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Pandora joins Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration with an exclusive charm!

Pandora Mexico Exclusive Day of the Dead Charm

Pandora honours the Mexican holiday ‘Day of the Dead’ with an exclusive charm for 2020.

The exclusive charm is designed in collaboration with the Chihuahuan artist Mónica Loya to create a special edition piece that captures the beauty and meaning behind this Mexican celebration.

“For more than 10 years that Pandora has been in Mexico, we have been received with open arms by the public, and enjoyed its beautiful colours and traditions, which have inspired us to this day to create fabulous pieces of jewellery ”

The Official Pandora

According to Pandora, for this charm Monica Loya created two skulls representing life and death. These symbols are decorated by the sun, the moon, cempasúchil leaves and flowers, essential elements in the offerings of the Day of the Dead.

“I am inspired by the harmony and stability that is achieved by uniting the opposite sides of anything in nature such as life and death”


Pandora x Monica Loya

Monica Loya previously worked with The Official Pandora to produce an incredible mural in Pandora’s trademark pink!

The outstanding artwork was painted in Mexico City as part of a campaign for the Pandora Wonderland. Artist Mónica Loya used a wonderful mix of surrealism to create a dreamy feel. My favourite detail is the owl who is holding a Pandora O Pendant in its peak which features none other than the owl charm! A fun and meta detail!

Pandora x Monica Loya

Mónica’s fantastic artwork also appeared in the background of the Pandora Wonderland 2019 campaign imagery. Watch the video below and hear Mónica discuss her work and view of the aesthetic nature of the murals and their monumentality.

Pandora :: Regenerando el paisaje Urbano from MANO DE OBRA on Vimeo.

Pandora x Monica Loya

The Exclusive Pandora Day of the Dead is a special edition piece which will be available only in the Mexican market from Thursday 22nd October 2020 in all Pandora boutiques.

What do you think about the Pandora Day of the Dead charm? Do you like the exclusive charms or would you prefer each item to be released globally? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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