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PANDORA Mother’s Day 2018

PANDORA Mother’s Day 2018

Send some love or treat yourself from the new PANDORA Mother’s Day collection…

PANDORA 2018 Mother’s Day Collection

As well as typical love themed charms and jewellery, the 2018 PANDORA Mother’s Day Collection also includes a few hobby charms, ornamental gift sets and wedding themed charms. My personal favourites are the super cute Disney charms!


PANDORA Mother’s Day 2018 Rings


pandora mothers day 2018 ring shining wish 186314

PANDORA Rose Shining Wish Ring (186314)

$45 USD / £35 / $59 AUD / $50 CAD / €39

The PANDORA Wish range of rings is very simple but full of a soft feminine style. The plain Shining Wish Ring is my favourite but all three stacked looks amazing!

pandora mothers day 2018

PANDORA Rose Shimmering Wish Ring (186316CZ)

$55 USD / £45 / $69 AUD / $60 CAD / €49

The clear cubic zirconia stones are set around the front of the ring providing a subtle, shimmering sparkle.



PANDORA Rose Beaded Wish Ring (186315)

$45 USD / £35 / $59 AUD / $50 CAD / €39

If you are not a cubic zirconia fan the Bead Wish Ring is ideal as the pretty beaded detail adds a simple yet interesting texture.

pandora mothers day 2018 brilliant bow

PANDORA Brilliant Bow Ring (197232CZ)

$65 USD / £55 / $79 AUD / $75 CAD / €59

PANDORA have produced quite a few bow themes in the past but I think this might be my favourite yet! The bow is graceful in its almost careless loop. Clear cubic zirconia stones are set on one area of the bow which lifts the overall design.


PANDORA floating locket ring becharming mothers day summer spring 2018


pandora floating locket ring summer spring 2018 new collection becharming.com

PANDORA Floating Locket Ring (197251)

$75 USD / €69

If statement necklaces aren’t your thing you may be interested in trying out the PANDORA Petite Charms in the new PANDORA Floating Locket Ring. Made with strong sapphire crystal glass the ring can display your favourite Petite Charm.



PANDORA floating locket ring summer spring 2018

PANDORA Floating Heart Locket Ring (197252)

$100 USD / €89

When I first saw the preview of the PANDORA Floating Locket Rings are I was concerned that they would look too chunky. Yet in the image above you can see that when you look down at the ring the locket function is not even noticeable.





PANDORA Mother’s Day 2018 Earrings

pandora mothers day 2018 flourishing hearts earrings

PANDORA Flourishing Hearts Stud Earrings (297085)

$40 USD£30 / $45 CAD / €35

The Flourishing Hearts range is very pretty and these stud earrings would make a wonderful gift. The heart shaped tree is also ‘growing’ a tiny love heart fruit!

PANDORA Sweet Statements Stud Earrings (297275EN160)

$40 USD£30 / $45 AUD / $45 CAD / €35

These Sweet Statement earrings certainly live up to their name as the shape and colour make them resemble those little candy love heart sweets made by Swizzlers!

pandora mothers day 2018 brilliant bow earrings

PANDORA Brilliant Bow Earrings (297234CZ)

$60 USD£30 / $79 AUD / $70 CAD / €55

If you like to wear your jewellery as a set the PANDORA Brilliant Bow range includes the ring, earrings, bracelet and necklace.

pandora bright hearts hoops mothers day 2018 earrings

PANDORA Bright Hearts Hoop Earrings (297231NRPMX)

$60 USD / £50 / $79 AUD / $70 CAD / €59

These hoop earrings are quite interesting as at first look they appear to be stud earrings! They are designed so that when worn the ear lobe sits between the front and back of the heart design.

pandora mothers day bright heart hoops

PANDORA Rose Bright Hearts Hoop Earrings (287231NRPMX)

$75 USD / £60 / $99 AUD / $85 CAD / €69

There is also a PANDORA Rose version of the Bright Hearts Hoop Earrings. Both versions feature clear cubic zirconia stones and pink and lilac crystals.

