quickly. I’ve had some arrive the next day and some up to a week at most.
  • You can still use survey receipt codes for the $10 discount when checking out
  • Returns can be done by mail or in-store, so this takes away any fears of sizing difficulties or regrets.
  • If you sign up for Pandora emails, you will receive a 15% discount code for your first purchase and also a discount code every year on your birthday. 

Online shopping has become so popular and shopping Pandora online is a great experience and is so convenient. It has become my go-to way to purchase Pandora in the last 15 months and although I look forward to the day stores reopen again, I think I will continue to order things online as well.  🙂

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