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New PANDORA Choker Necklace out soon!


PANDORA have released a new Choker Necklace (No. 590543CBK-32). Some stores in the US already have the new Choker Necklace available to buy in store. The Choker Necklace will be available to purchase for $25. So far it has only been reported to be for sale in the US.


The PANDORA Choker Necklace is 32cm long with a sliding clasp able to extend it to 38cm. It is designed to take 4 or 5 charms but PANDORA suggest styling with a single focal pendant. It is made from a woven fabric.


Previously PANDORA fans could wear their PANDORA double or triple leather bracelets as a choker style necklace. It is nice that an actual PANDORA Choker Necklace is now available. I myself prefer a chain necklace but for those who like to keep on top of the latest fashion the PANDORA Choker Necklace will be perfect. At $25 the PANDORA Choker Necklace is a nice affordable treat for yourself or a nice way to introduce a friend to the wonderful world of PANDORA jewellery.


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