PANDORA Mother’s Day 2018 Necklaces



Everything I Am You Helped Me To Be Disc Necklace pandora us exclusive

US Exclusive

‘Everything I Am You Helped Me To Be’ Disc Necklace

$75 USD

PANDORA is has produced lots of exclusive engraved charms in the US and now we have a new engraved Pendant Disc Necklace. This disc pendant on a 60cm chain is engraved with the message ‘Everything I Am You Helped Me to Be’.
love disc necklace pandora

US Exclusive

Love Disc Necklace

$75 USD

This simple silver disc has the word ‘love’ engraved with a love heart instead of a letter ‘o’.



pandora bright hearts necklace summer mothers day 2018 spring

PANDORA Bright Hearts Necklace (397756NRPMX)

$75 USD / £65 / $89 AUD

With its 55cm chain the Bright Hearts Necklace is a slightly longer chain for such a dainty design. The silver bar at the end of the chain threads through the heart at the opposite end.


Brilliant Bow Necklace pandora mothers day 2018 summer

PANDORA Brilliant Bow Necklace (397233CZ)

$100 USD  / $119 AUD

The Brilliant Bow necklace is a similar design to the Arch and Spring Bird Necklaces from the PANDORA Spring 2018 collection.

Sparkling PANDORA Floating Heart Locket mothers day 2018

PANDORA Medium Heart Floating Locket (397230CZ-60)

$140 USD / £125 / $179 AUD / €139

This is a cubic zirconia version of the PANDORA Heart Floating Locket. The chain is available in 40cm, 50cm or 60cm.


Harmonious Hearts Chime Necklace - PANDORA Rose™

PANDORA Rose Harmonious Heart Chime Sliding Clasp Necklace (387299-90)

$250 USD / £175 / $349 AUD / $275 CAD / €249

It is wonderful to see PANDORA exploring new designs such as this stunning Harmonious Heart Chime necklace! The filigree design features multiple hearts which form a sphere. The ball inside the heart pendant creates a soft chiming sound is believed to have a calming effect. Particularly perfect for mothers-to-be and babies. I am really looking forward to seeing this necklace in real life.



PANDORA Essence Mother’s Day 2018 


pandora Essence Silver Collier Necklace mothers day 2018 spring summer

PANDORA Essence Silver Collier (397296)

$90 USD / $100 CAD / €79

With choker necklaces being on trend for 2018 we were bound to see a PANDORA Essence version! This light collier necklace is available in two sizes: 40 and 50cm.



Essence Silver Open Bangle pandora spring mothers day 2018 summer

PANDORA Essence Open Bangle (597229CZ)

$65 USD / £55 / $79 AUD / $75 CAD / €59

There is also a new PANDORA Essence bracelet which appears to be similar to the PANDORA Moments Open Bangle. As of course the Essence range is slimmer, it looks incredibly delicate and very elegant.

Follow Your Heart Charm pandora Essence

PANDORA Essence Follow Your Heart Charm (797282)

$35 USD / £20 / $39 AUD / $40 CAD / €29

This charm is quite slim and is more like a spacer than a charm. The heart shape is not as noticeable from the side of the charm.

PANDORA Rose Essence Follow Your Heart (787282) $45 USD

PANDORA Rose Essence Follow Your Heart Charm (787282)

$45 USD / £30 / $49 AUD / $50 CAD / €39

There is also a PANDORA Rose version of the Essence Follow Your Heart charm. In this image you can see how subtle the heart shape is when viewed from the side.



Loves Makes A Family Charm, PANDORA Rose™ - ESSENCE

PANDORA Rose Essence Love Makes a Family Charm (787278)

$55 USD / £45 / $69 AUD / $60 CAD / €49

The new Love Makes a Family charm is a completely new design and is not yet available as a silver version. The lithe family figures remind me of beautiful stone sculptures I saw in the amazing Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway.

Bonds Of Love, PANDORA Rose™ - ESSENCE

PANDORA Rose Essence Bonds of Love Charm (787279NBP)

$90 USD / £70 / $99 AUD / $10 CAD / €79

The Bonds of Love charm is very similar to the PANDORA Rose Intertwining Radiance Charm from the PANDORA Autumn 2017 collection.


