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PANDORA Disney & Disney Parks Spring 2017 Preview UPDATE

PANDORA Disney & Disney Parks Spring 2017 Preview UPDATE

It has been an exciting day, with the release of the PANDORA Mother’s Day 2017 Collection in the UK, and now we have a preview of the PANDORA Disney Parks Spring 2017 Collection as well as some good quality stock images of the PANDORA Disney Spring 2017 Collection.


PANDORA Disney Parks Spring 2017

The PANDORA Disney Parks charms are available at the various Disney Parks around the world as well as online at DisneyStore.com.


The PANDORA Disney Parks Spring 2017 Collection is really very exciting with some new characters like Gelatoni, Duffy and Shellie May. There are also some old favourites like Dumba and Alice in Wonderland. The classic PANDORA Carasol charm has also been redesigned in a cute Disney fashion.


Disney Parks Mickey Ear Hat Disney Parks Mickey Ear Hat b

Disney Parks Mickey Ears Dangle Charm

Disney Parks Minnie Ear Hat

Disney Parks Minnie Ear Hat b

Disney Parks Minnie Ears Dangle Charm

Disney Parks Flying Dumbo Disney Parks Flying Dumbo b

Disney Parks Flying Dumbo Charm
Disney Parks Carasol Disney Parks Carasol b

Disney Parks Carasol Charm Disney Parks Alice in Wonderland Teacup Disney Parks Alice in Wonderland Teacup b

Disney Parks Alice In Wonderland Teacup Charm

Disney Parks RunDisney Disney Parks RunDisney b

Disney Parks RunDisney Charm

Disney Parks Cruise Line Ship Disney Parks Cruise Line Ship b

Disney Parks Cruise Line Ship Charm Disney Parks Duffy

Disney Parks Duffy Charm Disney Parks Shellie MayDisney Parks Shellie May Charm Disney Parks Gelatoni Disney Parks Gelatoni b

Disney Parks Gelatoni Charm Mickey Parks Signature HeartDisney Parks Mickey Signature Charm Minnie Parks Signature Heart

Disney Parks Minnie Signature Charm Disney Shanghai 1st Anniversary a Disney Shanghai 1st Anniversary

Disney Parks Shanghai 1st Anniversary 14k Gold Charm

I absolutely love the Alice in Wonderland Teacup Charm as well as the Carasol and Flying Dumbo Charms. The Gelatoni, Duffy and Shellie May Charms are really cute as well but they don’t have the same nostalgia as the other charms.

PANDORA Disney Spring 2017

We previously preview the PANDORA Disney Spring 2017 Collection but we now have some high quality images to share with you.


Disney Piglet
Disney Piglet b

PANDORA Disney Piglet Charm $60 USD / $70 CADDisney Tigger

PANDORA Disney Tigger Charm $50 USD / $55 CADDisney Donald Duck Disney Donald Duck b

PANDORA Donald Duck Charm $50 USD / $55 CAD
Disney Daisy Duck Disney Daisy Duck b

PANDORA Daisy Duck Charm $50 USD / $55 CAD

Disney Tinker Bell Dangle Disney Tinker Bell Dangle b

PANDORA Tinker Bell’s Dress $65 USD / $75 CAD

Disney Tinker Bell Shoe Disney Tinker Bell Shoe b

PANDORA Tinker Bell’s Shoe $65 USD / $75 CADDisney Belle Enchanted Rose

PANDORA Belle Enchanted Rose Charm $90 USD / $100 CADDisney Mrs Potts Chip Disney Mrs Potts Chip b

PANDORA Mrs Potts & Chip Charm $50 USD / $55 CADDisney Snow White charm Disney Snow White charm b

PANDORA Snow White Charm $80 USD / $90 CAD


590748CZ b

PANDORA Disney Beauty & The Beast Bracelet $95 USD / $105 CAD

I love this collection and the Tigger and Piglet charms are definite must-have charms for me. I also really like the Mrs Potts & Chip Charm and love the detail. I also love the wings on the Tinker Bell Dress charm, they are so pretty!


