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It is time for the tenth charm in the Pandora 20 series!

Pandora 20th Anniversary Charms

Commemorate 20th anniversary of the Pandora Moments with a special series of Limited Edition charms!

To celebrate 20 years of the Pandora Moments Bracelet and charms, Pandora will release a collection of Pandora 20th Anniversary charms. Each charm from the range will be relaunched on the 20th of each month throughout 2020. All 12 of the Pandora 20 charms will be engraved with the special Pandora 20 logo. Nine of the 2020 Limited Edition Pandora Charm series have already been released: the 20th Anniversary Strawberry, Frog, Queen Bee, Heart, Four Leaf Clover, Heart Safety Chain, Pig Charm, Love Dice Charm and the Hearts Clip.

Every Pandora 20 Collection charm is a Limited Edition piece. Already they are collector’s items! Each charm from the Limited Edition 2020 Pandora Collection is only be available until it is sold out. It is important to be quick as first three Pandora 20 charms sold out in under an hour. In fact the first charm sold out in the UK in just 15 minutes! Thankfully I have managed to purchase each of the Pandora 20 charms so far.

Poetry in Motion

Whirl and twirl with the Pandora 20th Anniversary Swirl Charm!

799117C00 Pandora 20th Anniversary Swirls charm

Limited Edition
Pandora 20th Anniversary Swirl Charm
$115 USD / £90 / €99 / $129 AUD / $130 CAD

Please note not all the prices have been confirmed yet.

Be charmed this October with another two tone design for the Pandora 20 Collection! The Pandora 20th Anniversary Swirl Charm (799117C00) is the third two tone charm in the special Anniversary Collection.

Based on the original Swirl Charm (790414) the Pandora 20th Anniversary Swirl Charm features the exact same design but includes the Pandora 20 logo. Previously the charm was also known as the Rose Bud Charm in some countries. It is easy to see what inspired the name as the tiny swirls nestle together like tightly folded rose buds.

A beautifully dark oxidised background highlights the pattern silver and 14k Gold doodles which decorate the Limited Edition Pandora 20th Anniversary Swirl Charm. One of the silver swirls is filled, creating a quote mark shape which is engraved with the Pandora 20 crown logo.

799117C00 Pandora 20th Anniversary Swirls charm

A limited number of the Pandora 20th Anniversary Swirl Charms have been produced and will only be available until sold out. The charm is limited to one per customer.

The Pandora Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Swirl Charm will be released online at Pandora eStores on Tuesday 20th October 2020.

The clip will launch at 8am local time (CET, GMT, HKT, EST, NZ), except for Australia where it will be launched at 8am local time (AEDT).

799117C00 Pandora 20th Anniversary Swirls charm

Purchase Links

Use the links below to speed up your purchase of the Pandora 20th Anniversary Swirl Charm. The links will not work until the charm has been released at 8am local time. If you are in Europe, log into the Pandora site before you click the link below.

I am so pleased to have been able to collect all nine Pandora 20th Anniversary charms so far. The tenth charm is really pretty and I love the two tone design and will be ready to purchase online tomorrow!

What do you think about the Pandora 20th Anniversary Swirl Charm? Do you have the original version of this charm? What do you think the pattern most resembles; swirls or rose buds? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below…

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