Hope Dangle Charm, PANDORA Rose™ - ESSENCE

PANDORA Rose Essence Hope Charm (786090CZ)

$55 USD / £45 / $69 AUD / $60 CAD / €49

We now have a PANDORA Rose version of the Essence Hope charm. The circle symbolises perfection, wholeness and infinity.



Appreciation Dangle Charm, PANDORA Rose™ - ESSENCE

PANDORA Rose Essence Appreciation Charm (786089)

$45 USD / £35 / $49 AUD / $50 CAD / €39

Plus a PANDORA Rose version of the Essence Appreciation charm. The smooth polished heart can be engraved with your personal inscription of appreciation.


PANDORA Mother’s Day 2018 Bracelets




Golden Sparkling Strand Bracelet pandora mothers day 2018

PANDORA Golden Sparkling Strand Bracelet Bracelet (590524CCZ)

$50 USD / £50 / $79 AUD / $55 CAD / €55

We have new colour version of the PANDORA Sparkling Stand Bracelet including a charming Golden colour which would be wonderful stacked with the PANDORA Shine range.


pandora heart floating locket bangle

PANDORA Sparkling Floating Heart Locket Bangle (597253CZ)

$100 USD

For me the Floating Heart Locket Bangle most exciting new bracelet from the Mother’s Day collection. I still haven’t purchased a Floating Locket as I don’t normally like to wear big necklaces. However I have wanted to be able to wear all of the fun PANDORA Petite charms so the Floating Locket Bangle is the perfect excuse!


Brilliant Bow Bracelet pandora
PANDORA Brilliant Bow Bracelet (597242CZ)

$60 USD / £50 / $79 AUD / $70 CAD / €55

The sweet Brilliant Bow Bracelet has a delightful contrast with one part solid silver and the others side a sliding silver chain.


PANDORA Shine Mother’s Day 2018

PANDORA Shine Mother Heart (761881CZ) $65 USD

PANDORA Shine Mother Heart Charm (761881CZ)

$65 USD / £55 / $79 AUD

There is a new PANDORA Shine version of the Mother Heart Charm, which is a luxurious tribute to a special mother. The 18ct gold-plated charm is set off with the sparkling clear cubic zirconia heart at the centre of the design and tiny cut out hearts surround the charm.



PANDORA More & Most Love (767243CZ) $65 USD

PANDORA More & Most Love Charm (767243CZ)

$65 USD / £55 / $79 AUD

This is a silver and 18k gold plated two tone charm with two pendant discs. One is inscribed with ‘Love you MORE’ and the other ‘Love you MOST’! It is a fun sentiment and would make a sweet gift.



PANDORA Shine Theodore Bear (767236) $55 USD

PANDORA Shine Theodore Bear Charm (767236)

$55 USD / £45 / $69 AUD / $60 CAD / €49

I am thinking perhaps this new PANDORA Shine charm would be ideal for me, although I would change the name to TheoDORA Bear!



Theodore Bear Pendant - PANDORA Shine™

PANDORA Shine Theodore Bear Pendant (367237)

$75 USD

The PANDORA Shine Theodora, ahem I mean Theodore Bear is also available as a pendant charm. In both versions Theodore Bear is holding a heart inscribed with the message ‘HUG ME’. I really love his little cute paws!



Love Statement Pendant - PANDORA Shine™

PANDORA Shine Love Statement Charm (367351EN23)

$100 USD / £90 /$129 AUD

This pretty PANDORA Shine pendant charm features silver enamel on the reverse of the charm and a solid heart. The front has the message ‘love you MORE’ with a little embossed love heart. The hole at the top is also a heart shape which is a nice detail.



PANDORA Mother’s Day 2018 Charms




PANDORA Shining Path Clip, Pink (791972PCZ) $45 USD

PANDORA Pink Shining Path Clip (791972PCZ)

$45 USD / £35 / $59 AUD / $50 CAD / €39

We have a new pink version of the PANDORA Shining Path Clip. I really love my clear version of this design and use them a lot. The pink option would be nice to add a dash of colour into a bracelet design.

PANDORA Flourishing Hearts (797140) $45 USD

PANDORA Flourishing Hearts Pendant Charm (797140)

$45 USD / £35 / $50 CAD / €39

This is such a pretty design which looks gorgeous with its little heart details that are timeless symbol of family, love and ties.



