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Prepare to drool over these stunning images of the PANDORA Autumn and Winter 2017 Collections!


The Press Days for the new PANDORA Autumn and Winter 2017 Collections have begun and we are treated to an in-depth look at the new jewellery! These beautiful images are courtesy of AKPA, please do not reproduce them with crediting.


As we saw in previous campaign images, the PANDORA Autumn 2017 Collection is full of gorgeous PANDORA Rose pieces. Here we can see the new completely Rose smooth bracelet. There is also a new PANDORA Rose Radiant Hearts charm with a beautiful blush stone. I love the blush and Rose colours together.



The PANDORA Rose rings look so pretty stacked together especially when mixed with silver. Here we can see the new Radiant Hearts Rings.


The Aztec style pendant looks really pretty in this image. There is also a new PANDORA Rose Pavé Pendant with matching stud earrings in the image below.



The earrings in the middle look like they are earring jackets and I think they would look quite glamorous. I really liked the PANDORA earrings from the recent collections but I end up concentrating more on the charms. I would love to try a pair of the earring jackets though.



Here we can see the Teardrop shaped charm as well as a square charm. This collection is full of geometric shapes which is quite a break from the trend of flowers and animal charms that we have had in the last few Autumn Collections from PANDORA. Personally I prefer charms to be based on animal or hobbies rather than just shapes but it is nice to be able to mix it up a little.



Hoop earrings are definitely making a come back and PANDORA has provided us with lots to choose from!




The geometric shapes continue with a couple of teardrop rings.




We have a new PANDORA Rose necklace and a new PANDORA Rose Essence charm which as it is a heart is likely to represent ‘Love’.



There are quite a lot of new rings in the two new collections. I love the one on the left and I think it would look quite cool worn on a thumb!



More hooped earrings including a Galaxy style in silver and PANDORA Rose.



PANDORA Rose has really taken over the Autumn 2017 Collection and it appears that there is a new PANDORA Rose Essence Bracelet. I love the look of mixing PANDORA Rose with silver.




I loved the Heart of Winter Charm from the 2016 Winter Collection and now we have some Heart of Winter pieces including two necklaces which look so sweet stacked together.



There is a new Heart of Winter Pendant Charm and Clips. It looks like there will be a Limited Edition Heart of Winter Bracelet too, with the inscription “You Melt My Heart”.



A few of the Holiday Charms have turned PANDORA Rose including the Christmas Tree and the Snowflake. Plus we have our first PANDORA Rose Murano Charms in Pink Glitter! I really love the look of them and I’m sure they will be on my wishlist.



I love the look of the ring on the left above but I can’t quite tell if it is three rings stacked together or a single ring. Either way it is very pretty.





Of course the Winter 2017 Collection has some new Holiday Charms including a button charm with a tree and a snowman and cut out stars. The blue ball charms are similar to the Baubles from the 2016 Winter Collection. On the right we can see a new two tone star button charm. I’m sure this will be a big hit and it is likely to go on my wishlist. The is also a new Red Radiance Charm which is quite pretty. Both these designs look cute on the new Open Bangles.




I love the look of the Star and Moon charm on the left. It looks like it has inset mother of pearl mosaics, similar to the recent Essence charms.



A lot of the recent Holiday charms were included in the PANDORA sale and now we know why! There is a new Stocking, Snowflake, Snowflake Heart and Christmas Button Charm inscribed with “Merry Christmas”. There are new two tone clips which have PANDORA written around a little gold heart.



There are new Petite Memories for the Holidays with a present, wreath and snowman in one set and an angel, snowflake and star in the other set.



I love the cut of the red and green rings! It reminds me of my grandmothers engagement ring and looks so elegant! The two joining circles ring is quite cute too.



We can see a new Button charm with stars overlaying a blue stone which is quite sweet. The Button charm at the front looks similar but with a clear stone and a snowflake design. The snowflakes on blue enamel are really lovely too and I’m sure will be very popular.



Here we can see new Star Clips and Charm and a clear Star Openwork charm. The Star Pendant is from the 2017 Pre-Autumn Collection and has “My Friend A Star” inscribed on the back. There are also some stunning new icy blue Murano Charms which are a definite for my wishlist!



There are new Button style charms for the PANDORA Essence collection in red and blue.



I adore this simple drop pendant and earring set! If only they were diamonds!



Here we can see another two tone Clip to match the two tone PANDORA logo bangle. I love the charm in the middle on the left as its design reminds me of a snuggly winter jumper!





The PANDORA Autumn 2017 collection will be released on the 31st August 2017 and will be available from our preferred PANDORA retailer Remember to check out their sale with up to 50% off PANDORA and use code ‘theartofpandora’ for a FREE Polishing Cloth!


I’m really excited about the new PANDORA Rose Murano Charms and the pretty Blue Glitter Murano Charms and both are definite must-haves. I love all the new star designs for the Winter Collection, especially the dark mosaic charm which is quite unusual.


What are your favourites from the PANDORA Autumn and Winter 2017 collections? Will anything be going on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments below.


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