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PANDORA 2018 Winter Collection

PANDORA 2018 Winter Collection

Grab a scarf and mittens… the PANDORA 2018 Winter Collection Preview is here!



PANDORA 2018 Winter Collection

Celestial beauty is one of the main inspirations for the upcoming PANDORA 2018 Winter Collection and star bursts and crescent shapes feature in many of the pieces of jewellery. Winter frost and icicles also decorate many charms in the collection with dashes of cool blue highlights. Plus Bella Bot has a couple of new friends to play with!


Please note that the prices in the post are in Australian Dollars. Once I have information on other countries/currencies I will update this post.


PANDORA 2018 Winter Collection Bracelets

597534NCBMX pandora bangle with star clasp winter 2018

PANDORA Silver Moments Bangle with Star Clasp (597534NCBMX)

No, you are not suffering from déjà vu… you have seen this star design before! The new Moments Bangle with Star Clasp look almost identical to the Bright Star Charm (796379NSBMX) from the PANDORA 2017 Winter Collection. Almost but not quite, as when I compared the two I noticed a few differences. The Bright Star Charm comprises of six bezel set stones in various shades of blue. All six stones are the same size and five are placed at each star point. However the new Bangle features icy green, blue and clear bulbous crystals scattered in a random design.


597563CZ PANDORA Moments Bangle with Fireworks Clasp winter 2018

Limited Edition PANDORA Moments Bangle with Fireworks Clasp (597563CZ)
$99 AUD

You might experience another ‘Haven’t I seen that before?’ moment with the new Fireworks Clasp Bangle. The encrusted clasp is reminiscent of the Ice Crystal Charm (791764CZ) from the 2015 Winter Collection. Rather than a symmetrical ice design the Fireworks Clasp Bangle resembles a sudden burst of bright lights. With thoughts of the new year soon approaching, the Fireworks Bangle is engraved with the message ‘The best is yet to come’. I haven’t heard anything officially yet but I am presuming that the Fireworks Clasp Bangle with be part of the Winter FREE Bracelet promotion.

597558CZ PANDORA Glacial Beauty Sliding Bracelet winter 2018 new

PANDORA Glacial Beauty Sliding Bracelet (597558CZ)
$129 AUD

The cool Glacial Beauty theme is one of the main designs in the Winter 2018 Collection. This chillingly beautiful pattern looks especially elegant on the Glacial Beauty Sliding Bracelet which would be perfect for the party season. It’s sliding clasp allows it to be adjusted it to suit your wrist size. Available in two sizes: 23cm and 25cm.



PANDORA 2018 Winter Collection Charms

797529CZ PANDORA Ice Sculpture Spacer Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Ice Sculpture Spacer Charm (797529CZ)
$49 AUD

Also part of the Glacial Beauty collection is this sleek spacer filed with dazzling chiselled features! The clear cubic zirconia stones  alternate between baguette-cut and round brilliant-cut to provide additional interest.

PANDORA Blue Ice Sculpture Spacer Charm (797529NSBL) winter 2018

PANDORA Blue Ice Sculpture Spacer Charm (797529NSBL)
$49 AUD

The slender Ice Sculpture Spacer Charm is also available in a stunning shade of blue with eye-catching sea blue crystals.

797746CZ PANDORA Chiselled Elegance Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Chiselled Elegance Charm (797746CZ)
$89 AUD

Shards of sparkling ice fuse and combine to form the cool glistening ball with a mixture of baguette-cut and round brilliant-cut cubic zirconia stones. The sharp edges of the stones give this charm a slightly dangerous feel and it would look wonderful paired with the new PANDORA Disney Villains charms!

797746NSBL PANDORA Blue Chiselled Elegance Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Blue Chiselled Elegance Charm (797746NSBL)
$89 AUD

As with the matching spacer charms, we also have a pretty blue version of the Chiselled Elegance Charm.