PANDORA Mother & Baby Bird (797060NPRMZ) $50

PANDORA Mother & Baby Bird Pendant Charm (797060NPRMZ)

$50 USD

If you prefer more subtle designs that reflect the close bond between a mother and her children this is quite a sweet option! The mother bird and her baby sit snuggly together behind a little rose, peeping out.



PANDORA Perfect Mom Pendant Charm (797059NSP)

$50 USD / £40 / $59 AUD / $55 CAD / €45

If you have a perfect mom then spell out your love in this fun hanging letter charm with a pink heart crystal on the letter ‘o’ and purple crystal on the bale.

PANDORA Flourishing Hearts (797058) $35 USD

PANDORA Flourishing Hearts Charm (797058)

$35 USD / £25 / $39 AUD / $40 CAD / €29

This is such a pretty charm and I love the slightly bulbous shape the heart has. Notice the sweet inscription around the hole, ‘Love makes a family’! It is also very reasonably priced.



PANDORA Perfect Home (797056EN160) $55 USD

PANDORA Perfect Home Pendant Charm (797056EN160)

$55 USD / £45 / $69 AUD / $60 CAD / €49

The Perfect Home charms is really cute with its roses by the door and little cut out heart above the windows. When opened it reveals the message ‘Home is where the heart is’.

PANDORA Love Mom (797057ENMX) $45 USD

PANDORA Love Mom Charm (797057ENMX)

$45 USD / £35 / $49 AUD / $50 CAD / €39

This charm is embellished in a glossy white, pink and lilac enamel with three little cut out hearts on the top and bottom of the design.

pandora balloon and teddy

PANDORA Balloon & Teddy (797034EN23)

$50 USD / £40 / $59 AUD / $55 CAD / €45

I absolutely love the new range of balloon charms from PANDORA! This one is a shimmering silver enamel with a clear cubic zirconia heart and Teddy and his rabbit friend hanging below. When I first previewed this charm it Teddy looked like Winnie-the-Pooh and it looked like little Piglet holding onto his hand. In this high quality image you can definitely see that it is a rabbit and the bear isn’t as tubby as Pooh.

pandora Plentiful Hearts Murano Glass Charm

PANDORA Plentiful Hearts Glass Murano Charm (796599CZ)

$55 USD / £45 / $69 AUD / $60 CAD / €49

In my original preview of this glass charm I couldn’t see the little cubic zirconia stones floating above the lilac hearts. It is a nice detail which adds depth to the charm but I am not sure about the colour. Maybe it will improve when I see it in real life.


PANDORA Elephant & Pink Balloon (797239EN160) $50 USDPANDORA Elephant & Pink Balloon (797239EN160) $50 USD

PANDORA Elephant & Pink Balloon Charm (797239EN160)

$50 USD / £40 / $59 AUD / €45

I love that PANDORA created more abstract ideas for their Mother’s Day collection this year, such as the Elephant & Balloon Charms. This one features a pretty, soft pink enamel and Purple Heart crystal which is perfect for a little girl.


Elephant & Blue Balloon Charm pandora mothers day 2018 spring summer

PANDORA Elephant & Blue Balloon Charm (797239EN169)

$50 USD / £40 / $59 AUD

The blue enamel version of the Elephant & Balloon charm would of course be perfect to celebrate a baby boy. This charm also  reminds me of when baby Dumbo is delivered by the stork!



PANDORA Love Couple (797273ENMX) $50 USD

PANDORA Love Couple Pendant Charm (797273ENMX)

$50 USD / £40 / $59 AUD / $55 CAD / €45

The Love Couple Pendant is quite a quirky charm with three little dangles; a moustache, heart inscribed with ‘His & Hers’ and pink lips! The bale of the charm features a heart stamp and ‘love me life’ message.



PANDORA Best Bridesmaid Charm (79727EN159)

$45 USD

This is a wonderful charm to commemorate your friends help as your bridesmaid on your special day. A shiny silver love heart with a purple enamel bow and a sash with the word ‘Bridesmaid’.



pandora 60 Years Of Love Charm

PANDORA 60 Years of Love Pendant Charm (797265CZ)

$50 USD / £40 / $59 AUD / $55 CAD / €45

Whether you are celebrating age or years of marriage this is the ideal charm.

