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Ten things we are looking forward to and have learnt from previous releases!

The Pandora 20 charms have been an unexpected joy in a year that has been difficult for many.

Today Pandora will release the August charm.

In the last year we have looked at ten things that we learned from the previous month but I have decided to change the perspective. We will look at 10 things that we are looking forward to from the upcoming release.

Ten things we are looking forward to with the launch for the August Pandora 20 charm

1) Added reason to collect them all

What if I were to tell you that Pandora will release something that will tie the whole collection together by the end of the year? Yes, it would make you want to collect them all! I will have news on this by the end of the week.

2) Online is the best option

This has gone back and forth over the past few months with Pandora announcing at one point that the Pandora 20 would be online only for the rest of the year. It does seem that stores will have stock of them this month but supplies are limited – it would be best to try online and use in store as a back up.

3) Good as a one off

This months charm is good as a one off, even if you have not collected the other Pandora 20 charms. I am looking forward to adding this one to my collection in its own right.

4) July was a sell out

The Pig charm was not universally liked, but it still sold out. This months charm is a classic worth keeping and will likely sell quicker. Fingers on the buzzers ladies…

5) The hype is back

After a bit of coronavirus antipathy I think that the hype is building again for this collection. January was very exciting for me as Pandora asked me to post an online exclusive about the collection three days before launch and I had no idea that this was coming. People on Instagram were tagging #blamedora and it was a bit of fun. That seems like a long time ago now with everything that has happened, but we are not tired out yet and are looking forward to this release.

6) Links on this blog will be helpful

In the seconds after 10am it can be a scramble to find the charm on the various site. The links on this blog have helped many to go direct to the page. I will add the UK link here but will post for other countries later today.

7) Apple Pay is super quick

I have mentioned this before, but I only started using Apple Pay this year specifically for buying these Pandora 20 charms. It is good to do a test run before (without buying anything) but it means you can click the link add to basket and checkout in seconds!

8) We will look back on Pandora 20 with fondness

I have been collecting Pandora since 2012 which I know if not as long as some of you. But some of those classic collections that were coming out in those years were not always viewed as we see them now. In the moment it can be difficult to appreciate what an amazing opportunity to collect the Pandora 20 charms we have.

9) It is possible to fill in the gaps

I have been able to procure some genuine Pandora charms from a known collectors for a friend who missed out on three of the months. I still say don’t use eBay when it comes to Pandora because you are likely to meet up with fraudulent persons. But if you do your due diligence it is possible to find people who are selling a few that they have. Maybe they have an IG account and you can verify they are a real collectors or you can video conference with them and satisfy yourself it is legitimate. If you are patient you can fill in the gaps.

10) There will be a give-away!

I know of one independent authorised Pandora retailer that is planning a giveaway of all of the Pandora 20 charms at the end of the year! I will let you all know when the time comes.

I will have the Pandora press release later in the day. There is an embargo on sharing the pictures of the August until a certain amount of time before launch. Stay tuned!

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