797555NCC PANDORA Cerise Dazzling Snowflake Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Cerise Dazzling Snowflake Charm (797555NCC)

The Cerise Dazzling Snowflake Charm is very similar to the Twilight Blue Dazzling Snowflake Charm from the 2017 Winter Collection. At first I thought that other than the colour difference the two charms were identical but the snowflake motif is not the same. The Cerise version features an embossed snowflake with subtle oxidisation whereas the snowflake on the Twilight Blue charm is heavily pavéd. I actually prefer the newer charm as it is more obvious that it is a snowflake! Both charms would look absolutely stunning paired together on a PANDORA Rose Bracelet.

797608NANB PANDORA Sparkling Night Blue Love Heart Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Sparkling Night Blue Love Charm (797608NANB)
$89 AUD

There is a new version Sparkling Love charm with a gorgeous night blue crystal heart! My favourite version of this charm is still the PANDORA Rose with a glistening pink heart.


797553CZ PANDORA Ice Carving Hanging Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Ice Carving Hanging Charm (797553CZ)
$69 AUD

A mini icy wreath hangs in front of a smooth silver disc that is engraved with the message ‘You melt my heart’ and a tiny cut-out. I’m really loving the baguette-cut stones that feature heavily in this collection, they’re just perfect for a wintry bracelet theme.


797515 PANDORA Heart Melter Murano Glass Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Heart Melter Murano Glass Charm (797515)
$49 AUD

When I first saw the preview image of this charm I thought it was silver with enamel details. I was delighted when I discovered that it is in fact an adorable Murano charm! The Heart Melter charm is shaped like a cube of ice and is PANDORA’s first-ever square Murano glass and I’m sure will be incredibly popular. This cool little chap has fun expression and a unique twinkle in his eye that glows from both sides. He has already melted my heart and will be on my wish list!


797531CZ PANDORA Dazzling Wishes Hanging Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Dazzling Wishes Hanging Charm (797531CZ)
$79 AUD

This two part dangle charm features a firework motif with pretty beading detail that hangs in front of a gorgeous midnight blue enamel disc. The enamel is filled with a shimmering glitter which resembles countless stars in a galaxy. The reverse of the charm is engraved with the message, ‘The best is yet to come’.

797518NCB PANDORA Dazzling Fireworks Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Dazzling Fireworks Charm (797518NCB)
$79 AUD

A mixture of clear cubic zirconia and royal blue crystals create this firework burst. The sparkling blue crystals will look wonderful paired with some of the Winter 2017 Charms such as the Royal Blue Galaxy and Wintry Delight Charms.

797551EN12 PANDORA Bobby Bot Dog Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Bobby Bot Dog Charm (797551EN12)
$79 AUD

The PANDORA Winter 2018 Collection includes a new member to the PANDORA Family… Bella Bot’s pet dog, Bobby Bot! Like the charming Bella, Bobby Bot has movable moving legs plus his ears flap too! As well as a large heart on his chest Bobby also has a tiny white enamel heart nose! Even though I’m a cat person Bobby will be walking home with me in November. Hopefully PANDORA will also produce a little cat bot too. Any ideas on what name they could give it?

797561CZ PANDORA Cosmo Tommy Astronaut Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Cosmo Tommy Astronaut Charm (797561CZ)
$89 AUD

The other new PANDORA Friend is Cosmo Tommy! He is ready to carry Bella and Bobby off into space to explore the galaxy! Tommy’s extra large astronaut helmet reminds me of the Auggie from the fantastic book and film Wonder. If you haven’t read or watched it yet I full recommend it. As a huge fan of the HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series this is another must have charm for me.

797748EN23 PANDORA Planet of Love Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Planet of Love Charm (797748EN23)
$89 AUD

The new Planer of Love charm would make an ideal pairing for Cosmo Tommy! With it’s charm thread placed at an angle this fun charm with spin in a interesting fashion on your bracelet. Silver and white enamel details add to the cosmic vibe!