50 Years Of Love Charm pandora

PANDORA 50 Years of Love Pendant Charm (797264CZ)

$50 USD / £40 / $59 AUD / $55 CAD / €45


Similar to the 60 Years version this charm has a little silver rose that hangs independently from the number 50.



21 Years Of Love Charm pandora

PANDORA 21 Years of Love Pendant Charm (797263CZ)

$50 USD / £40 / $59 AUD / $55 CAD / €45


As well as a sparkling number 21 this charm has a glittering infinity sign that conveys ‘Forever 21’ and endless love.


18 Years Of Love Charm pandora

PANDORA 18 Years of Love Pendant Charm (797262CZ)

$50 USD / £40 / $59 AUD / $55 CAD / €45


A glittering number 18 is set inside a plain silver heart on a beaded bale.


16 Years Of Love Charm pandora

PANDORA 16 Years of Love Pendant Charm (797261CZ)

$50 USD / £40 / $59 AUD / $55 CAD / €45


The 16 Years version also has a tiny silver star which hangs above the number 16.



pandora Celebration Bouquet Charm

PANDORA Celebration Bouquet Charm (797260NLC)

$55 USD / £45 / $69 AUD / $60 CAD / €49

Send flowers that will last with this pretty silver bouquet tied with a purple enamel ribbon. The silver blooms are embellished with mixed pink and purple crystals.

PANDORA Celebration Cake (797258ENMX) $45 USD

PANDORA Celebration Cake Pendant Charm (797258ENMX)

$45 USD / £35 / $49 AUD / $50 CAD /€39

Whatever the celebration do it in style and with cake! This pretty slice of cake features pink filling and decoration in enamel and a separate little tag with the message ‘Congrats’!


PANDORA Achievement Trophy (79725NPR) $45 USD

PANDORA Achievement Trophy Pendant Charm (79725NPR)

$45 USD

Praise an activement in style with this cute Trophy charm that has the message ‘Well Done’ engraved on the cup and features pretty flowers with multi coloured stones and purple enamel. The stand are of the trophy is engraved with the PANDORA logo.

PANDORA Harmonious Hearts (797255) $35 USDPANDORA Harmonious Hearts (797255)

$35 USD / £25 / $39 AUD / $40 CAD / €29

This is a very pretty pendant charm which would look beautiful on either a necklace or a bracelet. The nice low price is also very attractive!


Sparkling PANDORA Floating Heart Locket


PANDORA Heart Floating Locket Dangle (797248CZ)

$90 USD / £70 / $99 AUD

We have a new sparkling version of the Heart Floating Locket Dangle made with sapphire crystal glass and clear cubic zirconia.

Degrees Of Love Charm pandora

PANDORA Degrees of Love Charm (797244ENMX)

$35 USD / £25 / $40 CAD / €29

In the first preview of the Degrees of Love charm it was hard to guess what was written around the charm. Now we can see the messages are Love you more’ and ‘Love you most’. The concept of degrees is represented with an enamel stripe at the centre of the charm which has a white to purple gradient.



PANDORA Brilliant Bow (797241CZ) $90 USD

PANDORA Brilliant Bow Charm (797241CZ)

$90 USD / £70 / $99 AUD / $100 CAD / €79

The Brilliant Bow range continues with a charm version of the sparkling ribbon design. You can see that it is quite a large feature charm if you look at the styling image above.


PANDORA Mouse & Balloon (797240EN23) $55 USD

PANDORA Mouse & Balloon Pendant Charm (797240EN23)

$55 USD / £45 / $69 AUD / $60 CAD / €49

I think this is my favourite out of the balloon style charms so far. A creamy white enamel balloon carries mummy and baby mouse whilst daddy mouse is hanging below!