The PANDORA Disney 2017 Spring Collection will be released alongside the 2017 Spring Collection on March 16th 2017 and will be available from our preferred PANDORA retailer BeCharming.comIf you are unable to purchase PANDORA Disney charms where you live, read our article on how to buy PANDORA jewellery from around the world using services from Shop & Ship and Borderlinx.

What are your favourites from the PANDORA Disney Parks and PANDORA Disney Spring 2017 collection? Which characters would you like to see produced by PANDORA? Let us know in the comments below.

Please comment in any language.

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Emily Nix
Emily Nix

Hi Dora,

Lovely shots! Thank you for including the prices. Apparently, they have been hard to come by this time around. Tinkerbell’s Dress and shoe are on my list of must haves along with Tigger and Piglet. Hoping to pick up the Beauty and the Beast bangle during the US promo next week.

Lovely blog site, Dora! Your images are so crisp and clear. Glad I found it!!!

Hope you’re having a nice day.


Hi Emily,
You’re welcome! I try to add as much information as I can when I have it.
I have kinda fallen in love with Tinker Bell’s Dress too! I have never liked the Dress charms before but this one is lovely!
Thank you for your kind words on the site. Please share it with your PANDORA friends too ?
Dora ?

Emily Nix
Emily Nix

I’ve always thought the Disney dresses look beheaded, but for some reason, Tinkerbell’s doesn’t make me think that. Maybe it’s because of the beautiful butterfly wings.

Definitely will pass along your lovely site with my Pandora friends.


Hi Emily,
I’ve tried to think why this one doesn’t look ‘beheaded’ and I think the link from the dress onto the bale looks kinda head shaped. So maybe that’s why it doesn’t bother me!
Thank you,
Dora ?

Emily Nix
Emily Nix

Hi Dora, My thoughts exactly regarding the link looking like Tink’s head. I’m starting to wonder about the true color of Tink’s Dress and Shoe. All this time I’ve thought they were more emerald, but T saw a good shot today and the color appear-ed much brighter…more like the murano. Have you seen the spring release in person yet? My stores had just received stock today and still working to get everything on display. I’m waiting until the promo next week to make my purchases, but I may have to visit a store before then just to see what everything… Read more »


Hi Emily,
The green doesn’t match the Tinker Bell murano but it will look nice together. I have taken part in the bracelet promotion and bought Tinker Bell’s Dress. The muranos are on my wish list but I decided to buy some more of the new collection. I would like to get them though to style with the dress charm. I will probably use the Ariel muranos I have for now.
Let me know what you get in the promotion!
Dora ?


Hi, do you have anymore information regarding the beauty and the beast gift set you mentioned in a previous post? Do you know what it contains? Great blog! Thanks smile


Hi Amanda,
Thanks for your comment. I’ve just posted a photo of the Beauty & the Beast gift set on the News Pinboard. The set includes Belle’s dress, the Red Rose and the new Mrs Potts & Chip charm. It is out 13th March and is $185 USD / $210 CAD.
I’m pleased you are enjoying the site!
Thank you,
Dora ?

Dinah Mae G. Quizon
Dinah Mae G. Quizon

How could i purchase such charms? I am from general santos city.


Hi Dinah Mae, The PANDORA Disney Park charms will be available from DisneyStore.com which ships internationally. The PANDORA Disney Spring 2017 Collection will be available in certain countries which have the Disney license such as North America and Australia. You can still purchase from those countries using mail forwarding services from companies like Shop & Ship (https://www.shopandship.com) or Borderlinx (http://www.borderlinx.com/PH/en/). I’m not sure if Shop & Ship send to Philipines but Borderlinx does. Once you have an account with Borderlinx you are provided with shipping addresses around the world. Then you can purchase your Disney charms from an online retailer,… Read more »


WOW! I am looking forward to the Duffy and Shellie May Charm. I hope they won’t be the Tokyo excluded…..


Hi Yiki,
They are really cute charms. I love the little Mickey silhouettes on their feet too! The details are amazing! I don’t think they are Tokyo exclusives but I only have the images and titles for now. Once I have more information and prices I will update the post.
Thanks for commenting,
Dora ??