797512CZ PANDORA Personal Galaxy Saftey Chain winter 2018

PANDORA Personal Galaxy Saftey Chain (797512CZ)
$79 AUD

This rather pretty safety chain features a trail of sparkling stones and a single falling star and crescent moon at either end. This cosmic styling is the perfect finishing touch to a star themed bracelet. As I have mentioned before I don’t often wear a safety chain on my bracelets (I can hear your collective gasp from here!) but this is a wonderful option.

797511ENMX PANDORA Santa in space charm winter 2018

PANDORA Santa in Space Charm (797511ENMX)
$59 AUD

Continuing the astronaut and space theme we have a new Santa charm in a space shuttle instead of a sleigh. Hand painted red and white enamel along with a twinkling star decorate the silver charm.


797517EN27 PANDORA Cosy Christmas House Pendant Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Cosy Christmas House Pendant Charm (797517EN27)
$69 AUD

A picture-perfect Christmas scene comes alive on this beautifully detailed dangle in sterling silver. A red enamel cottage, a festive wreath over the door, a tree in the lounge, a touch of sparkle; everything is ready for Santa and fun.


797519EN27 PANDORA Christmas Train Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Christmas Train Charm (797519EN27)
$89 AUD

This is a collection of firsts as we also have PANDORA’s first-ever two-part charm! The front part of the train links up with a carriage packed with Venetian red enamel presents, moving it in the right direction.


797523ENMX PANDORA Warm Cocoa Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Warm Cocoa Charm (797523ENMX)
$49 AUD

A nice warm cup of cocoa is my third favourite hot beverage, after tea and coffee of course! This hot cocoa looks positively scummy topped with lashings of whipped cream, drops of marshmallows and an enamel candy cane! The silver mug also features a sweet red enamel heart.

797562EN12 PANDORA Perfect Christmas Hanging Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Perfect Christmas Hanging Charm (797562EN12)
$69 AUD

This sterling silver dangle conveys a perfect enamel snow scene with friends and a star sparkling above. A secret message lies underneath: ‘It’s not what’s under the tree that matters’ finished with ‘It’s who’s gathered around it’ on the back.

797564ENMX PANDORA Christmas Bear Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Christmas Bear Charm (797564ENMX)
$49 AUD

A happy and content teddy bear is enjoying his hot cocoa. His cosy little outfit is hand-painted in red and white enamel. Take time out with him.

797524EN16 PANDORA Merry Christmas Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Merry Christmas Charm (797524EN16)
$49 AUD

As round as a snowball with a diamond-pointed texture like new-fallen snow, this sterling silver charm expresses a festive Christmas message written in enamel.


797542EN170 PANDORA Nossa Senhora Aparecida Charm winter 2018

PANDORA Nossa Senhora Aparecida Charm (797542EN170)

Nossa Senhora Aparacida is an image that is widely venerated by Brazilian Catholics, who consider her as the principal patroness of Brazil. As such it is possible that this charm will be a Brazil exclusive.

797549ENMX PANDORA New York Radio City Hall Charm winter black friday 2018

PANDORA New York Radio City Hall Charm (797549ENMX)

PANDORA were the 2017 jewellery sponsors for the Rockettes at Radio City Hall and as such released a special Ornament charm and gift set. The charm was released globally but the gorgeous red ornament gift was only available in the US. I haven’t heard any official details yet on the PANDORA 2018 Black Friday charm but it does seem possible that this is it! The striking button style charm features red and green translucent enamel and is engraved with ‘RADIO CITY’ and ‘Music Hall’.



PANDORA 2018 Winter Collection Necklaces & Pendants

397543CZ PANDORA Luminous Ice Pendant pandora winter 2018 new collection

PANDORA Luminous Ice Pendant (397543CZ)
$79 AUD

This ice theme continues with the Luminous Ice Pendant which resembles a glamorous, elongated cube of ice! This oblong shaped pendant is quite simple yet it’s overall design has a charming classic air.



