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In the UK PANDORA fans will have the chance to get glamorous this bank holiday!



PANDORA is throwing a party this August Bank Holiday! Celebrate the summer with PANDORA from Thursday 24th August until Monday 28th August 2017 and receive your very own limited edition PANDORA Glamour Kit with a purchase of £99 or more!


Choose from a coral, turquoise or pink Glamour Kit. Each Glamour Kit contains a: cosmetic bag, Nails Inc nail polish, nail file, mirror and purse to match! The offer is available instore and online at PANDORA.net.


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If you would like to take part in this glamorous offer but live outside of the UK, you can use mail forwarding companies like Shop & Ship or Borderlinx to forward your offer to you. Read more on our Global PANDORA Shopping article.



  • Priscilla
    August 26, 2017

    Hi Dora! I’m glad you’re back!
    This is an amazing promo, but I never used that global companies, I’m going to try to do it, because I also want Pudsey Bear! Thanks!

    • September 20, 2017

      Hi Priscilla,
      Sorry I have been gone so long. I wasn’t very well and had to pause my PANDORA love for a little while. But I’m back now and have lots of reviews coming soon!
      I bought Pudsey today along with the Shimmering Stripe Murano and the Pink Glitter Murano in the 3 for 2 Charms Promotion in the UK. It may be available online from tomorrow so it could be a good time for you to get your Pudsey too!
      Thanks for reading and missing me!
      Dora x

  • Emily
    September 7, 2017

    Hi Dora!

    The Glamour Kit was a nice offer for UK Pandora fans. I’m holding out for the Spend/Save event coming up in the US. I really like quite a number of charms from the Autumn release and I’m looking forward to seeing the Mesh bracelet in person. Hopefully, I’ll have some extra cash as my B’Day comes during this event each year. It’s good to have you back! I’ve missed your presence on the blog. Hope all is well with you and “yours”.

    • September 20, 2017

      Hi Emily,
      The Glamour Kit was really cute and a fun offer. I love the Autumn Collection, especially all the Rose as it reflects the pretty colours of the season. Do you like the Mesh Bracelet? It is so bright and shiny, I wonder how it will wear and age or stay so bright. I look forward to hearing what items you buy in the event. It is always nice to hear what you buy, it is like virtual window shopping!
      Sorry I have been off the site so long. Unfortunately I have been unwell and I had to take a little break from the site but I’m back now and the PANDORA Autumn 2017 reviews will be out soon!
      Thanks for missing me,
      Dora ?

  • Emily
    September 21, 2017

    Hi Dora,

    I’m glad you’re doing better and back on the site! Glad you were able to take part in the 3 for 2 sale. Pudsey is so cute and such a good cause. Do you have all three now? I picked up two Shimmering Stripe muranos during the Spend/Save Event. To my surprise…they look pretty with the rose. I’m not sure how I’ll use mine, but I liked them enough to get two! I love the sparkle running through them. I also added another Pink Glitter to my collection during the event.

    The Autumn rose release is absolutely stunning! The pinks look lovely with the rose. I need to go in store and work on a design before making a decision on which pieces work best for me. I would love for Pandora to do a sparkly white murano with a rose core. I think that would be pretty, too.

    Even though the savings during the Spend/Save were not as good as we’ve had in the past, I felt it was well worth getting 35% off. In addition to the above mentioned charms, I got the Signature Clips, Safety Chain and three Signature Hearts for my Signature TT Pave’ bracelet. A lovely friend surprised me with the Bound By Love for my birthday! Since the Radiant Hearts are my favorite charms for color, I decided to get the geometric designs to go with. I got the RH Clips, three Radiant Teardrops, two Geometric Radiance and a pair of Cascading Glamour Spacers. I also got the Sweet Panda just because it’s soooo cute! I really liked the Mesh bracelet, so I got it, too. It’s so shiny and white. The geometrics look pretty on it. Hope it holds up. It’s so light I can hardly feel it on my wrist. Hopefully, you enjoyed this virtual tour I so shamefully admitted. ( In addition to the 35% discount, I earned $200 in rewards. They’re worth $400 on Double Redemption Day!

    I’ll be watching for your Autumn reviews! Take care of yourself!!!