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Back in March we posted about a totally new Bangle from PANDORA, read on for an update…


When we first heard about the new PANDORA Open Bangles, we were told they would be released on 11th May 2017. Unfortunately the release of the Open Bangle is delayed. As yet, we haven’t heard another release date and don’t know if PANDORA will proceed with releasing the new Encased in Love Charms on their own or wait until the Open Bangle is released.



We have also had an update on the price of the new pastel Encased in Love Charms. The Pink Cubic Zirconia, Opalescent White Crystal and Sky-Blue Crystal versions of the Encased in Love Charm will retail at US$65 and CAD$75.


It’s a shame that there is a delay with the new Open Bangle as many fans have been looking forward to a bangle like this from PANDORA for a long time. Still, all good things come to those who wait!



Are the new Open Bangles and Encased in Love Charms on your wishlist? How would you style the PANDORA Open Bangle if you bought one? Let us know in the comments below.



Please comment in any language.

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Hi Dora,

I’m a little disappointed to find out the Open Bangles release date has been delayed. I was looking forward to using them for mini designs. It will be interesting to see if the EIL charms will be released as scheduled. It would have been nice to pick these up during the Memorial Day Event.

Thanks for the update and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Hi Emily,
I was quite disappointed too. I imagine lots of people would have had the same idea to get them during the Memorial Event. I even wondered if they decided to hold off the release so that older stock was bought! But it’s probably just down to production issues. Hopefully it won’t effect the EIL charms.
Thanks for commenting and enjoy your weekend too,
Dora ?

Ana M. Sánchez
Ana M. Sánchez

Hello! Such a same that this realease has been postponed.. Though I’m not usually a fan of open bangles ( or rings) this design had somewhat grapped me. It’s different from the typical Pandora and yet stylish and fashionable. I would use one of them by itself or maybe with a regular bangle. With the stoppers right beside the endcaps.. Another possibility would be to add a clip or charm in between, but no more than one. I normally don’t like to add charms to bangles. Well, anyway I hope that it won’t happen the same as with that pretty… Read more »


Hi Ana,
It really is a shame. I hope they will be released soon. I haven’t ever been tempted by other open bangles either, but I really like this design. Your styling ideas sound lovely. Before I had a bangle I thought I would wear it empty of charms but I actually like to use it to create mini designs. Sometimes I just add one dangle charm.
I am still hoping that the textured silver bracelet gets released one day.
Thanks for commenting and have a nice day,
Dora ?


They are available to buy now on the United States Pandora site.


Hi Katie,
Thanks for the heads up! I’ve tried to find them on the site but can’t yet. Did they disappear again?
Dora ?

Lynnita Green
Lynnita Green

I searched for this bracelet in the states for my daughter’s Mother’s Day gift, and was told it has not come out yet. I see on your website the bracelet was due to be available May 11th. Can you tell me where I can purchase this bracelet for my daughter.


Hi Lynnita, Unfortunately the new Open Bangle has been recalled by PANDORA as there is a production fault. A few stores did recieve the Open Bangke but they are not permitted to sell them and have to return them. The little Floating Locket had a problem last year and was recalled and then released some months later so hopefully we will see the Open Bangle released later this year. I’m sorry for your disappointment as I’m sure your daughter would have loved it. There are lots of other lovely gifts from PANDORA available though including some pretty gift sets. Remember… Read more »


Hello…I am a huge fan of Pandora…and even bigger fan of bangles…. When I was at the store i had bought myself some new charms and when i got home noticed there was a small flyer in my new little book …and to my excitement it was a new bangle and even better it opens to put the small charms on which I have n am ready To go with the new beautiful look…I had my heart set on buying 3 and for mothers day !!! Along with the double white leather bracelet …can you please tell me if I… Read more »


Hi Erinmarie, The Open Bangle did arrive in some PANDORA stores for the original release date – 11th May. The stores were told to send the bangles back to PANDORA. Apparently there have been production problems. This happened last year with the small locket. Some Lockets kept opening and people were loosing the little charm inside. Once PANDORA solved the problem they re-released the Lockets earlier this year. There may be a problem with the end cap on the new Open Bangle. Some have said the end caps wouldn’t stay on tightly which could mean if it fell off people… Read more »