397546CZ PANDORA Shards of Sparkle Necklace winter 2018 new

PANDORA Shards of Sparkle Necklace (397546CZ)
$179 AUD

This frosty pendant almost looks like a twinkling gateway into a secret world! Delicate cubes of ice create a intriguing wreath shape that is full of texture and would look amazing glistening in the sunlight. The 45cm necklace chain sits perfectly on the collarbone.

397537CZ pandora moon and stars necklace winter 2018 new collection disney reflexions purely pandora


PANDORA Moon & Stars Necklace (397537CZ)
$149 AUD

A beautiful glittering night sky design decorates this beautiful globe shaped pendant and the tiny stars remind me of the magical PANDORA Disney Cinderella’s Dream charm. Open the smooth sphere to reveal a sweet secret message, ‘Love you to the moon and back’. Inside the locket there is also a small space which could be used to store a lock of hair from your loved one! A sliding ball chain allows you to adjust the length to suit your individual style. The pretty beaded chain measures 60cm at it’s longest length.




PANDORA 2018 Winter Collection Rings

197527CZ PANDORA Shards of Sparkle Ring winter 2018

PANDORA Shards of Sparkle Ring (197527CZ)
$89 AUD

Drops of icy brilliance meet chiselled rectangular facets on this sterling silver open ring. The cubic zirconia twinkle to one another across the lines of the design.

197541CZ PANDORA Luminous Ice Ring winter 2018

PANDORA Luminous Ice Ring (197541CZ)
$99 AUD

Rectangular facets of baguette-cut cubic zirconia bring an abstract, icy twist to the classic solitaire ring. Crafted from sterling silver, with glittering stones set for you to sparkle. This simple design of this ring is incredible chic, I just wish it was diamonds!

PANDORA Glacial Beauty Ring (197744CZ) winter 2018

PANDORA Glacial Beauty Ring (197744CZ)
$129 AUD

Baguette-cut stones sit at unique angles on this sterling silver eternity ring, mirroring a running current of water, that has been beautifully frozen in time. The effect will be dazzling as light reflects across the multiple facets!




PANDORA 2018 Winter Collection Earrings

pandora winter 2018 new collection lunar lights earrings 297569CZ

PANDORA Lunar Light Earring Studs (297569CZ)
$59 AUD

A subtle crescent moon shape provides interest to these sparkling stud earrings set with clear cubic zirconia stones. This pretty design mirrors the line of your earlobes in a graceful style. As someone who has always favoured dainty stud earrings over the chandelier look I am quite tempted by this pair!

297567CZ PANDORA Luminous Ice Stud Earrings winter 2018

PANDORA Luminous Ice Stud Earrings (297567CZ)
$79 AUD

This dainty pair of studs would be perfect anytime, anywhere and any occasion! The charming baguette-cut stones create a bedazzling effect!

297545CZ PANDORA Glacial Beauty Earrings winter 2018

PANDORA Glacial Beauty Earrings (297545CZ)
$99 AUD

These elegant circular sterling silver earrings are sure to gather compliments with their beautiful rays of light. Gleaming cubic zirconia in varying sizes create mimi the bursts and reflections of a firework display.




The remainder of the PANDORA 2018 Winter Collection including PANDORA Rose, PANDORA Shine and the Disney range will be reviewed in the near future.


The PANDORA 2018 Winter Collection will be released on Thursday 1st November 2018 and will be available online at our preferred PANDORA retailer BeCharming.com



My favourites from this collection are Bobby Bot, Cosmo Tommy and the Heart Melter Murano. What has made it to your wish list? Let us know in the comments below…



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Jackie Oz R
Jackie Oz R

Great to see alternate views of the charms & the details on the back of the dangles. Love the inside of the moon pendant also. Didn’t see the teddy or planet in the Australian catalogue, so hopefully this pricing means they will see a release in Australia.


Hi Jackie,
Glad you enjoyed the preview! I really liked the other view of the Heart Melter Murano too! It really looks like a ice cube from the other angle. Are the Teddy and Planet on your wish list? My list is quite small from this selection but of course I haven’t previewed the other items yet! 😁
Thanks for reading and commenting and enjoy your weekend,
Dora 💗


It would be really nice of they do a cat friend for Bella as I’m a real catperson too. Maybe Bibi Bot is a nice name for it!


