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November Competition: Make a Wishlist

We am still checking through the enterants to October’s competition but we want to start this month with a brand new competition. Last month was our first competition and we learnt a lot from it. Even though there’re were only three things that people had to do, many didn’t manage all of them.

So this month we are making it easier to enter. There will just be one thing that you have to do but many things that you can do to try and win the prize.


To enter the competition:

  1. Make a wishlist on


To win the competition:

Try to be the biggest fan of, I am going to list a few way in which you might do this but there is no minimum requirement and no end to the things you might be able to do to prove your devotion to theartofpandora.

  1. EXPLORE the site and give me feedback
  2. READ and COMMENT on News Pinboard posts and Magazine posts and Inspiration entries
  3. SUBSCRIBE to the mailing list at the bottom of the page
  4. REVIEW PANDORA Jewellery in the Catalog section
  5. FOLLOW me on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LIKE and SHARE images and posts. Turn on Post Notifications in IG and be amoung the first to like!
  6. REPOST the about this competition on social media (this may seem counter intuitive, but the winner may have to do something special)
  7. Remember that someone has to win, but not everyone can win. BE NICE, I am trying to build a friendly PANDORA community, REPLY to other people comments – we share a common interest


The prize:

The prize will be something from your wishlist that you create on Please be aware we have a budget for the prize so be sure to add a varied selection of charms to your wishlist.


How to create a wishlist:

  1. Go to the CATALOG on
  2. Browse through the CATALOG and when you find items you like click on them.
  3. Under the description of the item you will see a link ‘ADD TO WISHLIST’. Click it.
  4. Now you will be able to create a wishlist and add the chosen item.
  5. It is up to you whether you make your wishlist public, private or private with shared link (so you can share with friends).
  6. Admin can view all wish lists public or private (so we will be able to pick a prize from your wishlist).
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