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With at least one Pandora 14ct two-tone released as part of Pandora 20 this year, I review my own favourites.

I love 14ct two-tone, the charms are so beautiful and meaningful.

My own collection contains some two-tone classics and there are still some on my wishlist. In this article I will review my top 10 and maybe include a bonus!

Please let me know what your favourite two-tone charms are, which classic ones are on your wishlist and if you would buy them again if they made a full return.

My Top 10 Pandora retired two-tone charms

1) Dragonflies

This is absolutely my favourite Pandora two-tone and one that I think Pandora should re-produce. Top of this list!

2) Nightingale Bird

This was an exciting find back when I was first collecting Pandora. It think it was likely already retired but a shop was closing down and they were having an online sale and I managed to grab this beauty for a sweet penny.

3) Family Tree (Leaves)


This is one of those charms that had different names in different markets. I think it was Family Tree in the UK and possibly Leaves elsewhere. Again, it is absolutely stunning with its blend of oxidised silver and 14ct golden leaves.

4) Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea charm above is a charm that had been on my list for years, but I was finally able to track it down this year. Photos on my blog and IG page tend to follow the charm that I am reviewing but there is often an ongoing story in the background.

5) Bee Hive

Another two-tone that I have had for many years and a real beauty. A true classic!

6) Fairytale Fish

This came from Russia (with love) as it was sent to me by a Pandora Sister who bought it while it was still a Russia exclusive. It has since been on sale in Poland, Australia and North America but this one has a special Russian hallmark.

7) He Loves Me

You may notice a few other two-tone charms in the background of this picture that didn’t make the Top 10, but the He Loves Me charm has a diamond so trumps the others.

8) Tea Pot

Tea and cake are two of my favourites and I love it when Pandora would accentuate a charm with a small 14ct gold flourish on the top. Lovely!

9) Moss


They say a rolling stone gathers no moss, so this one must have become a permanent part of my collection, which I am very happy about.

10) Vintage Lace

This beautiful charm has a Peridot stone at the centre and a small amount of 14ct gold surrounding it. Such en exquisite charm.

11) Cinderella Carriage

I promised 10 retied two-tone charms but this one is quite not retired, and as it is the film Cinderella’s 70 year anniversary this is a lovely way to finish the list. You can still buy this charm online, check the links below. You can read my full review of it here

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