I agree with the cat idea, maybe Bertie Bot?


Bertie would be a cute name too! Maybe Bibi for a silver version and Bertie for a PANDORA Rose option?
Dora 💓


Hi Manon,
I love the sound of Bibi Bot! It definitely has a cat sound to it. It’s funny as I love cats but until the Figaro charm I have never bought a PANDORA cat charm. I just had to have Figaro though as he reminded me of a cat a had when I was younger.
Thank you for reading and your fab name suggestion!
Dora 💞


You really didn’t? I have all the cat charms that are released so far (accept for an really old one thats looks like a bunny) I have them all on my leather bracelet and of course I have added Figaro to it. How many cats do you have?


None of the other cat charms have really felt right for me. The Curious Cat just doesn’t seem catty enough and the old one does really look like a rabbit! The Lucky Cat scares me a bit and the Cat on a basket seems all out of proportion. The only one that tempted me was the two cats with their tails making a heart. I only have one cat, I would love more but my husband says one is enough! Since I was born I’ve always had cats in my life though. For me a cat makes a house a… Read more »

manon Kruirhof
manon Kruirhof

I have 2 cats. My boyfriend and i both work 5 days a week and because of that i wanted 2 so they can have a playmate when we are not home. My boyfriend didn’t wanted cats when we went living together but i just shoved pictures of sweet Kittens under his face and kept whining and finally after a year he broke. I also have Always had a minimum of 1 cat in my life and the year without was really hard. Luckily i Always could go to my parents who have 3. My favourite charm is also the… Read more »

Jackie Oz R
Jackie Oz R

The Christmas cat is cute too


Hi Dora, I really appreciate the effort you have gone to to preview the Winter collection piece by piece. I really value your thoughts and insights. I hope there will be a gold charm out with this collection, I really love to treat myself (or be treated) to a gold charm around that time of year.

Thanks, Patricia


Hi Patricia,
Thanks for your sweet comment! I’m so glad you enjoyed the preview. I do believe there is a goldie due out as part of the Winter Collection. I will be previewing the rest of the collection in the near future. I have heard rumours that PANDORA will slowly stop producing the solid gold charms 😞 It’s a real shame as so many people love them. I only have two goldies but I love them both. My husband treated me to the 14k Heart Pendant for our anniversary 😍
Thanks again for commenting and have a wonderful weekend!
Dora 💖


I am in love with the Ice Shards and Glacial beauties. They are so beautiful and would make a really nice set. Thanks ms for your work Dora 😘


Hi Nathalie
The Glacial Beauty range does work really well as a set. I am tempted with the earrings and necklace, they look so elegant. I love the new baguette-cut that PANDORA used on this range.
Thanks for commenting and have a lovely weekend,
Dora 🎀


Time to start saving up again. Thanks for the preview, it helps me to think about what I really want to add to my bracelets and decide. When you first look, it ALL looks so good. I am loving Cosmo Tommy 😍


Hi Orla,
Tell me about! My wish list just keeps on growing! Cosmo Tommy is super cute. Does he remind you of Auggie from the film Wonder? I’m so pleased that PANDORA is creating these fun new characters. I love the PANDORA Friends range and can’t wait to see who will be out next!
Thanks for commenting and enjoy your Saturday!
Dora 💝


I am really excited for the collection, but I am hoping that Pandora still comes out with their yearly Christmas tree!


Hi Dora! The baguette/square cuts remind me of Chamilia, as they’ve done these styles for some time now. It’s never really been to my taste, but I’ll keep and open mind until I see Live Photo’s. I do like the firework theme, but I still love the Pandora Ice Crystal and it’s at the top of my wish list and for me they’re just too similar to justify the splurge on both (perhaps now it will be put on sale?). I am excited for the astronaut and planet charms, as I think they are just whimsical enough not to be… Read more »