Brilliant Heart Bow Charm pandora

PANDORA Brilliant Heart Bow Charm (797303)

$35 USD / £25 / $39 AUD / $40 CAD / €29

This is a sweet plain silver heart charm with a bow tied at the front. It is pretty enough but a bit uninspiring.

pandora Shiny Bow Clip

PANDORA Shiny Bow Clip (797304CZ)

$55 USD / £55 / $69 AUD / $60 CAD / €49

The simple squarish silver clip features a bow from the Brilliant Bow range with clear cubic zirconia stones.PANDORA Graduation Scroll (797396) $40 USD

PANDORA Graduation Scroll (797396)

$40 USD / £35 / $49 AUD / $45 CAD / €35

Celebrate graduation and all the hard work that was involved with this sweet Graduation Scroll charm. The year is included on a separate tag on the charm.

PANDORA Letter Petite Charms A-Z, & $10 USD

PANDORA Letter Petite Charms (A-Z, &)

$10 USD / £10 / $15 AUD / $15 CAD / €10

The new Letter Petite Charms are the only Petites in the Mothers Day 2018 Collection. They are perfect for spelling out a message in your Floating Locket, or writing your name!



pandora mothers day mama bear exclusive pendant charm 2018


US Exclusive

PANDORA Mama Bear Pendant Charm (ENG791169_80)

$65 USD

How cute is this US Exclusive Engraved Mama Bear Pendant?! I love the unique approach to Mother’s Day!




PANDORA Rose Mother’s Day 2018



PANDORA Rose Mother Heart (781881CZ) $55

PANDORA Rose Mother Heart Charm (781881CZ)

$55 USD / £45 / $69 AUD / $60 CAD / €49

As well as a PANDORA Shine version we also now have the choice of a PANDORA Rose version of this charm.

Mother & Daughter Hearts Charm - PANDORA Rose™

PANDORA Rose Mother & Daughter Hearts Pendant Charms (782072EN23)

$90 USD / £70 / $99 AUD / $100 CAD / €79

This twin charm set makes for a wonderful gift that both mother and daughter can share!


PANDORA Rose Pattern of Love (787040EN153) $65 USD

PANDORA Rose Pattern of Love Pendant Charm (787040EN153)

$65 USD / £55 / $79 AUD / $70 CAD / €59

The reverse of the swirling shimmery pink enamel would be ideal for engraving a personal message to your loved one.

pandora part of my heart

PANDORA Part of My Heart Pendant Charm (787235CFP)

$65 USD / £50 / $75 CAD / €59

The Part of My Heart charm features a combination of silver and PANDORA Rose set off with clear cubic zirconia and pretty pink and purple crystals.


Heart Highlights Charm pandora

PANDORA Heart Highlights Pendant Charm (787247NLCMX)

$45 USD / £35 / $49 AUD / $50 CAD / €39

This charm is really quite sweet with two silver and one PANDORA Rose heart dangling from a larger silver heart that features purple crystals and clear cubic zirconia stones.


PANDORA Floating Locket Pendant - PANDORA Rose™

PANDORA Rose Floating Locket (787249)

$90 USD / £70

We now have a PANDORA Rose option of the Floating Locket for vintage flair and styling versatility.


PANDORA Rose Harmonious Hearts (787255) $45 USD

PANDORA Rose Harmonious Hearts Pendant Charm (787255)

$45 USD / £35 / $49 AUD / $50 CAD / €39

The Harmonious Hearts Chime Necklace design is also available as a charm but without the ‘chime’ feature. I really love this design and the styling feels quite Moroccan.



PANDORA Rose Harmonious Hearts Pacifier Charm (787256)

$45 USD / £35 / $49 AUD / $50 CAD / €39

This is my most favourite Pacifier design that I have seen PANDORA produce so far! I am so happy that PANDORA is mixing up their designs and including larger charms like this one and the Bella Bot charms from the Spring 2018 collection.


Hearts Filigree Charm - PANDORA Rose™

PANDORA Rose Hearts Filigree Charm (787348CZ)

$90 USD / £70 / $99 AUD / $100 CAD / €79

I adore the combination of the creamy cubic zirconia stone beneath the soft PANDORA Rose in this design.


PANDORA Disney Mother’s Day 2018


pandora Disney, Mickey Floating Locket

PANDORA Disney Mickey Floating Locket Necklace (397177-75)

$180 USD / £125 

What could be cuter than the quirky Minnie and Mickey Petite Charms floating around in this PANDORA Disney Floating Locket?! Made with sapphire crystal glass, this Disney Floating Locket necklace is a magical must have for PANDORA x Disney fans.


