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Look out for something magical happening tomorrow, Thursday 5th October 2017!




Pssst! A little mouse told me that the PANDORA Disney Collection will be launched in the UK on Thursday 5th October 2017! To start with only a very small collection will be released with more to come.





The PANDORA Disney Collection for the UK includes the Mickey and Minnie Petite Memories charms, available for £15 from the PANDORA eStore. Belle’s Radiant Rose Charm will be £80, Belle’s Enchanted Rose Charm will be £55 and the Disney Princess Crown will be £55.



I am really happy to see PANDORA Disney has finally made it across the pond and can’t wait for more to be added into the collection.


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What PANDORA Disney Charms will you be buying or adding to your wishlist? Let us know in the comments below.


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