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Pandora China Exclusive Charms

Create beautiful travel memories with these new Pandora Chinese Exclusive Charms.

Pandora have released five new China exclusive charms with colourful enamel details, making delightful souvenirs and wonderful collector items.

If you would like assistance in purchasing any of these charms, please contact Jaelyn Tan or Koh Yan Ting who are willing to help.

791169C00_E025 Pandora Lucky cat charm
Pandora China Exclusive Lucky Cat Dangle Charm

This silver dangle charm has a chunky bail and pretty beading detail around a hanging disc. The front is decorated with three lucky coins in golden yellow enamel and a black and red enamel lucky cat which is considered to bring wealth and good luck. Engraved on the reverse are Pandora logo and crown O monogram.

791169C00_E026 Pandora Orange-motif round pendant
Pandora China Exclusive Orange Motif Round Pendant

This China Exclusive charm is inspired by oranges which are one of the representative foods of the Chinese New Year. The right half of the Chinese character for “Orange” is “吉”. “Ji” means good luck and is a popular symbol of good luck: Bright orange and green enamel decorate the orange motif on the front of the dangle while the back is engraved with Pandora Logo and monogram. Beaded details adorn the edge of the dangle.

Pandora China Exclusive Dharma Charm
Pandora China Exclusive Dharma Charm

This silver dangle is inspired by the Bodhidharma, a symbol of perseverance and good luck, and a popular gift that implies motivation. Vivid red enamel with black, white and light yellow details decorate the motif on the front of the dangle along with the word “Fu”. Beaded details surround the edge of the dangle and the back is engraved with the Pandora logo and the crown O monogram.

792016CZ_E012 Pandora Shining smiley charm
Pandora China Exclusive Shining Smiley Charm

Sparkling clear cubic zirconia stones create a border on either side of this fun exclusive charm. Fluorescent yellow and black enamel detail a smiley face on one side of the charm while that reverse features the Chinese character “Hehe”. A pretty pattern adorns the side of this cute charm.

Pandora China Exclusive Guanyin Charm

This pretty coloured charm is inspired by “Avalokiteshvara”, a person who has practiced as a Buddha. Pastel enamels decorate the motif in green, light grey, black, white, pale pink, sky blue and baby pink. Glittering clear cubic zirconia stones form a border on both sides of the charm, while the side is decorated with a hollow pane pattern. The reverse of the charm is engraved with the Pandora logo and the crown O monogram.

pandora china exclusives

What do you think about the new Pandora Exclusive China charms? Do you collect Pandora travel charms? What is your favourite one? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below…

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