Disney, Mickey Love Heart Charm pandora

PANDORA Disney Mickey Love Heart Charm (797168NFR)

$90 USD / £60

I have fallen in love with this charm! It is sooo incredibly cute! The ruby red heart is based on the Shape of Love charm but with an adorable silver Mickey holding onto it and peeking over the top! The detail of Mickey’s gloves, shorts and shoes is really sweet too and this charm is super cute on both sides.


PANDORA Disney Vintage Minnie Charm (797170EN96)

$75 USD / £60 / $89 AUD / $85 CAD / €65

This button-shaped charm features a classic relief-style portrait of Disney Minnie Mouse. The pretty pink enamel background frames Minnie, the chic fashionista!

PANDORA Disney Mickey Gestures Safety Chain (797172-05) $65 USD

PANDORA Disney Mickey Gestures Safety Chain (797172-05)

$65 USD / £55 / $75 CAD / €59

This design really puts some fun into safety! This safety chain has a 5cm chain.

PANDORA Disney Climbing Mickey Safety Chain (797173CZR-05) $75 USDPANDORA Disney Climbing Mickey Safety Chain (797173CZR-05) $75 USD

PANDORA Disney Climbing Mickey Safety Chain (797173CZR-05)

$75 USD / £55 / $89 AUD / $85 CAD / €69

The Climbing Mickey is my most favourite safety chain that PANDORA has produced so far. I love how they didn’t restrict their design to just the bale area of the safety chain.


PANDORA Disney Mickey Ionic Glove (797179EN12) $55 USD

PANDORA Disney Mickey Ionic Glove Charm (797179EN12)

$55 USD / £45 / $69 AUD / $60 CAD / €49

The Disney Mickey Ionic Glove charm has a nice chunky look to it and features a clean white enamel. I am interested to see how this charm looks styled on a bracelet.


PANDORA Disney Floating Minnie (797171CZ) $100 USD

PANDORA Disney Floating Minnie Charm (797171CZ)

$100 USD / £80 / $119 AUD / $110 CAD / €89

Contining the balloon charm style PANDORA has produced a Disney version with a darling Minnie dressed in a pale blue tutu style skirt waving as she hangs beneath a sparkling ‘balloon’ set with clear cubic zirconia stones and a single red love heart.

PANDORA Disney Vintage Mickey Clip (797169EN12) $55 USD

PANDORA Disney Vintage Mickey Clip (797169EN12)

$55 USD / £45 / $69 AUD / $60 CAD / €49

This new Vintage Mickey Clip is quite sweet with Mickey’s cute head on hands pose and its white enamel detail. It is nice that PANDORA have produced a non cubic zirconia Disney clip too as not everyone likes the added sparkle.

PANDORA Disney Mickey & Minnie Vintage Car (797174) $5o USD

PANDORA Disney Mickey & Minnie Vintage Car (797174)

$5o USD / £40 / $59 AUD / $55 CAD / €45

The Disney Mickey & Minnie Vintage Car is another one of my favourites from the PANDORA Mother’s Day 2018 collection. I am so pleased that PANDORA has gone back to producing charms like this one; solid, chunky silver with beautiful oxidised detail! Notice the car’s registration plate is ‘XOXO’!


PANDORA Disney Classic Mickey Pendant (397394EN06) $50 USD

PANDORA Disney Classic Mickey Pendant (397394EN06)

$50 USD / £40 / $59 AUD / $55 CAD / €45

Apparently the 90’s are back this year and it has been said that the 90’s were 2018 before 2018 was 2018! If, like me you don’t understand that at all, don’t worry… just add this cute Classic Mickey Pendant to your outfit for some retro 90’s funk!



The PANDORA Mother’s Day 2018 Collection is released on the 12th April and will be available from our preferred online PANDORA retailer BeCharming.com.


Phew! The Mother’s Day collection seems to be quite full this year and has some different ideas. What are your favourites? Are there any must-have charms for you? Let us know in the comments below!


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