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If you still have the winter blues, cheer yourself up with a preview of the new PANDORA Mother’s Day 2017 Collection!


The PANDORA 2017 Mother’s Day Collection will be released worldwide on 13th April 2017. In the UK, Ireland, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia the PANDORA 2017 Mother’s Day Collection will be released on the 23rd February 2017.


The PANDORA Mother’s Day Collections are often full of lots of family and love themed charms and this collection is no exception. There are some interesting themed dangle charms as well as some sweet new locket designs.





The Luminous Love Knot Charm (No. 792105WCP) is a beautiful ribbon shaped silver charm set with clear cubic zirconia stones and luminous white crystal pearls at the centre of each knot. The Luminous Love Knot Collection includes Stud Earrings (No. 290740WCP) for £50Ring (No. 191040WCP) and Pendant (No. 390401WCP). The Luminous Love Knot Gift Set which includes the Pendant and Earrings are for sale in the UK at a special price of £99 (RRP: £135).  I really like this collection as a complete set. It is not my personal taste but I think it is quite elegant, especially the stud earrings.





In the PANDORA Mother’s Day 2017 Sneak Peek we could see some interesting new necklace pendants and now we can finally see them properly. From left to right and top to bottom we have: Celebration Hearts Necklace (No. 390404CZ) A double heart pendant in sterling silver with clear cubic zirconia and necklace. PANDORA Floating Heart Locket Pendant (No. 792111CZ) A silver dangle and petite silver heart element with clear cubic zirconia. PANDORA Floating Heart Locket Necklace (No. 590544) A silver pendant with sapphire glass and necklace. These are like the previous Floating Locket Pendants but with a new heart-shaped design. Love Heart Plate (No. 792112EN23) Medium heart plate in silver with silver enamel and ‘love’ script. Fits small heart locket. Heart Plate (No. 792120) Medium heart silver plate. Fits small heart locket. Love Heart Plate (No. 792119EN23) Medium heart plate in Sterling silver with silver enamel and ‘love’ script. Fits medium heart locket. Infinite Love Petites (No. 792103CZ) Petite elements pack in silver with infinity with clear cubic zirconia, love knot with clear cubic zirconia and heart with silver enamel.


I love the idea of the Love Heart Plate as it could be engraved with a special message and would make a wonderful gift.





We have some more pearls in the Luminous Droplets Collection. The Luminous Droplets Collection includes Double-sided silver Stud Earrings (No. 290747WCP) Drop Earrings (No. 290746WCP), Pendant (No. 390400WCP), and Necklace (N0. 590539WCP). This is a sweet classic style and once again I think it works really well as a set.

The rings on the bottom of the image are: Petite Circle (No. 191043CZ) A silver ring with 14k gold and clear cubic zirconia and Radiant Glow (No. 191044CZ) An open silver ring with white crystal pearl and clear cubic zirconia.







I think the Hearts of Love Collection will prove to be really popular. The Hearts of Love Collection includes: Hearts of Love Dangle Charm (No. 792104CZ) with clear cubic zirconia and silver enamel, Hearts of Love Charm (No. 792143CZ), Hearts of Love Necklace (No. 390405CZ), Hearts of Love Open Ring (No. 191045EN23) and Hearts of Love Earrings (No. 290750CZ).

I love the Hearts of Love Open Ring and the Hearts of Love Earrings look fabulous in the style image. The earrings are an interesting design as each heart is a different finish. One is pavé, one is enamel, one is plain silver and one is cubic zirconia.






For the charms we have from left to right: Precious Heart (No. 792073EN23) is £65. A Limited edition silver charm with 14k gold, clear cubic zirconia and silver enamel. Tree of Hearts (No. 792106EN23) A silver charm with 14k gold and silver enamel.

Heart of Romance (No. 792108CZ) A silver heart charm with
14k gold and clear cubic zirconia. Love for Mother (No. 792067EN23) is £35. A silver heart charm with silver enamel. Tribute to Mum (No. 792070CZ) is £35. A silver heart charm with clear cubic zirconia. Mother & Son Bond (No. 792109CZ) is £35. A silver heart charm with clear cubic zirconia.Pink Dazzling Heart (No. 792069PCZ) A silver heart charm with pink cubic zirconia. Baby Pram (No. 792102CZ) A silver charm with clear cubic zirconia. Ribbon Heart (No. 751004) A charm in 14k gold with clear cubic zirconia.

792073EN23_RGB 792073EN23_eCom_RGB










In the next set of charms we move away from the obvious heart themes. From left to right: Graduation (No. 791892) Graduation cap silver dangle. Baby Treasures (No. 792100CZ) Silver dangle with clear cubic zirconia and silver enamel. Running shoe (No. 792063CZ) Running shoe silver dangle with clear cubic zirconia. Dazzling Dress (No. 792062CZ) Dress silver dangle with clear cubic zirconia. My Wife Always (No. 792099CZ) Heart silver dangle with clear cubic zirconia. Mother & Daughter Hearts (No.792072EN40) is £50. Heart silver dangle with clear cubic zirconia and pink enamel. Interlocked Hearts (No. 792068CZ) Hearts silver dangle with 14k gold and clear cubic zirconia. I Love My Mum (No. 792071CZ) is £40. Heart silver dangle with clear cubic zirconia. Family & Love (No. 792110) is £55. Family love silver clip with 14k gold. Infinite Love (No. 792101CZ) Infinity silver spacer with clear cubic zirconia. Love Always Safety Chain (No. 792059) Silver safety chain.







The Baby Treasures charm is really cute and would be ideal as a gift for a new mother. I like the idea behind the Running shoe charm but I think the pavé hides the detail a bit too much. It is also nice to see some more two tone designs coming out from PANDORA and hopefully they will be keep it up.







There are three new bracelets for the PANDORA Mother’s Day Collection: Ivory White Moments Double Woven Leather Bracelet (No. 590745CIW), Pink Sparkling Strand Bracelet Rhodium plated silver bracelet with pink cubic zirconia (No. 590524PCZ) and a Limited edition PANDORA Loving Heart Clasp Moments Silver Bangle with silver enamel (No. 590746EN23) for £65.

There are two new Signet rings; Circle Signet with clear cubic zirconia (No. 191041CZ) and Heart Signet with clear cubic zirconia (No. 191042CZ) as well as a Hearts of PANDORA Halo ring with clear cubic zirconia (No. 191039CZ).


I love the PANDORA Leather Bracelets but I would worry about the Ivory White colour looking dirty over time. I’m not a big fan of Signet rings but it is nice to see PANDORA trying something new.





The PANDORA 2017 Mother’s Day Collection will be released worldwide on 13th April 2017 and will be available from our preferred PANDORA retailer



What do you think of the PANDORA 2017 Mother’s Day Collection? Is there anything you will be adding to your wishlist? Let us know in the comments below.

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