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It’s official! PANDORA Disney is finally in the UK and Europe!



To celebrate this magical collection PANDORA are treating fans to a FREE PANDORA Disney clutch bag with a £99 spend on PANDORA Disney items. The clutch bag is a soft grey with gold details and our favourite mouse is embossed on the left. A true collectors item!





The PANDORA Disney collection is larger than I previously thought it would be. Yay! It includes the Cinderella and Beauty & the Beast charms and bangle as well as old and new Mickey and Minnie pieces. I’m really pleased as it means two of my favourites are included; Mrs Potts & Chip and the Cinderella Coach.

Pandora Jewellery UK


The PANDORA Fall Favourites sale will also start in the US today, 5th October until the 9th October 2017 with 40% discount on select styles! There will be almost 450 products available, including some new arrivals!

The promotion is available online and instore at our preferred retailer BeCharming.com or by phone on (800) 878-7868.



If you would like to take part in the PANDORA Disney promotion or the Fall Favourites Sale, but live outside of the UK or US, you can purchase from the PANDORA eStore or BeCharming.com and use a mail forwarding companies like Shop & Ship or Borderlinx to forward your offer to you. Read more on our Global PANDORA Shopping article.


Will you be taking part in one or both of these promotions? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Priscilla
    October 7, 2017

    Hi Dora! This promos are amazing! I asked help to a cousin who lives in U.K. For the clutch promo and she is going next Monday to London for helping me, I hope that Pandora store have enough Disney clutches. And also I asked her for a Pudsey bear and the blue flowery murano. I will try to find someone who helps me for the fall promo in US during the weekend! Have a nice weekend and shopping!

    • October 8, 2017

      Hi Priscilla,
      It really is a great promotion! The Disney Clutch is so pretty. I hope your friend is able to get one for you along with your other charms. The Blue Field of Flowers Murano is in the sale in the UK so it may be hard to find in some stores but if your friend does find it, it will be reduced to £30. It is still in stock on the PANDORA UK eStore. This is a direct link – goo.gl/EEPJnT
      There is also going to be a PANDORA Disney Clutch promotion in the US in November! Check out my latest post for details – https://theartofpandora.com/free-pandora-disney-clutch-us/
      It is a different design to one in the UK.
      I also have a Pudsey Bear charm, so look out for the review soon 😉
      Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a good evening,
      Dora ?

  • Emily
    October 8, 2017

    Hello Dora,

    I’m so happy for you ladies in the UK and Europe finally getting the Disney collection! I’m impressed with Pandora’s decision to do the clutch. It’s adorable and I’ve read it’s a nice size as well. Hope you got one! Maybe we’ll see them in the US at some point.

    I did take part in the Fall Favorites sale even tho’ my budget was blown during the Spend/Save just prior. I picked up a pair of Open My Heart clips for my pave’ heart clasp bracelet, a couple of Oriental Fans, Sparkling Stiletto and the adorable Piggy Bank. I was surprised to find the PB at my local Jared store. I was very disappointed the Rose wasn’t included in the sale. Guess Pandora expects it to sell well during the holidays. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a little during the upcoming Ring/Earring event. Did you pick up anything during the recent events?

    Hope you’re having a nice weekend. Hurricane Nate is moving through our area as I speak. I’m hoping cooler temps will follow. I’m anxiously awaiting Pandora’s Winter release and GWP offers.

    • October 8, 2017

      Hi Emily,
      It is really nice that PANDORA Disney is available to more fans now. I didn’t get the Disney clutch as I had just left the UK and have spent enough on PANDORA for the moment! The good news is that there is going to be a slightly different free Disney clutch promotion in the US in November! This is the post link – https://theartofpandora.com/free-pandora-disney-clutch-us/
      So I may take part in the US Disney Clutch promotion instead.
      I did get a couple of bits from the Fall Favourites sale; the Glittering Shapes and Glitter Balls.
      Will you wear the Piggy Bank and Oriental Fans charms together? The fans would look really cute worn on the compose earrings too. The Fall Favourites sale had a nice mix of items. Did you notice the Chinese New Year Dancing Lion was included too?
      It is a shame that there wasn’t any Rose included but I guess it is because it is so popular at the moment. I’m loving the PANDORA Rose more and more. I would love a PANDORA Rose Open Bangle!
      Please stay safe through the Hurricane,
      Thinking of you,
      Dora ?