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Just when you think you are up to date and organised PANDORA release a new White Day charm!

What is White Day?

Before discovering the new PANDORA White Day charm I hadn’t ever heard about White Day! I have now learnt that White Day is a holiday celebrated on the 14th March each year in Japan and other Asian countries.

In Japan Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time when women present gifts to men. The gifts are normally chocolate which is typically handmade. There are two types gifts given depending on the recipient: honmei-choco for men who are loved, or giri-choco for men who are appreciated.

As Valentine’s Day is all about the woman giving gifts to the man, White Day is the reverse! In fact men are expected to reciprocate in gifts three times the value of the chocolate treats they received on Valentine’s Day.

First celebrated in Japan in 1978, White Day was started by the National Confectionery Industry Association as an ‘answer day’ to Valentine’s Day. Prior to this in 1977, a confectionery company called Ishimuramanseido, marketed marshmallows to men on the 14th March and called it Marshmallow Day. Today the gifts vary from marshmallows or white chocolate to lingerie or jewellery.

PANDORA White Day Love Charm

This year PANDORA have joined in the White Day tradition and produced a shimmering new blue and white charm.

PANDORA White Day Love Charm (797784ENMX)
$50 USD / $89 SGD / ¥ 7,020

Celebrate the tradition of White Day with the new PANDORA White Day Love Charm. This puffy silver love heart is finished with a shimmering pearlescent enamel making it resemble the humble marshmallow which started the holiday! A pretty blue enamel bow glitters at the centre.

What is your opinion of the new PANDORA White Day Love Charm? What other traditional charms would you like to see PANDORA produce? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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