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Ten things we are looking forward to and have learnt from previous releases!

With Star Wars x Pandora and the Cinderella release I didn’t get chance to do this in October!

On Friday Pandora will release the November Pandora 20 charm.

In the last year we have looked at ten things that we learned from the previous month and last month we looked ahead to 10 things we were looking forward to, I have updated that post to fit some of the differences that we will notice in September. We will look at 10 things that we are looking forward to from the upcoming release.

Ten things we are looking forward to with the launch for the September Pandora 20 charm

1) It’s November already!

2020 has been the year that just disappeared. We are on to the 11th charm of the Pandora 20 Limited Edition releases and the 20th of the month just keeps rolling around.

2) Thank God it’s Friday

This month the release of the Pandora 20 charm is a Friday which means that USA and Canada Pandora shoppers get to have their cake and eat it (this month’s charm is not a cake).

In the USA and Canada Pandora fan get a Black Friday 35% off all releases apart from Star Wars x Pandora which means a nice reduction for those lovely ladies. The UK get 20% off from NOW until the end of the month but excludes anniversary charms.

3) What Time is it?

It has been confirmed again for 8am this month. There has been a lot of confusion regarding the timing of the releases this year. I think the UK were doing very well with their midnight released for the first 6 months and then they were sharp when it was 9am. The USA and Canada really struggled for any constancy early in the year but have been advertising 8am recently on their social media. Last month the UK released about 30 mins before 8am so we definitely need to be on our toes.

4) I will do a Live Stream on

I started youtube a few months ago with the Live Stream of the September release. Again, I was too preoccupied with Star Wars to do it in October. But, the live streams seem popular and I will be giving viewers the chance to do a bit of live Q&A as well.

5) The Live blog is coming back

It has been on and off this year and sometimes I feel that it is not really relevant or needed but then we have the situation where the charms are live on the site and a user has the amazing suggestion to add to wishlist and then to the basket from there! Life saver!!!

So we will do a Live Blog on and try to keep up to date with the releases worldwide.

6) Links on this blog will be helpful

I have had a lot of personal email to thank me for the links on the blog. If it is not listed as in stock then the link will not magically work for you, but often the page with the charm goes live before they put the links up on the home page – so that is when it can be useful.

7) The charm may sell out quickly!

We won’t see any more expensive two-tones this year. I know that the price of some of those put some people off. This months charm is a silver charm and is definitely a lovely charm in it’s own right. Various factors may contrive to make this one sell out as quickly as they did in the early part of the year. One of those for UK buyers could be the lockdown factor, this may be a factor in other parts of the world.

I am not trying to over hype the charm. It has been noticeable that some of the Pandora 20 charms didn’t sell as quickly in recent months. But with some stores closed and people at home along with an affordable price tag that could change.

8) Will we see a Pandora 20 bracelet?

I have no news on this and this is my personal feelings on the topic of a Pandora 20 bracelet to complete the set. For me it would be a wonderful way to finish the collection. I knew about the 12 charms and what they were at the beginning of the year, but the Pandora 20 Jewellery box came as a surprise. I hope there will be a similar surprise for a possible bracelet.

9) I have been happy with the charms so far

I think the choices for the Pandora 20 collection have been sound. They are not necessarily the choices I would have made, or you would have made, but I think they work well together as a complete collection.

A good example of a charm that was not a popular choice was the Pig. I think culturally for many people Pigs are not popular and I know some people said they would not buy it, but it was amazing to see how many people contacted me saying they regretted that choice and did I know where it could be found.

What about you? Have you been happy with the charm selection up until now?

10) The hype is still real!

Back in January when Pandora announced this on their Instagram someone commented: “the hype is real”. It made me laugh because I was sure that it was a sarcastic comment, but sure enough the charms become very, very popular selling our in minutes in February and March. It has been a rocky road for most of us this year and the Pandora 20 charm releases have been exciting, stressful, delightful and exasperating in equal measure. A kind of microcosm of 2020 in general. This is the penultimate release, if you are looking for it, I hope you can get one.

I will have the Pandora press release on Thursday and will post here on this blog. There is an embargo on sharing the pictures of the until a certain amount of time before launch. Stay tuned!

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